Divi Events Calendar


This is a high resolution frame mockup kit, compatible with Adobe Photoshop and distinctive because of its natural look and many options. The mockup comes in 19 different sizes. The download features 12 premade scenes, 10 background textures, natural shadows, lighting overlay options and much more! The mockups are very easy to adjust by simply placing your images via smart objects and toggling on lighting, texture, shadow and frame options. There's also a help guide included with the basic steps how to use this product. The vast amount of options to customize these mockups to your own needs enables you to create realistic and authentic scenes.

Product Includes

Frame mockups (4500x3000px - 300dpi)
19 frame ratios + frame size guide
12 premade scenes
10 unique background structures
Changeable background colors
6 shadow overlays options
3 lighting overlays options
Oak and walnut frames
Changeable frame colors
Changeable shadow colors
Easy image placement via smart objects
A help guide with basic steps
Very well ordered and colored layers
Vector based shapes
Frame Aspect Ratios

Square Ratio
Papersize (Vertical)
Papersize (Horizontal)
Letter Size (Vertical)
Letter Size (Horizontal)
4 x 5 Ratio (Horizontal & Vertical)
5 x 4 Ratio (Horizontal & Vertical)
5 x 7 Ratio (Horizontal & Vertical)
7 x 5 Ratio (Horizontal & Vertical)
2 x 3 Ratio (Horizontal & Vertical)
3 x 2 Ratio (Horizontal & Vertical)
3 x 4 Ratio (Horizontal & Vertical)
4 x 3 Ratio (Horizontal & Vertical)
11 x 14 Ratio (Horizontal & Vertical)
14 x 11 Ratio (Horizontal & Vertical)
11 x 17 Ratio (Horizontal & Vertical)
17 x 11 Ratio (Horizontal & Vertical)
The Images

All placeholder images can be found at www.unsplash.com, a website which offers free, high quality photos with a CC0 license (Creative Commons Zero). Please note that because of license restrictions all used images are not included in this download.


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