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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mockup template ?

Mockup Templates are pre-made photoshop files. They are very simple to use customize and gives you feel of real physical product. Here’s a link to quora answer that is relevant.

Do I need to create new mockup templates to work with Bulk Mockup ?

You can use any mockup template available in the market. Or you can even create your own mockup templates.  Check our tutorial section to learn how to create one

Does Bulk Mockup automatically adjust the design size ?

Yes is does automatically adjust the size of the design files according to your mockup templates.

How many designs or templates can I run at a time?

There is no limit. If you have hundreds or thousands of designs. You can run it all in one go. Bulk Mockup is build for scale.

I'm not pro in photoshop. Can I still be able use Bulk Mockup. Will it be overwhelming ?

You need only basic understanding of Photoshop interface to use Bulk Mockup. We have plenty of tutorials for beginners that will make it a peace of cake to use Bulk Mockup. Also if you wish you can hire us to create mockups as a service.

What are different mockup templates that is supported by BulkMockup.

Bulk Mockup is compatible with almost all Print on Demand Mockup Template. As long as your mockup templates has a smart object layer to change design. Bulk Mockup is compatible with it.

Here’s a list of supported mockup templates Framed Poster, Canvas, T-shirt, Tops, Hoodie, All over t-shirts, Leggings, Cap, bottles, mugs, Tote Bags, Phone Cases, Masks, Blankets, Towel etc

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