Candle Mockup Collection to Help Your Candle Business Shine Brighter

We all know in the candle business, eye catchy and flashy mockup templates can help you sell more than the candle itself. We took the responsibility to find ...

Shohidur Rahman
May 13, 2024

We all know in the candle business, eye catchy and flashy mockup templates can help you sell more than the candle itself.

We took the responsibility to find you a good collection of Candle mockups so you can focus more on your real business – Candles.

 Candle Mockup Bundle 

 Candle Bundle 

Let’s start the collection with a massively useful mockup bundle. 

In this candle mockup bundle, you can showcase different colors of your candles with the labellings and boxes.

Useful for any POD or Dropshipping business owner.

Candle Mockup With Box

Mockup With Box

Candle boxes are just as important as the candle itself when it’s time for selling.

This pretty Candle with box mockup template will surely make the customers hit the buy button, ignoring the crowd of other candle sellers.

Box and Candle Mockup

Box and Candle

As I already said, boxes can be more important for selling then the candle itself when it comes to selling.

This candle mockup template focuses more on the box you’re selling the candle in then the candle itself.

Amber Jar Candle Mockup Set

Amber Jar Candle Set

This amber jar candle mockup set is so pretty that it doesn’t need any other description.

Just use it and see your sales skyrocket.

Jar Candle Mockup

Jar Candle

This jar candle mockup has it all. You can change the labeling style in many ways.

You can also get the Jar candles in different settings, lit, not lit, anyway you want it to be.

Nothing is impossible with this mockup.

Can Glass Candle Mockup

Can Glass Candle

This can glass candle mockup is really useful and you can show it in many different settings.

Just look at one of its variations from the top view and tell me any candle enthusiast will not be willing to buy this.

Ultra Realistic Candle Mockup Set

Ultra Realistic Candle Set

This candle mockup set is ultra realistic and you don’t need anything but one look to fall in love with this mockup set.

Amber Glass Candle Jar Mockup 

Amber Glass Jar Mockup 

Just remember to restock on your candle jars when you use this Amber glass candle jar mockup, because it’s going to drain to stock pretty fast.

Unique Candle Jar Mockup

Unique Candle Jar

This candle mockup set is unique in many ways. Background setting, colors, side pieces, they took care of it all and more. They have 18 psd files with different scenes in total.

Surely a high converting marketing image for your candle business.

Label Focused Candle Mockup

Label Focused Candle

No matter how sweet your candles smell, without the right labeling the whole the whole aesthetic just falls apart.

This one even has engraving on the label if that’s your thing.

Aluminum Jar Candle Mockup

Aluminum Jar Candle

If you sell candles in aluminum jars, this mockup set is for you.

You can change the background, add packaging, simple background, texture background, they have it all.

Transparent Jar Mockup Candle

Transparent Jar Mockup Candle

If you want to go full rambo and confident that your labeling and box is enough to sell your candles itself then this one’s for you.

There are enough templated scenes that you can edit easily to make your product as eye catchy as possible.

Wooden Wick Candle Mockup

This wooden wick candle mockup is as rare as the people selling them. If wooden wick candles are your thing, just go with this template.

You will stand out more with this.

Multicolor Candle Mockup

Multicolor Candle

No matter how well scented the candles are and how fancy a jar used to sell candles, we all know some of our customers are just not happy with one single color. 

No matter how pretty the color or material is, they just need an extra umph.

This candle mockup is for our “That type” of customers.

Candle Mockup with Frosted Jar

Candle with Frosted Jar

If you sell Candles in frosted jars, this mockup template is perfect for you.

Pretty settings with pretty backgrounds and different labeling options make this mockup template really useful and irreplaceable.

Candle Box Mockup

Candle Box Mockup

We already talked about the importance of candle boxes. If you feel the boxes with the candle sets are not enough to show off your pretty candle boxes, this mockup template got you covered.

30cl Candle Box Mockup Set

30cl Candle Box Mockup Set
30cl Candle Box Mockup Set

Another rare candle mockup template for your rare candle products.

This 30cl candle box mockup is enough to show off your rare product to your ideal customers and get their attention.

Gorgeous Candle Mockup

Gorgeous Candle Template

The creator of this candle mockup gets the heart of candle selling business.

The candles are still pretty for sure but their scenery just made this template drop dead gorgeous.

Wooden Lid Amber Glass Jar Mockups

Wooden Lid Amber Glass Jar Mockups
Wooden Lid Amber Glass Jar Mockups

Just like wooden wick candles, wooden lid Amber glass jar mockups are pretty hard to find, at least the good ones.

We took care of this issue and found you a really great one to keep in your collection if you sell this product.

Candle Can Mockup

Candle Can Mockup

Candles can mockup with wooden wicks, a rare find for the designers and business owners alike.

Realistic Candle Mockup

Realistic Candle Mockup
Realistic Mockup

Every candle mockup in this list is realistic but this one is just super extra. Not just the realism but the scenery options are pretty awesome as well.

Simple Candle Mockup

Simple Mockup

With all the flasshyness and aesthetic competition to catch your customers attention, sometimes the simplest ones are the ones that gets the job done.

So, don’t forget to have a really simple mockup template like this for your mockup stash.

Small Round Candle with Label Mockup

Small Round Candle with Label Mockup
Small Round Candle with Label Mockup

If you sell small round candles with labels, this mockup template will get the job done 100% of the time.

They have enough scenery options, so you can use them to showcase your product in different angles.

Glossy Close Candle Mockup

Glossy Close Candle

Another candle mockup that just gets the job done when needed.

Clear Glass Votive Candle Mockups

Clear Glass Votive Candle Mockups
Clear Glass Votive Candle

Another candle mockup scene that needs no description, just one look at this is enough to understand how it got its place in the list.

If candles are not your main or only product, check out our –

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