Male Model Bella Canvas 3001 Bundle



Product Specs

  • Compatible with: Adobe Photoshop
  • File Size: 688.11 MB
  • DPI: 300
  • Layered
  • Compatible with Bulk Mockup Plugin
  • Vendor:- Moonlit Mocks

About the Product

With our package that includes BOTH the front and back views of the Bella Canvas 3001, you may save more money.

Two Photoshop templates are included (front and back of shirt in landscape orientation).
With 120 pre-set Bella Canvas 3001 colours, you may quickly change the colour of your clothing or make a bespoke colour.
Using our Smart Object with Displacement Mapping for lifelike results, add your own artwork in only two clicks.
A genuine "Bella Canvas 3001 T-Shirt" is shown in expert, high-quality photography on a real model.

Superb ResolutionHow does it function?

Instead of spending money or time organising a photo session of your own, upgrade your online clothing business with gorgeous imagery that has actual clothing brand names. All you need to do is set your designs in our smart object artwork layer, choose the colour of your clothing, and save the image. Each template also includes comprehensive instructions.

High calibre

With this high quality mockup, you can be sure that your artwork will appear fantastic at any size on any screen. Displacement maps are used in the creation of our mockups to ensure that your artwork appears natural across every crease, curve, and feature.

Genuine Bella Canvas Clothing

No off-brand clothing or edited backdrops are used in any of the mockups; only actual merchandise on real models are used.

Matching Colour and Fabric Database

Within our template, you can easily modify the colour of the clothing the model is sporting. Every colour Bella Canvas provides in the 3719 design is included, including heather and marble shades. Or, just two clicks, design a custom colour.

Ready for social media

Stunning images that feel genuine and professional—because they are—will help you make an impression for text on the image


Learn How to Batch Replace Smart Objects automatically.

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