Men Raglan T-shirt Mock-ups Bundle



Product Specs

  • Compatible with: Adobe Photoshop
  • File Size: 2.48 GB
  • Dimensions: 2000 x 3000 px, 1600 x 2400 px
  • DPI: 240
  • Layered
  • Compatible with Bulk Mockup Plugin
  • Vendor:- WhiteMocca

About the Product

MEN RAGLAN T-SHIRT Generators & Mock-ups

Get the White Mocca high-quality mock-up series of clothing from the Model Collection. You may now display your clothing the way the very finest international online retailers do. great work done more quickly. Five unique features will be given to you absolutely free!

The First Totally Individualised Mock-ups
You may actually take advantage of limitless options with White Mocca mock-ups. Each component on mock-ups is distinct and modifiable, such as the sleeves and collars. White Mocca can meet your demands if you work on complex, demanding projects and want the most realistic results possible. Simply drag and drop the items; it's that easy. Let's produce many variations on a theme!

faster, simpler, and better design
Don't bother spending hours putting prints and patterns on mock-ups. View the fullprint design placement that is part of our mock-up collection. It was designed to use quickly and simply. Drop and drag. Design should be saved as Smart Objects. simply like that? Sure, give it a go.

Present yourself as a True Professional
You may now display your clothing the way the very finest international online retailers do. The most popular web images and style books served as the inspiration for each and every mock-up generator. White Mocca keeps up with technological developments and is familiar with web advertising. Count on us; we're also designers. To select a single uniform style for all sorts of clothing, see further mock-ups in our collection (similar mock-ups are listed below).

It's ten for one.
A single mock-up with a variety of perspectives to pick from! Our collection of mock-ups is cropped in 2 distinct ways: FULL, where the model is seen in a full-body photo, and CROPPED, where the model is only visible to the line of the lips.
Try five different positions. They all appear to be from the top e-stores' style books and follow the most recent fashions. A few views and details are included.

Save time by accelerating! You have two choices for jobs:
Set one file generator and obtain five angles.
How does it make you feel? Now, you may produce all angles from a single Photoshop file. Simply insert the desired design into one view, and the generator will alter the other views on its own. The job may be completed in "one click." Within a short period of time, create consistent product images. Mockup creation has never been simpler.
2. Select one preferred file and an angle.
When you need all angles to work on them, you utilise a generator. You don't need to utilise a generator if you are simply working on one aspect. A quicker method is to merely open the aspect you want to work on. It's an easy and efficient approach to get what you need.

Your Extremely Lifelike Design
Your designs have always aimed to be as realistic as possible. White Mocca allows you to produce highly lifelike images. The complex transformation tool, such as the puppet warp transformation, is included with our mock-ups. The highest level of accuracy was used in their creation, and each mockup was accompanied by displacement maps that automatically wrap the design to the fabric. That gives your graphic an exceptionally lifelike appearance. It seems as simple as pie. It is.

Realise Astonishing Quality
Each file is 2000x3000 pixels and 1600x2400 pixels at 240 dpi. All of our files have been prepared to work with a variety of hardware. Additionally, our mock-ups operate wonderfully on HiDPI and retina devices.

Extremely Lovely Colour
Learn about the first mock-ups that can help you produce a fantastic image with extraordinary depth of colour in bright or dark tones. Between the various colour variations, no further clicks or changes are required. Everything is due to our special mixing technique, which is effective with any colours.

On mock-ups, the isolated background model is always separate from the backdrop. It indicates that you may simply choose to keep the canvas white, alter its colour, or make it transparent by turning it off.


Obtain the bonus: a Melange texture with a heather pattern? We have 3 different varieties of it in our collection. Three different shades of grey mélange are available: Light, Medium, and Dark. Additionally, you may choose your own transparency and apply a melange texture to your colour or design.

2. Receive the free stitching effect. Use a unique embroidery effect to add a logo or tiny image to a polo shirt, and presto! It everything comes together flawlessly.

3. Acquire the bonus: Men's Accessories
Select a watch and one of three bracelet types after turning it on. Present an appearance that is absolutely appropriate for your corporate profile, whether it be exceedingly exquisite or just casual.

4. Claim the bonus: Pants Styles
Now, picking your own chinos' colour is simpler. Choose any colour you choose to personalise your trousers. Choose from traditional, dark, and blue jeans in our range of other clothes.

5. Acquire the freebie: Editable Labels
Three distinct styles of labels are offered with our collection. Select a side label, square, or rectangle that may be customised. They are editable, and you may add your own image.

amazing online marketing tool
Start utilising mockups for market research, prototyping, and reviewing in addition to design. You can now quickly test your consumers' reactions with our mock-up.

always current With Every Product
Keep up with all goods, promotions, and savings! You receive all of our updates after you buy one of our products. If there is something you can't find here but truly need, look through our other products and send us a note. We will work things out.

Take a manual and just do it.
Our mock-ups were intended to be user- and beginner-friendly. We have a specific guide as a result. After purchasing the selected product, you will discover our unique guide within your White Mocca box. Learn about our well-organized layers and how our mock-ups function uniformly due to their shared structure. After using it for a while, you won't be able to fathom design without White Mocca. On our channel, you can also find additional educational movies.

Let's review everything you receive:

Totally unique mockups with full print design application
5 original perspectives motivated by the most popular web images and lookbooks
two options for canvas size cropped and full
two methods of working automated for all angles or only the selected angle
High-quality, final photos with a realistic design and linked displacement maps
Using a sneaky mixing technique, beautiful colours
Totally customizable and isolated background
amazing online marketing tool
A simple and user-friendly guide for a successful start
Clearly arranged layers. Mockups all operate in the same manner.
Updates are always free
5 no-cost features: a grey mélange design with three different textures, Effect of stitching for a logo or phrase, men's accessories, Editable clothing labels, several types of trousers (by colour or style)
What's in the bundle, exactly?


Learn How to Batch Replace Smart Objects automatically.

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