T-Shirt Mock-Up Set Bundle



Product Specs

  • Compatible with: Adobe Photoshop
  • File Size: 926.38 MB
  • Dimensions: 3500 x 2335 px
  • DPI: 300
  • Layered
  • Compatible with Bulk Mockup Plugin
  • Vendor:- Mockup Cloud

About the Product

Real picture t-shirt mock-up set of the highest calibre. Both male and female models, both outdoors and inside, in various settings, wearing a variety of t-shirt designs in an infinite variety of colours. Smart objects make it simple to insert your creations; simply double-click the layer, copy your artwork, paste it in, and save. Presentation has never seemed so flawless.


6 street t-shirt mock-ups, 10 studio mock-ups, and organised layers
Simple to alter t-shirt colour and fabric
Types of T-shirts with a tank top, a V-neck, or both
models both male and female
includes an illustrated user manual


Learn How to Batch Replace Smart Objects automatically.

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