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Vexels Vs Placeit Reviewed – Which Mockup Template Design Tool Is Best For POD Business in 2024

Discover which mockup tool reigns supreme for POD businesses: Vexels or Placeit? Make an informed choice for 2024!

Shohidur Rahman
May 29, 2024

If you’re on the hunt for a genuine and in-depth comparison between Vexels and Placeit, you’ve hit the jackpot! Focused solely on the needs of Print on Demand businesses, this article has got you covered.

As a seasoned veteran in the print on demand industry for half a decade, I’ve been hands-on with both platforms and know the ins and outs like the back of my hand.

So, buckle up as we delve into the nitty gritty of features, tools, licensing, and pricing for both Vexels and Placeit, ultimately letting you make an informed decision.

Vexels Mockup Overview

Vexels is a beautiful design stock library service exclusively catering to Print on Demand sellers.

In the initial days Vexels started only as a “Premium design stock library”. However, seeing the demand and opportunity in the print on demand space, Vexels was fast to pivot itself to serve Print on Demand Businesses Owners for almost anything. explained with a infographics Offering

It offers

  1. A Library of more than 80 thousand perfect pre-made design assets including illustrations, patterns, icon sets, readymade t-shirts which are second to none,
  2. Online tools like
    T-shirt Design Maker,
    Mockup Generator,
    Logo Maker etc.
  3. Fonts

All of the Vexels offering are tailored to help Print on Demand sellers. You may consider it as a design fulfillment service provider for your POD business.

Vexels Pro Designs

What makes Vexels different from other design stock libraries out there?

  • Unlike other stock libraries, Vexels offers a clear commercial license to print and sell the design assets you download from the platform. No strings attached. Other stock libraries ask you to add value(make significant edit) to the design before you may print and sell them. With vexels, you can straightaway download the design and print it, without any edit needed on the design.
  • Vexels has in-house team of high quality graphics designers and digital artists. Owing to which, the quality of the designs are great. No match to other stock libraries who generally operate on the marketplace model.
  • Custom design request : If you wish to create design from scratch and do not like a design in their library. Vexels allows you to submit a design request to their team. Their team will get back to you with an exclusive design just made for you. It is like hiring a professional designer. This feature comes at no additional cost.

Vexels Cons

  • There is a monthly download limit ranging from 200 designs per month to 2000 designs as per your subscription plan.
  • Licensing nuance :- You’ll have to keep your subscription active, if you want to keep selling the designs that you have downloaded from the platform previously.
    (I have discussed this in more detail in the licensing section of this article)

Placeit Design Overview

Placeit is an online design tools to serve individuals for creating marketing and branding assets for their business.

It offers

  1. Largest collection of Mockup Templates in all niches that are easily customizable.
  2. Design Templates for your YouTube channel, Social Media posts whether it’s for Facebook banner ads or twitter, Print on Demand designs etc
  3. Video Templates for twitch streaming, Social Media, YouTube intros & Outros, Mockups etc
  4. Almost everything you need to brand, no matter the age or ethnicity of your customers.

Placeit also offers easy customization to edit and modify their templates to generate your own version of the ready to use  template design. 

Placeit online tools include

  • Mockup Generator
  • T-shirt Design tool
  • Logo Maker
  • Videos and Designs

Placeit Pros

  • Best collection of Mockups. There is no match to production quality of their mockups
  • Jack of all trades, offers almost all tools required to create stunning visuals for all types of online businesses and highlight your designs.
  • Very affordable at $4/month.

Placeit Cons

  • Your creativity is limited due to its templated approach. All of the design and assets it has are based on a template. Modifying it to meet your needs is very difficult. You’ll have to settle down for one of their templates and fit your needs accordingly.
  • The online tool does not allow real time editing. At times you’ll feel that you are working on a buggy tool. It takes patience to complete a design project.

Interface, User Experience & Features

Both Vexels and placeit are browser based tools. There is a contrasting difference between their interface and user experience.

Vexels Interface & User Experience

The first time when you land on the vexels home page, you may be confused between their Design and Merch offering. It took me a while to understand what vexel offers. To make it easy for you. Vexels has two products

Design : You get access to design stock library

Merch : You get access to design stock library + commercial license to print and sell the designs

Navigating is easy with well structured menus on the top bar. The service follows a full width design layout. With so many categories, tools and offerings, you’ll need some time to get acquainted with the UI.

The online tools (T-shirt maker, Mockup Generator), is very tidy and gives you an experience of working on a standalone software program rather than on a browser based online tool. You can see for it  below in the image. t-shirt maker user interface T-shirt Designer Interface

Placeits Interface & User Experience

When you first land on the Placeits home page it is pretty cool and straightforward. 

With a well structured top menu bar and big search bar you may find it very easy to use.

However, once you create an account (free or paid). You will be greeted with yet another navigation menu on the left side bar. 

It is supposed to ease your navigation by providing well defined categories and tags.

Personally I find it a bit confusing and annoying. You may differ from my opinion here.

If you sign up for a free account, placeit will use its every page as a medium to pitch you to convert for their paid plan. ( This is very annoying for me).

The online tools (mockup generator, design maker) etc are less intuitive than vexels.

It has a very small preview area (working area) with tools options on both sidebars.

Plus as stated earlier it pitches you to get on their paid plan on this page as well.

placeit mockup generator user interface
Placeit user interface

Tools Comparisons Highlight & Review

We’ll take a look at the following tool comparison

  1. Vexels Mockup Generator Vs Placeits’ Mockup Generator
  2. Vexels T-shirt Maker Vs Placeits’ Design tool
  3. Vexles Logo Makes Vs Placeits’ Logo Maker

1.Vexels Mockup Generator Vs Placeits’ Mockup Generator

Vexels Mockups Generator has a big preview window at the center of the screen. The toolset is neatly arranged on the left side bar.

Whereas placeit’s mockup generator is less intuitive and gives a feel you are working on a webpage. It has a very small preview window as compared to vexels.

Once you upload a design on vexels mockup generator, you can hover your cursor on the design and make adjustments like moving, rotation and scaling up and down the designs.

Vexels offer real time editing, your cursor movement and editing is responsive like you are working on an editing software.

Whereas with placeit’s mockup generator, it’s cumbersome to make similar adjustments. 

The editing is not realtime. Take a look at the demonstration below

Editing in Vexels

Vexels Mockup Generator Editing
Vexels Mockup Generator Editing

Editing in Placeit

Placeit Mockup Generator Editing
Placeit Mockup Generator Editing


Vexels offers photo filters to be applied on the mockup too.(Though no extra points for this feature)

Overall Vexel’s mockup generator is better in terms of user interface and editing capabilities.

However placeit beats down vexels with the sheer amount & quality of mockup templates it offers.

Vexels Mockup GeneratorPlaceit Mockup Generator
Mockup Template QualityMockups from Vexels are decent, It has fair share of Studio style, flat lay style and Lifestyle style Mockup templatesMockups from Placeit are the best on the internet. You’ll find Lifestyle mockups from all niches. The quality is top notch.
Mockup Template QuantityQuantity of Mockup templates available in Vexels is fairly small but growing.Biggest mockup template library on the internet. You’ll find Lifestyle mockups from all niches. The quality is top notch.
Mockup Generator EditingGenerating Mockup is easy and straightforward. You select the template, upload your design. Your design appears on the preview window. You can use your mouse cursor and tools on the side bar for editingGenerating Mockup is straightforward, but editing or making adjustments is not as simple as Vexels.
The editing is not realtime and smooth as Vexels.
Exporting MockupsOnce you create your mockup. Click on the download button, it asks for the size preset you wish to download(large, medium, small ). Select the preset, it is immediately downloaded on your computer.Once you create your mockup. Click on the download button. The download is not immediate. It takes some time to process. Placeit will send you an email with the download link. If you create 50 mockups, they’ll send you 50 emails :(.
Video MockupsSorry No Video MockupsIt has a decent amount of Video Mockups. Editing and generating a video mockup is as simple as still image mockup.
PSD Mockup TemplatesVexels give you the option to download the PSD source files for some of its mockup templates. This gives you an additional control to edit and adjust the mockups in photoshop or other editing programs.You only get a final image as mockup. No option for source file.
Group MockupsLimited amount of mockups, where there are multiple people, viz family mockups, couple mockupsGood amount of mockups in groups,
Couples, Family, Kids, Gang, you’ll find mockups of all categories and groups.
Bulk/Batch MockupsIt does not have a feature to generate mockups in bulk or batch. You may wanna check for this featureThough, it has the option to preview your design in different mockups templates in one go. It does not have a feature to download mockups in bulk or batch. You may wanna check for this feature.
Vexels Vs Placeit : Vexels Mockup Generator & Placeit Mockup Generator comparison

2.Vexels T-Shirt Maker Vs Placeit Design Tool

Vexels T-Shirt MakerPlaceit Design Tool
User Interface and Ease of UseVexels beats Placeit hands down because of its editor-like interface.Placeit Design tool is exactly the same tool used to edit its mockup template. Making small minute adjustments is difficult.
LayersVexels offers layers features. Which you can use to add multiple element on the design and play with its placementPlaceit does not have a discreet layer feature. Though you can have multiple elements on it template, it certainly lacks layers which makes editing tougher.
DownloadWhen you download the design it includes
a) The design you created in transparent png format
b) Design in svg format (vector)
c) Design on the template
d) License that gives you permission to print and sell
The download includes only high resolution png file.
Clipart & Stock CollectionVexels has large quantity premium quality clipart, illustration, patterns at your disposal to use. They have done a  decent job to organize them properly.Placeits has a collection of only clipart and icons and. very limited amount of illustration and patterns. Plus owing to their small preview window for editing its template, navigating and selecting the assets is a nightmare.
TypographyVexels provides Text Shapes and Text Badges, which makes typographical designs for  t-shirt very simple to make.No such feature available with Placeit.
Vexels Vs Placeit : Vexels tshirt maker & Placeit Tshirt design tool comparison

With placeit your creativity is limited due to its templated approach. All designs are made from templates and you can’t do much about it.

If you are a beginner, you’ll find placeit designs a good starting ground to start your print on demand journey. You’ll not have any work to do around, just select the design template and modify it and then download.

However if you are not a designer, but want to bring your design idea to life, you can do it with the help of vexles, their collection of design elements are unmatched. All their designs are created by an in-house team of artists and designers plus all of their designs are optimized for merch/print on demand business.

3.Vexels Logo Maker Vs Placeit logo Maker

Both the services have a different approach to their logo maker tools.

PlaceIts’ approach

Step 1>Select a category

Step 2>Browse a template you like.

Step 3>Once you select a template, it takes you to the editor, where you edit the template with your logo and name.

In a nutshell, placeits logo maker is nothing different from its design maker, you start from a readymade logo template you like and edit it to meet your requirements.

Vexels approach (Guided approach)

Step1> Vexels ask for your brand name and its category,

Step 2> It then populates a list of suggestion with different logo types :- 

Icon, typography etc

Step 3>Once you select the templates, it takes you to the editor (similar to the t-shirt maker editor) where you have the control to edit all aspects of the designs from color, adding new text shapes etc.

Vexels has done a pretty good job on taking a guided approach. You first enter your brand name, it then populates some basic logo design with your brand name, choose the one that you like and then edit the little nitty gritty details.

At the end they both use their editor, vexels editor being far better than placeit will give a good solution.


Vexels Pricing

Vexel offers two different products, Design and Merch

Both of the products have a three tier pricing model.
Check out their most popular plans right here!


What is the difference between Vexels’s Design and Merch subscription plan ?

Merch subscriptions allow you to use all of Designs, Graphic Resources, and Tools of the Vexels service for Merch purposes, i.e. you have exclusive license to print and sell any artwork/asset you create. 

Whereas Vexels Design subscription is all of vexels tools minus the license to print and sell. But it still allows you to use the assets you create on commercial projects.

Does Vexels offer a free plan ?
What do you get in Vexels free plan ?

Yes, Vexels offer a free plan. In the free plan you can use all of the Vexels tools, but some features will be limited. Like you can generate mockups using their mockup generator, but if you download it will have vexels watermark. You’ll have access to only a limited amount of design assets that have been marked free. 

Even if you don’t have a subscription, you may purchase a Single lifetime design license from vexel at $39. 

Placeit Pricing

Placeit has recently changed its pricing from $14.95/month to $3.95/month  ($23.69/year).

With just under $4 a month, there’s no reason left not to subscribe to placeit with the tools and features it has to offer.


Does Placeit offer a free plan ?
What do you get in the Placeit free plan ?

Yes, Placeit has a free plan too. You’ll get a good amount of mockup templates in the free plan, plus there will be no watermark on the free mockup you download.
All of placeit free features can be accessed from this link

You may also purchase a Single Mockup license for $7 only.


Vexels License

With each download you get following license certificate,

vexels license preview
Vexels License Preview

The license allows you to use the asset you download from vexels platform to sell upto 1000 copies of the physical merchandise while your subscription is still active.

There’s nuance in the finer print.

As soon as you stop your vexels subscription you lose your license to sell for all the previous designs you had downloaded from the platform during your subscription period.

This is annoying that vexels forces you to keep your subscription active, even if you have stopped using their services.

There are two workaround to beat Vexels Licensing nuance
1> Purchase a single design license for all of your designs that are selling for $39 each
2> Alternatively you can also purchase a lifetime licensing for a one-time payment of $693 and you’ll have the license to sell for lifetime.

How does Vexels license work for its free plan ?

Assets downloaded via vexels free plan allows you to use the assets until you give due accreditation.You are not allowed to print and sell them in merchandise.

Placeits’ License

Placeit License allows you to Placeit License what you can do

Placeit License doesn’t allow you to

Placeit License what you can do
Placeit License what you can do

Placeit License doesn’t allow you to

Placeit License what you can’t do

Unlike Vexels, You’ll hold license even if you cancel your subscription.

Community and Support

Vexels Support

Vexels has an active phone number that you can call to get a quick support or submit a support request form on their site.

Vexels support number is +1 650 452 6034

Vexels don’t offer any community forum where fellow merchenpreuers can have a healthy discussion, but their blog content is quite helpful and they provide real insights to industry news tips and tricks.

With their subscription, you also get access to their monthly merch digest, which is a member exclusive newsletter that provides immense value on new design trends, niches, new opportunities, interviews from successful merch entrepreneurs. This makes it a completely delightful experience. 

Placeit Support

Placeit has a live chat feature for support as well as they ask you to submit a form to get support on their website. 

Placeit’s blog features content from all category from T-shirt Business to Gaming Steam,

They aren’t specific to Print on demand.

Placeit has been evolving and building new features, month on month. and currently have both IOS and Android app.
They encourage their users to offer suggestion and request features

Final Rundown Vexels Vs Placeit

Mockup QualityVery limited quantity and quality of mockups.Far better than vexels.
Design QualityFar better than placeitCreativity in Designs are limited due to its templated approach
Ease of useInterface is much cleaner and smootherInterface is overwhelming with too many menu items and categories, plus the editing isn’t realtime that you would expect.
VideosNo videos at allVideo mockups and video ads, good to have for the social media, instagram reels
Download LimitMonthly download limitNo download limit
PricingPriced reasonable at $29/month. It’s a good investment if you are serious about your business.Very affordable at just $3.95/month. There is no reason left to not subscribe to placeit.
LicensingGives you full right to download and sell the design on your merch business. Your license will lapse as soon as you stop your subscription.Gives you full right to download and sell the design on your merch business.
SupportSupport is available via phone call and contact formSupport is available via live chat and contact form
Vexels Vs Placeit : Vexels & Placeit Comparison

Conclusion : Which one should I choose ?

Depending upon what stage you are with your print on demand journey/business, you may decide to subscribe to both, either one or none of the tools.

Subscribe to Vexles for their superior Quality of designs and easy to use design maker.

Getting a vexels subscription will give you the power to create awesome designs from scratch without any design skills. Their design maker and resources are very handy and exclusively made and optimized for print on demand businesses.

Along With Vexels also subscribe to Placeit’s free versions.

Placeits free version offers a decent collection of mockups and templates, which will have you covered.

Pay for Placeit’s paid subscriptions only if you sell via your own website (woocommerce or shopify). Placeit’s will proof to be an excellent resource for creating social media marketing assets, lifestyle mockups and video mockups.

Shohidur Rahman
Hey, I’m Vikash the main guy behind Bulk Mockup. In the past, I ran an image editing agency - Putoos Graphics LLP, where I worked with hundreds of print on demand sellers to create mockups for their listing. While running the agency, I have seen mockups being a one of the most time consuming and boring task for Print on Demand Entrepreneurs. I have built Bulk Mockup to automate mockups productions for sellers and improve their productivity. In the few years of existence our Bulk Mockup tool has been used by hundreds of print on demand sellers. It has helped them save both money and time in their workflow.

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