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9 Great Websites To Get Best T-Shirt Mockup Templates and Mockup Generator For POD Business

Discover top websites offering the best t-shirt mockup templates and generators for your POD business. Unlock your store’s potential today!

Shohidur Rahman
June 4, 2024

So you started a Print on demand business just like everyone else in 2023 but can’t find the edge over your competition? Your designs are top notch but your competitors are outselling you even with designs like day old roadkill?

Rest assured, you’re not alone and there’s an easy fix. If your designs are high-quality, by the end of this article, your POD store would become a money generating machine.

The main issue is, even with the greatest design in the world, showcasing and discovering creative work is a whole new process and just adding endless amount of design won’t cut it.

You need on brand, photo realistic and studio quality shirt mockups to promote your t shirt illustrations.

T-shirt Mockup Template Mockup Designs

The market size of Custom T-shirt Printing industry in 2020 stands at $3.7 billion and is anticipated to grow to $6.9 Billion in 2027.

Custom T-shirt market site infographics
Custom T-shirt market site infographics

With the rise of AI design tools like Midjourney and Stable Diffusion, rest assured, there will be many who wants a slice of that $6.9 Billion pie. In this article, I will give you the resources needed to fight that horde and make a brand out of your custom apparel design business.

Without the best t-shirt mockup generator , you’ll never be able to compete with the other online stores that have eye catching mockup images.

You might think you don’t need all these mumbo jumbo, you’ll just upload your designs, have you brand tag and you’ve got your t-shirt line ready for selling but that’s not how it plays out.

I have compiled below a list of resources you can tap in, to get T-shirt Mockup templates. We’ll also dive deep in what each of them offers, so you can choose what’s best for your business.

1. Envato Elements to Promote Your Designs

Envato Elements Banner
Envato Elements

Envato Elements is a great place to get great PSD mockup templates in unique styles. The t-shirt mockup PSD templates they offer are really easy to alter, whether it’s adjusting the shirt color or changing the label.

The got PSD files for everything and anything like hoodie mockups, white t-shirt mockup, black t-shirt mockup, any type of mockup you need, they probably got it. Even some free mockups. This is the place for best t-shirt mockup PSD templates.

The service is subscription-based.

Pricing: Monthly Subscription fee is $16.50 per month. The subscription gives you access to a library of mock-ups, stock images and millions of other design assets. 

Advantage: Single fee gets you to download unlimited designs for commercial use. They have most of what you may need to promote your designs. From the basic white t-shirt and black t-shirt, they have hanging t-shirt mockup with front and back view, different t-shirt tag styles, oversized t-shirt mockup hanging on stand c, anything you can think of.

2. Placeit t-shirt Mockup Generator: Customize Easy

This is an online t-shirt mockup generator that lets you create your own mockup in seconds. It provides a wide variety of online mockups. Use, to create your own T-shirt designs. Do it in your own browser. You do not need photoshop software to get the best of what Place It offers. You can get the best t-shirt templates to display your t-shirt designs. truly boosts your Print on Demand business by providing realistic clothing templates.

Pricing: You can get started with as low as $14.95

Advantage: Even if you do not know graphic design, you still can create jaw dropping clothing mockups using your creativity with their drag-and-drop editor.  Just add your designs, pick the color of the t-shirt, change the t-shirt label  and voila, you’re done. Your t-shirt design templates are ready.

3. Vexels psds With Labels Mockup banner

Vexels is a one stop solution for all print on demand needs. It is the only platform that exclusively serves Print on Demand sellers.

You want oversize t-shirt mockups? They have it. You want folded t-shirt mockups? They have it too. All their offerings are realistic t-shirt mockup.

Their offering includes 

  • Mockup Templates for all kind of merchandise, T-shirt, Mugs, Phone Case, Tote bag, polo shirt mockup etc.
  • Online high-quality t-shirt mockups to generate mockups on the go.
  • A big list of the best of merch ready licensed t-shirt templates available that you can sell in your own store, even as blank t-shirt. (You read that right, licensed design files) 

Check their mockup generator at

Pricing: Vexels is subscription based service, the lowest plan starts as low as $18.99/month. The subscription includes all their features. Vexels has some free templates too. You can give them a try before making a decision to buy their subscription but they don’t have any free trial.

Advantage: Unlike Placeit, which allows you to download only the finished jpg mockup templates. Vexels allows you to download the psds with all source files where you can change the smart layers, whether you just want to choose the t-shirt color or say adding something like a wooden hanger.  You can use the mockup files even on free tools like gimp to add your t-shirt design on a mockup.

You can download the psd t-shirt mockups and use them with our Bulk Mockup photoshop extension that automates your great t-shirt mockup generation process.  

4. Freepik Free Files Mockup banner

Freepik is a rapidly growing platform from which a designer can pick free graphic resources. I do recommend Freepik to dive in to checking out T-shirt mockup templates. It’s a treasure trove for great free t-shirt templates. If you pair the shirt templates with BulkMockup, it can become your free t-shirt mockup generator.

Quite like Envato Elements, you can pick from a variety, to enhance your designs and make your t-shirt mockups desirable. I find the design quality of Freepik to be outstanding. Download the best PSD files that you like and put your design onto a t-shirt, they have a range of t-shirt mockups.

There are many free and paid set of t-shirt mockup templates to showcase your t-shirt.

Pricing: You can use a diverse variety of graphics from Freepik stock at no cost. However, many of them are paid as well. The best value offer is priced at 7.49 EURO per month. So, use your discretion to select the designs for your T-shirt mockups without the design.

Advantage: Get access to extensive stock of free designs. They have a good amount of free t-shirt mockup templates like wrinkled t-shirt mockup where you can change the t-shirt color and everything.

I highly recommend using Freepik for not only create t-shirt mockups, but other graphic resources too.

5. Prepress Toolkit: Photo Realistic Designs mockup banner

Unlike other resources mentioned so far, PrePress ToolKit provides Vector T-shirt mockup templates. In addition, it also provides Photorealistic Mockup templates too. To add more to your T-shirt mockup design templates, PrePress Toolkit also lets you add different textures to your T-shirt mockup.

Pricing: It is a paid resource. The fee for the Garment Master Apparel Mockup collection is $129. This consists of more than 700 high end apparel mockup templates. You can also take up Polo Shirt Pack (applied to both men and women designs) for $19.00

Advantage: The vector t-shirt templates are deeply detailed, created by professionals for a very high-resolution design. It is also one of the very few resources that offer template design for Polo T-shirts.

6. Creativemarket For Easy Customization

The next T-shirt mockup template resource is a bit different. Creativemarket is the leading marketplace for mockup template creators to sell their templates.

The easy to navigate interface of the platforms makes it one of the sought after resources, when it comes to great t-shirt templates. The t-shirt mockup psd files are properly categorised, making it very easy to search your mockup query.

You then customize the t-shirt as you like. All their blank t-shirt templates are like photorealistic t-shirt. Their library of t-shirt PSD file comes with multiple t-shirt setting so it gets easier to use like online mockup generators.

Pricing: Creativemarket is a marketplace. There is no subscription involved. You only pay for the templates you purchase. The price of the mockup sets starts as low as $9.

Advantage: No unnecessary subscription charges. Pay what you buy and when you buy. Look out for their mockup bundles which are always a bargain purchase.

7. Graphicriver

Graphicriver is a marketplace similar to creativemarket. Where in mockup template creator list and sell their template at fixed cost. These are great mockups to showcase your t-shirt and hoodie.

Pricing: Like most of the online marketplaces, it charges for the T-shirt mockup template and not for the service. Templates prices start at $6/template. I found the prices to be cheaper than creativemarket.

Alert: Envato Elements is one of their subscription products. You can find 70% of the mockup templates listed here, also available at envato elements on a subscription basis.

8. Behance mockup banner

Behance is a platform where the designers showcase their skills. It is actually owned by Adobe. So, expect the best quality. This makes Behance the resource to plug in for T-shirt Mockup Templates.

There are many high quality mockup templates available. You can connect with the individual creators and commission them for your personal mockup project.

Advantage: You get to access the several designers’ creative work under one platform. Explore the possibility of teaming up with these designers to push your Print on Demand T-shirt business.

Pricing: It is a free platform to explore. Designers choose to let you download the templates for free or at a small cost. You can hire or contract a designer if you wish to pay for their services. 

9. Creatsy

They started as a mockup seller on Creativemarket. They have a huge library of visually appealing mockup templates. All their mockups are designed using 3d modelling. You’ll find the best looking templates here. All their t-shirt mockups include 3D.

Advantage: Because they create the mockup via 3d modelling. The mockups are visually breathtaking and highly detailed. The mockups templates have premium look and feel.

Pricing: The templates are competitively priced, starting at $12 a mockup template. You pay only for what you buy. No subscription. Do check out their bundle for a value for money buy

Alert : Their website is not live yet.

You can find their mockup template at


Print on Demand business is a great way to start and run a business with little or no investment. Use the above-mentioned resources to kickstart and boost your Print of Demand business. Each of these resources offer more than just mere T-shirt mockup templates. Every step in the entrepreneurial journey is a lesson in life, so keep learning, earning, and thriving. 

You may also want to check our mockup tool that can automate your mockup generation process

Shohidur Rahman
Hey, I’m Vikash the main guy behind Bulk Mockup. In the past, I ran an image editing agency - Putoos Graphics LLP, where I worked with hundreds of print on demand sellers to create mockups for their listing. While running the agency, I have seen mockups being a one of the most time consuming and boring task for Print on Demand Entrepreneurs. I have built Bulk Mockup to automate mockups productions for sellers and improve their productivity. In the few years of existence our Bulk Mockup tool has been used by hundreds of print on demand sellers. It has helped them save both money and time in their workflow.

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