T-shirt Mockup Templates

Are you are toying with a question: How to start your own Print on Demand Business? You are not alone. There are many others sailing in the same boat. According to Statista, ecommerce sales amounted to $504.6 billion in 2018, alone. It is estimated to expand to $735 billion in 2023. And apparel and accessories alone should generate over $138.7 billion by 2022.

Interestingly, T-shirts are an integral part of a Print on Demand business. Here is another eye-opening fact to perk-up your interest: The market size of Custom T-shirt Printing industry in 2020 stands at $3.7 billion and is anticipated to grow to $6.9 Billion in 2027

Now that I have your attention, allow me to shed light on one the juiciest component of a Print on Demand Business – the mockup templates. A successful owner of a print on demand business confessed that an attractive inventory of T-shirt mockups can make or break your print on demand business. T-shirt mockup are the best way to showcase your designs. 

If you are new to creating T-shirt mockup design, checkout this informative video  

T-shirt mockup design

Further, I have compiled below a list of resources you can tap in to get T-shirt Mockup templates. Check out these resources and build a product catalogue showcasing your T-shirt designs.

1. Envato

Envato Elements is great place to get great t-shirt mockup templates and template mockup ideas. You would be delighted to know that it is a platform powered by a community of talented designers. So, it means you can use the creative powers of not one but a huge team of designers. The sheer variety of design and ideas available is exciting. 

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The service is subscription-based. 

Pricing: Monthly Subscription fee is $16. 50 per month. The subscription gives you access to stock of mock-ups and stock images. Advantage: Single fee gets you to download unlimited designs. Compete with the best T-shirt designers in the market as many Online T-shirt template providers are offering their service using Envato elements’ services. It is a great waterhole to tap into.

2. Placeit.net

This is an online service that lets you create your own designs. It provides a wide variety of t-shirt mockup templates. It is also a mockup generator. Use Placeit.net, to create your own T-shirt designs.DO it in your own browser. You do not need any software to get the best of what Placeit offers. Placeit.net truly boosts your Print on Demand business

Pricing: You can get started with as low as $14.95

Advantage: Even if you do not know Photoshop, you still can create jaw dropping designs using your creativity. 

You can find more information by visiting Placeit.net

Follow this to know more https://blog.placeit.net/category/t-shirt-business/

3. Freepik

Freepik is a rapidly growing platform from where a designer can pick free graphic resources. I do recommend Freepik to dive in to for checking out T-shirt mockup templates.
Quite like Envato Elements, you can pick a variety of graphics to enhance your designs and make your t-shirt mockups desirable. I find the design quality of Freepik to be outstanding.

Pricing: You can use a diverse variety of graphics from Freepik stock at no cost. However, many of them are paid as well. The best value offer is priced at 7.49 EUR per month. So, use your discretion to select the graphics for your T-shirt mockups.

Advantage: Get access to extensive stock of free graphics. 

I highly recommend using Freepik for not only T-shirt mockups, but other graphic resources too.
Do visit Freepik for T-shirt mockup templates at https://www.freepik.com/free-psd/t-shirt-mock-up-design_1023130.htm

4. Custom Ink

CustomInk is an award-winning webstore for custom designed t-shirt. This is an online service and lets you do interesting things such as Add your own text, add an art object, and upload the changes for printing. You can design not only the front, back but even the sleeves of the t-shirt. Checkout a very helpful video to get going with Customink

Check their mockup builder at https://www.customink.com/ndx/#/ad/gate

Get inspired and access T-shirt mockup templates at https://www.customink.com/inspiration

Pricing: CustomInk does not charge for just Mockups. However, it charges you for their end-to-end service.  To know more about the pricing do visit them at https://www.customink.com/prices

Advantage: You not only get the kick of creating designs your own designs, but you do get the luxury of choosing from a variety sizes and types of T-shirts, as well. 

5. Prepresstoolkit

Unlike other resources mentioned so far, PrePress ToolKit provides Vector T-shirt mockup templates. In addition to Vector Mockup Templates, it also provides Photoreal Mockup templates too. To add more to your T-shirt mock up design templates, PrePress Toolkit also lets you add different textures to your T-shirt mockup.

Pricing: It is a paid resource. The fee for Garment Master Apparel Mockup collection is $69.99. This consists of more than 300 high end Vector apparel mockup templates. You can also take up Polo Shirt Pack (applied to both men and women designs) for $19.00

Advantage: The vector t-shirt templates are deeply detailed, drawn by professionals for a very high-resolution design. It is also one of the very few resources that offer template design for Polo T-shirt.

Please note, there is a drawback. Even though I like it for offers a new dimension to mockup template design, but you need to plug this feature with Adobe Illustrator. This means that you need the know-how of Adobe Photoshop Illustrator to make best use of this otherwise wonderful resource for apparel mockup for your Print On Demand Business.

6. CreativeBooster

The next T-shirt mockup template resource is a bit different. Creative Booster provides free t-shirt mockup templates. It provides mockup for t-shirts from different angles. In addition to PSD mockups, it also provides a collection of creative fonts to choose from. You can get creative with their Mockups.

Pricing: The subscription fee starts at $12.70 a month. At the time of writing this post, Creative Booster is offering a discount. So, the original monthly subscription fee is $14.95. So, go grab it now.

Alert: For mockup design they plug you in to Placeit.net Instant Mockup Generator. Use your discretion. Even Envato, Freepik provide PSD Mockups for T-shirt Templates.   

7. Zazzle

Zazzle lets you to create your t-shirt mockups using your own images. You can create t-shirt mockups for Men, Women, Kids and even Toddlers. Not only this, one can pick T-shirt colors, as well. 

Pricing: Like most of the online marketplaces, it charges for the T-shirt so designed and not for the service. At $15.26 for a custom T-shirt, I found the prices to be steeper.

Advantage: It is an established and trustworthy service provider, as it has worked with several Fortune 500 brands such as Disney, StarWars, Marvel, Dr. Suess, Getty Images to name a few. A service for a reliable and established resource such as Zazzle leaves little room for goof-ups and thus streamline your Print on Demand Business.

8. Behance

Behance is platform where the designers showcase their skills. It is actually owned by Adobe. So, expect best quality. This makes Behance the resource to plug in to for T-shirt Mockup Templates. Enjoy Free Access to a stock of readymade PSD T-shirt Templates to quicken turnaround time for your Print on Demand T-Shirt business.

Advantage: You get to access the several designers’ creative work under one platform. Explore the possibility of teaming up with these designers to push your Print on Demand T-shirt business.

Pricing: It is a free platform. Designers let you download the designs at no cost at all. You can hire or contract a designer if you wish to pay for their services.    

9. CafePress

It is a community platform that lets client to custom-design apparel mockups. Designers from all parts of the world contribute to create a large resource pool of graphics. One can access the extensive resource pool and the easy-to-use online service to create stunning Graphics for T-shirt mockup templates for people of all gender and ages.

Pricing: The prices are higher than other service provider.

Advantage: Source better quality of fabric for the T-shirts with CafePress. Quality of the fabric of your T-shirts could also be a service differentiator for your Print on Demand business.


Print on Demand business is a great way to start and run a business with little or no investment. Use the above-mentioned resources to kickstart and boost your Print of Demand business. Each of these resources offer more than just mere T-shirt mockup templates. Every step in the entrepreneurial journey is a lesson in life, so keep learning, earning, and thriving. 

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