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9 Novel Online Resources to tap into for Print on Demand Business dealing with Merchandises

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Shohidur Rahman
May 29, 2024

Did you think that Print on Demand is just about T-shirts. Well, think again. I mean, read on. I am dedicating this post to help you widen the horizons of your print on demand business. Do so by including interesting articles such as cups, mugs, photo-frames, phone cases, book covers, pillow covers, caps, visors, masks, bags, refrigerator magnets, water bottles, yoga mats, and the list can go on. I will prepare another list of the merchandise you can include in your print on demand business.

Print on Demand is an exciting business to be in because of the sheer variety of the products you can include in your online store. This had made print on demand as one of the most lucrative business for new-age entrepreneurs.

Just like a T-shirt print on demand business, you need mocks templates for your merchandise as well. I am laying before you a list of merchandise mockup template provider that you can access to rev up your print on demand business.


Canva is a graphic design platform. It is widely used by home grown designers as it is much easier to use than Photoshop. It also provides a stock of mockups for picture frames, t-shirts, phones cases and laptops bags, Caps, Hoodies, etc. A designing tool and images and graphics to play with, you can churn out truly eye-catching mockups.  

Pricing: The platform is free to use. You can also opt for paid subscriptions to get access to Canva Pro and Canva for Enterprise for additional functionality. Canva Pro account gets you access to thousands of stock photos. Use them for creating mockups for your range of merchandise.

Advantage: Use its online easy-to-use free photo editing tool to create cool yet attractive mockups for products you sell through your print of demand business. With Canva you have the power to be at your creative best.


Etsy epitomizes creativity. It is a marketplace for creative goods. It is a perfect breeding ground for print on demand entrepreneurs. Create and sell your creatively crafted merchandise. Explore thousands of mockup shops catering to almost every type of product. At the time of writing this post Etsy claim to have 143727 mockups for sale on its website.

Pricing: Since the range of product is diverse and the even the uniqueness of the type of products makes it difficult to put a price on it. But Etsy claims that on an average a mock up costs US$ 15.05 .

Advantage: Etsy by virtue of being a marketplace for creative goods, offers a large room for creativity. A smart entrepreneur should exploit this unique flavor.


Do books interests you as a merchandise for your print on demand business? Then Lulu Xpress is just the resource for you. Lulu Xpress is a Shopify application built specifically for print-on-demand business. Choose from a wide selection of book sizes, binding types, and page/print quality to build your own book product.

 While there is no built-in editor to design your book, Lulu Xpress does offer downloadable templates to get you started. It even has a transparent pricing calculator to help you cost out your project, including various shipping options.

Pricing: Since a book a completely different product, so Lulu Xpress and provided for an online Book Pricing Calculator

Advantage: Lulu Xpress and book printing and publishing fit as lock and key. Self-publish and distributing your own books and ebooks with Lulu.


Need mockups for mockups for beanies, stickers, billboards, hoodies, iphones, notebooks, album covers, posters, glasses, bottle caps, socks, greeting cards, and more. Come to Arsenal.

Pricing: The average cost is $37 for an apparel mockup template, which includes women’s t-shirt mockups, t-shirt mockups with models, and all kinds of other styles. Arsenal templates come in packs instead of just one-off files. Also, the quality of their design created and curated by their seasoned design team makes them worth the investment.


Dribbble is an award-winning design portfolio platform. It is a goldmine of graphic design resources for a print on demand business owner to tap into. Be creative and harvest wonderful ideas for different merchandises. The designs and graphics available on Dribble are of the highest quality. Create top-of-the-line mockups. I personally loved the quality of the designs and the diverse nature of products Dribble can help you cover. No wonder it is an award-winning platform.

Do check out Dribble inventory for diverse range of mockups for equally diverse range of products (

Advantage: Dribbble boasts of served Fortune 500 companies such as Apple, Facebook, Google, Dropbox, expect supreme quality from it. You can give that extra edge to your mockup with Dribbble.


Renderforest is best known for online video and animations. However, they do offer their creative craft in providing mockup template designs for other merchandise products. You can harness their creative juices by tapping into their design quality and give your products a splash or creativity and a dash of class. Explore mockups for devices such as mobile cases, Laptops, apparels, books, etc.

Pricing: At $7.00 a month, Renderforest is an economical option to pick.

Advantage: They offer an online Mockup generator for merchandises. 

7. Shutterstock

Shutterstock is essentially provider of stock photography, stock footage and editing tools. A smart entrepreneur thinking creatively can make best use of Shutterstock, as there is so much one can take away from Shutterstock. You can take away merchandising mockup stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free and use them for giving their merchandise a definite spark.

As mentioned above, one can use Shutterstock Editing Tools and File Converters/Image Resizers

Pricing: It is bit expensive as you need to pay $29 as the monthly subscription fee to access stock images.

Advantage: Shutterstock is a valuable resource for a print on demand business as it provides stock photos, Vector mockups, PSD mockups, as well as photo editing tools and image resizers.

8. Fiverr

It is an online marketplace for freelancers. People buy and sell digital services. Print on demand business too thrives on digital services. The reason I have included it in the list is that one can contract designers to create mockups for your merchandise. The creativity in the mockups can be the difference. Get in touch with designers from all parts of the world to add magic to your merchandise design. It is a creative way to fuel your print on demand business.

Pricing: It is marketplace, so you can set your prices and workout your own costs.

Advantage: You can contract designer at the cost you decide and get a quality you prefer. You exercise great control over the quality and quality by setting your own standards. Print on demand is all about setting new standards. What better place than Fiverr to start with.

9. Merch

Merch is by E-commerce giant – Amazon. With Merch you can create, promote and market your branded merchandise. All you need to provide is the artwork, select a merchandise of your choice. Amazon takes care of the rest, including production, sales, shipping and creating a product page on – all at no cost to you.

To learn more about the mockup template visit Merch Amazon at

Advantage: Let the network and the infrastructure of Amazon work for you. As mentioned above, all you need to do is to create an attractive artwork. This is platform as a service at its best.


Print on Demand gives you great freedom to be creative and resourceful. You can create new product lines, invent new kind of supply chains, and discover ways and means to boost your print on demand business. The above mentioned online resources add new dimensions to print on demand business. In fact, as I mentioned you can be creative and create new markets. The possibilities with print on demand business is endless. Go conquer the world.

Shohidur Rahman
Hey, I’m Vikash the main guy behind Bulk Mockup. In the past, I ran an image editing agency - Putoos Graphics LLP, where I worked with hundreds of print on demand sellers to create mockups for their listing. While running the agency, I have seen mockups being a one of the most time consuming and boring task for Print on Demand Entrepreneurs. I have built Bulk Mockup to automate mockups productions for sellers and improve their productivity. In the few years of existence our Bulk Mockup tool has been used by hundreds of print on demand sellers. It has helped them save both money and time in their workflow.

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