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Discover the top Amazon mockup generators to elevate your product presentation and stand out in the competitive marketplace!

Shohidur Rahman
June 4, 2024

With millions of customers, comes millions of competitors to grab those customers. Good mockups are an absolute must if you are a seller on Amazon.

We will be deep diving into the best five mockup generators for Amazon so you can choose for yourself which one suits your needs the best.

Stay tuned until the very end for a surprising entry to stay at top and slay the competition.

Placeit Amazon Product Mockup Generator

Placeit Amazon Product Mockup Generator
Placeit Amazon Product Mockup Generator

Like most of the top mockup generator list, this one also starts with Placeit.

Amazon has a large variety of products, so does Placeit mockups. If you sell on amazon merch or Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), Placeit got you covered 100%.

For other complex designs and product images, you may find this mockup creator a bit lacking in some areas. But there huge online library of high-quality photos, can be used in creative ways to attract your customers.

There real-time, cloud-based design mockups features templates suited for a wide range of custom products for your e-commerce journey.

Pros of Placeit

There website has all the bells and whistles of much needed for their end users.

  1. Cheap in price for unlimited downloads.
  2. Variety of visually pleasing mockups online.
  3. Their mockup generator is drag-and-drop which makes it easy to work with for their clients.
  4. Their software interface is intuitive.

Cons of Placeit

Although good, Placeit is not perfect.

  • You can’t download the PSD file for your own edits.
  • Can’t import or upload your own mockups on their mockup generator.
  • Great if you’re selling common products like t-shirt designs but too restrictive to be useful for custom products.


Placeit have some free templates but you’ve to be a paid subscriber to enjoy all the benefits.

  • Individual mockup pricing is $7.99
  • $14.95/month for unlimited downloads.
  • $89.95/year for the yearly subscription.

BulkMockup Mockup Tool For Amazon

BulkMockup Mockup Tool For Amazon
BulkMockup Mockup Tool For Amazon

Bulkmockup is a versatile photoshop app that works with PSD smart objects. Bulkmockup can be used for amazon, ETSY or any of your POD business endeavors. 

In comparison with other web mockup generators, which are painfully slow when working with large number of products or designs, Bulkmockup is a godsend.

Specially if you’re a brand selling t-shirts through Amazon Merch, you likely have thousands of designs that needs tens of thousands of mockups to attract customers.

If you get started with Bulkmockup, it will amp your mockup making process by saving you hundreds of hours or thousands of dollars. You can’t really ask more from one software alone.

Pros of Bulkmockup

The pros of Bulkmockups are not entirely written by us. It’s taken from direct customer feedback.

  1. If you have large quantity of products, there is no other option than using a software like this unless you want to spend thousand of dollars on mockups.
  2. Super cheap.
  3. You can work on your own mockups or start from scratch.
  4. Easy to use interface.
  5. You can count on the customer service, anytime and for anything.

Cons of Bulk Mockup

There is no software or service which can make 100% of the audience happy. Bulkmockup is the same.

  • As it work on smart layers, it may be harder to use for some.
  • It has to be paired together with photoshop.
  • A bit technical to use.


For only $8/month, you can’t find a better deal for a software this useful.

Mediamodifier Mockup Tool For Amazon

Media Modifier - one of the best user friendly mockup generator
Media Modifier – one of the best user friendly mockup generator

Mediamodifier is another web based tool that let you create mockups for most products you can print. Whether you’re using it for graphic element or app screenshot of a web page, Media modifier got you covered.

They don’t have the library size of Placeit or speed of Bulkmockup but their easy to use interface, makes it easy for anyone to mix and match different elements with few click of buttons.

It also have some free mockups so you can test before you buy.

Pros of Media Modifier

Media Modifier can’t be used for all the products you can sell on amazon but their service for Amazon Merch is top notch.

  1. Easy to use.
  2. Some free online mockups.
  3. 5 star rating for customer service.
  4. Top notch service for Amazon Merch or Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

Cons of Media Modifier

Media modifier has some limitation that makes it unable to be used as standalone mockup generator for Amazon.

  • Media Modifier is versatile for sure, but not versatile enough if we’re using it for something other than POD services of Amazon.
  • Pricey subscription model.


  • They have a free mockup generator subscription with 100 free basic templates.
  • Monthly subscription Pro plan $19 and team plan $45 for unlimited downloads
  • Yearly Subscription Pro plan $189.96 and team plan $450 for unlimited downloads

Graphicriver Envato Market Design Templates

Graphicriver Envato Market Design Templates
Graphicriver Envato Market Design Templates

Graphicriver is popular brand for offering high quality mockups for products of any shape or form. It’s a useful tool in itself but what makes it truly legendary is, it can work together with Bulkmockup.

They are the parent company of Placeit, so you can imagine how good their quality is and how big of a mockup library they hold. The number improves so fast that you can spend days just exploring their gallery. 

If you pair it with Bulkmockup, you can create and share your mockups in seconds.

Pros of Graphicriver

  1. Biggest PSD mockup library in the world.
  2. Can be paired with Bulkmockup to supercharge the mockup creating process.
  3. Has the much needed versatility that’s useful for Amzon.

Cons of Graphicriver

  • The process of creating mockups is quite slow unless paired with Bulkmockup.


Graphicriver is part of Envato Market so an $16.50/month subscription can get get you a great deal.

Pickfu Amazon Mockup Generator

Pickfu Amazon Mockup Generator
Pickfu Amazon Mockup Generator

Fair warning, Pickfu is not a traditional mockup generator.  While other try to compete with each other with their mockup canvases, Pickfu rather tries to help amazon sellers by sniping the competitor.

Competitor analysis and A/B testing is their main bread and butter but they just couldn’t leave the mockup game.

This is the software to crush your competitors that we promised at the beginning of article.

Pros of Pickfu

  1. Having a pretty display is nice but competitive testing is the smartest thing to do if you want to sell on amazon.
  2. Their amazon mockup generator is free.

Cons of Pickfu

  • Not a traditional mockup generator tool, so you’ll need other mockup generators to pair it with.
  • Not very beginner friendly.
  • Quite technical to use.


The mockup generator is a free software by Pickfu company.


Depending on your needs, you can choose one or any pairing from the list. If you are just starting out and selling only on Amazon merch or Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), Placeit or Media Modifier can be enough.

If you have many designs or sell things other than the POD offerings, Graphicriver and Bulkmockup is a must.

If you’re serious about your Amazon business and want to get ahead of your competition, Pickfu can be paired with any of them to have the competitive advantage.

Shohidur Rahman
Hey, I’m Shohidur, the content guy behind Bulk Mockup. In the past, I ran a print on demand tshirt store, where I learned the nitty gritty of the industry. Being in the industry for 7 years I understand the challenges faced by print on demand entrepreneurs of now. My main goal is to help print on demand sellers through the content I produce for Bulk Mockup.

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