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Artboard Studio is the most advanced service provider in our Best and Most Popular Mockup Generator Series. Every mockup they provide can be animated and mad...

Shohidur Rahman
January 14, 2023

Artboard Studio is the most advanced service provider in our Best and Most Popular Mockup Generator Series.

Every mockup they provide can be animated and made into a video mockup template.

Let’s get more into details about the company, their alternatives and advanced features they are offering.

What is Artboard Studio?

Artboard Studio is a company that started as a mockup template tool but later expanded into many sectors of the graphics design process.

They try to become the most comprehensive design tool in the market, offering the best functionalities of Figma, After Effects motion design and many more.

And of Course all these services are cloud based.

Is Artboard Studio Free?

They have a free tier subscription with very limited credits and functionality but if you want to get the full power of Artboard Studio, you do need to pay.

They have three subscription plans with a custom subscription option for enterprise level users.

  1. Their Light plan costs $9/month or $84/year.
  2. Their Professional plan costs $15/month or $144/year.
  3. Their Ultimate plan costs $33/month or $348/year.

Who invested in Artboard Studio?

Artboard studio has two main investors-

  • Techstars
  • 212

How much funding has Artboard Studio raised to date?

$870k, till the date of writing this article. On June 8, 2021, Artboard Studio closed their final round of investment from a Seed round.

How Do You Animate in Artboard Studio?

Artboard Studio animation is not the easiest to use. As expected from a service this advanced. Like many other mockup template providers or video animation services, you can’t just jump in and start creating what you need.

Artboard studio has a bit of a learning curve.

Subscribing to Artboard Studios Youtube channel can be a good start. You can start your learning from the video below.

How Do I Add Assets to Artboard Studio?

Just drag and drop. Adding assets in Artboard Studio is really simple. Just upload your files like any other service and then drag and drop them inside the interface.

How Do You Use Artboard Studio mockup?

Using Artboard Studio mockups is really simple. Simply follow the steps below to get started.

  • Create a new project or document by opening Artboard Studio.
  • Create your mockup using Artboard Studio’s tools and features. This can entail utilizing layers to arrange your items, adding text and photos, and making shapes.
  • Utilize Artboard Studio’s “Preview” option to see a preview of your mockup. You will be able to check how your mockup will appear on various devices and in various angles thanks to this.
  • By exporting your mockup as a picture or PDF or by giving a link to your project, you may share it with others.
  • Iterate on your mockup by adjusting and improving it in response to comments and testing.

You can watch the video below to know the basics.

Artboard Studio Figma Plugin

As many designers like to work with Figma and Artboard Studio is trying to provide everything under one roof, they developed a Figma plugin.

This eight minute video will provide you with all the details you may want to know about this awesome plugin.

What are the Artboard Studio Alternatives?

As Artboard Studio is trying to offer many different kinds of design services, their main alternatives are the services they are trying to copy.

  1. If you are a POD or Dropshipping business owner with a huge product catalog and need many mockups fast, Artboard Studio is good. 

But they don’t come close to the original software they are trying to copy, Bulk Mockup v3. While Artboard Studio is much faster than many other online mockup generators, Bulk Mockup v3 completely outclasses it on the matter of speed.

Bulk Mockup v3 can produce 400+ mockup templates in less than two minutes.

  1. If you want motion graphics, the OG After Effects knocks Artboard Studio out of the park.
  2. If you need premade mockup templates, something like Envato Elements or Placeit can be a good alternative depending on how you want to work with your Mockups.

Overall Artboard Studio Review

As a complete design solution package, Artboard studio is quite good. 

From being just a mockup tool for the first four years of their company, they have come a long way.

Although not 100% ready to fight off all of its competitors, they are on the right path and constantly pushing updates for new features that are useful for their customers.

Shohidur Rahman
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