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Shohidur Rahman
May 29, 2024

We have been covering mockup generator – an integral part of Print on Demand business. So, far we have covered Mockupmarkup, Placetit, Vexels, Smartmockups.

We now turn our attention to Printful.

As for any business, Print on Demand business too survives and thrives because of the customers. Attracting customer attention is vital part of the business. One of the surest way to get customer attention is by having attractive product mockups.

Mockup designs understandably is at core of any marketing strategy for Print on Demand Business. Mockup Generators fulfils the need to create mockup designs. Mockup Generators fires up the creativity which could be time consuming and challenging for us who are short on designing skills. A Mockup Generator enables a layman-skilled-designer to churn out attractive mockup design with ease.

Mockup Generators provide a convenient outlet to creativity without much hassle. With just a few clicks create stand out mockup designs. In short time. With a mockup generator at your disposal spend your valuable time wisely on other aspects of your print on demand business.

Get to know best paid and free mockup generator provider for a print on demand business.

Today, I am going to cover one of the best, popular and easy to use mockup generators available in the print on demand business niche, worldwide.

Printful - logo


Printful is big name in Print on Demand business niche. It offers a wide range of services for Print on Demand business. Printful essentially covers product customizing through its mock-up generator, drop shipping service and fulfilment services through its large number of centers located all over the world. Printful understand the print on demand businesses that it covers all aspects of it, so it arranges integration with majority of established online marketplaces such as Etsy, Amazon, EBay and others.

Coming back to Mockup Generator, which is the aspect of Print on Demand that this blog post covers. So, we are going to shine light on the mockup generator of available with Printful. Below are the highlights of the mockup generator of Printful, which they brand it as Design Maker.

Design Maker: Printful - Mockup Generator -

Design Mockups or Design Templates

Printful offers a wide variety of mockup templates. The reason for it is the vast array of product available with Printful. The product range available with Printful is apparels for men women and kids. Accessories, Home and Living products. Besides this, there are many brands associated with Printful. So, adding variety and quality is possible. With Printful mockup generator you can design mockups for all these products.

Mockup Design with Printful


The kind of customization capabilities of Printful Mockup Generator is unparalleled. I love it because you get access to a large library of fonts, graphic elements, pre-designed motifs, patterns, clip arts, shapes and symbols and many other elements you need to customize a product mockup to increase your sale.

Printful has a strategic tie up with Getty Images the well-renowned stock-image provider. Due to this tie up you get to access 80 million photos and illustrations. You can access it all through Getty Images API that integrate the Printful Mockup Generator seamlessly with Getty Images stock of photographs and illustrations.

What’s more, the Printful mockup generator has a built-in image upscaling feature. Use it freely to enhance the image quality on the product mockup. With it, you can play up the image. Brighten the image if you are stuck with a low-quality image. Jazz it up. The upscaling feature can prove to be a lifesaver when you cannot do without an image needing a lot of make-up, just like my best friend’s wife. I am just joking.

Printful Design Maker Login Screen

Mockup Designing with Printful

T-shirst Mockup Design with Printful

Customizing Raglan T-shirt Mockup

T-shirt Mockup with Printful Mockup Generator

Mockup Customizing with Printful

Printful T-shirt mockup

Design element variety in Printful Mockup Generator

Signup Printful

All Over Print

Another type of product that you come across for Print on Demand is All over Print. It is much liked by many and if the product mockup is good, they are good items to sell.

Printful Mockup Generator lets you create fantastic mockups.

Explore the all-over print. Create interesting product mockups with Printful mockup generator. Surprise yourself, what you can do with it. Create interesting mockups for Leggings, Polos, Tank tops, ¾ sleeves, long sleeve shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, sweatpants, joggers, underwear, shorts. Cater to customer who love themes by creating interesting themes.

All Over Print Design Mockup

All Over Print Pattern Designing

Embroidery in Mockups

In addition to the above, Printful Mockup Generator also offers including Embroidery Designs into mockups. Embroidery is a feature that adds value to product mockup and could be a product differentiator for your products. Plug in to Printful mockup generator in creating attractive product mockups with embroidered elements. Customize a T-shirt, Apron, Baseball Cap, Hat, wall art and much more.

Embroidery Design with Printful

Video Mockups

Printful as the name suggest focusses on products on which design can be printed. Video mockups facility is not available. However, Printful do offer video making services for marketing.

Logo Mockups

Printful focusses on product mockups. Even though Printful offers a lot of other services covering different aspects of Print on Demand business, Logo mockup feature is not included. But a creative individual will take great solace from access to predesigned graphics elements, fonts, patterns. Use these elements innovatively to create logos if you so prefer. Motifs, logos are increasingly used on t-shirts and hats. What’s more, create embroidered mockups with Printful mockup generator. Yes, you read that right. Print offers embroidery as a feature to create product mockups.

Quite like the Video making Services, Printful offer Graphic Design Services under creative services.


Connect with Getty Image Library for best quality images

Interestingly, Printful is integrated with one of the well-known, and the largest stock photography library of the world – Getty Images. With Getty Images choose from over 80 million high resolution images taken by professional photographers.  Include these ready-to-use professionally shot images carefully catalogued under different categories. Use them through Printful Mockup Generator to jazz up your product mockup. Superior quality of images from Getty Image are perfect for all-over print products.

A Printful account gives you free and direct access to Getty Images library. There are no charges for accessing Getty Images stock of images. However, whenever you make a sale using a product having an image from Getty Image, you need to pay only $1 for it.

Printful is integrated with many related service providers in the Print on Demand business. Check-out the integrations. I am sure you will be thrilled to discover.

Integration with Printful

Mobile Devise Suitability

The conclusive information on the Printful mockup generator being optimized to work on mobile phones, smartphones, mobile devices are not available. This leads me to believe that the mockup generator works best is web-based and works best on laptops and desktops.

Products Mockups

Mockup generator by Printful is designed for any specific product niche. So, whatever be your niche, you can subscribe to it and go about creating mockup for almost all types of products that print on demand business caters. You can design mockup for apparels for men, women and kids, home décor items, phone cases, laptop skins, Facemasks, socks, caps and hats, all kinds of bags. Jewelry and flip flops are two interesting items that feature in their product list. As per Printful’s website, you get access to 272 different kinds of products.

Learn more about high profit margin products for a print on demand business.


Access to Mockup Generator is free. There are no charges for using Printful Mockup Generator. You can use it for no cost at all. Enjoy using Printful Mockup Generator and create a successful story for yourself.

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