Review Mockup Generator Vexel

Seeing is believing. Attracting customer with cool and unique looking mockup designs is at core of any marketing strategy for Print on Demand Business. That is where Mockup Generators come in. Creativity is time consuming, but you can fast track it with a Mockup Generator.

Mockup Generators essentially provides a shortcut to creativity. Spend your valuable time creatively. With just a few creative touches, create unique yet attractive mockup designs quickly. And worry not, if you do not have much knowledge of graphics designing software. The intuitive design of mockup generator brings out the artist in you.

In short, a mockup generator lets you be creative without much effort.

So, let us understand quickly and briefly; what is a mockup generator?

A mockup generator is a useful tool to help you create unique, creative, and high-resolution images of real products. It is the quicker way to produce professionally looking visual content for your products to sell on print on demand business online store.

Today, I am going to cover one of the most popular mockup generators used by the print on demand business owners, worldwide, to create product mockup designs for their online stores.

The next in our series of Mockup Generators is VEXELS

Vexels - Mockup Generator

Vexels is a popular mockup generator is ideal for freelancers, small print on demand business owners and merch sellers.

Vexels is an interesting source for creating creative and professional looking t-shirt mockups. Vexels lets you, access and download product mockups with a variety of options to work your way around them in creating product mockups of your kind.

Without using any graphic design software like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator you can upload your product mockup designs on your online store.


Vexels offer T-shirt and Book Cover Templates. In addition, it also offers Vector and PSD, PNG/SVG, graphics for T-shirts and Book Covers for template designs. There are 160000+ vector designs and equally large inventory of 43000+ template designs of graphics, logos, icons, and editables. 

Keep in mind that this only applies to graphics designed by LogoOpenStock, VectorOpenStock and Vexels. For designs made by third parties you can contact them directly.


Vexel Mockup generator is embedded with intuitive features that lets you create smart, professional looking product mockup designs. If T-shirt is the niche of your Print on Demand business, Vexel Mockup Generator is ideal for you as it lets you use lot of icons, graphics, logos, your own images to create product mockups.

Vexels Mockup Generator
Vexels Mockup Generator – Home screen
Mockup Generator for Vexels
Vexels Mockup Generator – Design Customization dashboard
Design T-shirt with Vexels Mockup Generator
Vexels Mockup Generator – Product Mockup Background Customization
Customization options with Vexels Mockup Generator
Vexels Mockup Generator – Background options for product mockups
T-shirt Design Back of a T-shirt with Vexels Mockup Generator
Vexels Mockup Generator – Option to customize back of the T-shirt
Coloring T-shirts as a whole with Vexels Mockup Generator
Vexels Mockup Generator – Choose your own color for the T-shirt Mockup
Color Product Mockp T-shirt with Model wearing the Product with Vexels Mockup Generator
Vexels Mockup Generator – Change T-shirt color even with a model wearing it
Product Mockup Customization options with Vexels Mockup Generator
Vexels Mockup Generator – Add filters to mockup designs to enhance the look

With the Valentine season around, I created a T-shirt choosing a design, the color and selecting a fitting background. Do take a look at the below design, I created as an example of what all you can achieve with Vexels Mockup Generator.

Valentine t-Shirt design with Vexels Mockup Generator
Vexels Mockup Generator – Design a T-shirt whichever way you like!


Vexels mockup generator is not integrated with online stores. However, with both Merch and Business Subscription you do get POD licenses for Redbubble, Printful, Merch and Zazzle by Amazon.  For information on Subscritions models, read the pricing paragraph, down below.

Products Mockups

Vexels mockup generator lets you create mockup for T-shirts and, Books cases. Vexels is an easy-to-use Graphic Design platform has over 150,000 royalty-free images and graphics.


You upload your designs and end up with a high-quality mockup which you can download in the size and format of your choice.

Mobile Friendly

Concrete information on whether Vexels Mockup Generator can be operated from a device is not available. However, since the Mockup Generator is operable with with PSD images, I doubt of it could be operable on a mobile device, since the application needed to process PSD files require high processing power. Even if it is mobile friendly, the ease of operation will depend on your mobile device and the nature of Internet connection.


Pro Subscription – $7.50 per month

Merc Subscription $22 per month

Business Subscription – $68 per month

You are billed yearly.

As a subscriber, you get you access to the following:

Subscription plans for Vexels Mockup Generator at
Vexels Mockup Generator – Subscription plans

You can sign up for here


If you are not satisfied within the first 15 days of the subscription, plus you have downloaded less than 30 graphics, Vexels issues a refund.

What is meant by Design Requests for Vexels?

If you do not find what you are looking for in our stock, you can make a design request which Vexels may comply to design, considering the following: 1) it fits Vexels’ internal, non-disclosed criteria for design, 2) you agree that the design is not exclusively for you, and 3) it will be added later to the Vexels stock.

If you need an extensive library of stock images that download in PSD files ready for Photoshop, then Vexels is an excellent match for you.