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9 Best Hoodie Mockup Generator for Print on Demand Sellers

Hoodies are one of the best items to sell in a Print On Demand business and to get buyers’ attention, you need the best mockup templates. As it’s als...

Shohidur Rahman
May 10, 2024

Hoodies are one of the best items to sell in a Print On Demand business and to get buyers’ attention, you need the best mockup templates.

As it’s also one of the most popular and common items, without eye-catching and gorgeous mockup templates, there’s just no way to distinguish your brand from thousands of others.

Our BulkMockup team is at your service again with a list of the best hoodie mockup generators that will get you far ahead of your competition.

Our Pick For The Best Hoodie Mockup Generator

Placeit Hoodie Mockup Generator

Placeit Hoodie Mockup Generator
Placeit Hoodie Mockup Generator

With more than 2,000 hoodie mockup templates, Placeit reigns supreme in yet another category of mockup generators.

Placeit has something for everybody, from zip-ups to crop tops to simple pullovers, as well as any type of hoodie available in POD or any apparel business model.

Just like t-shirt video mockups, they are also unmatched and unchallenged in hoodie video mockups, with almost 100 super high quality hoodie video mockups.

For small POD business owners, Placeit is the best solution if they need high quality hoodie mockup templates with a huge variety for their marketing needs.


  • There are various free templates available. However, not the finest, free is a fantastic price.
  •  Individual mockups go for $7.95
  • Costs for the monthly subscriptions decreased once Envato bought them. Currently, they are $14.95.
  • A yearly subscription is now $89.95.


  • All types of Hoodie mockup templates are available.
  • The best and biggest hoodie mockup template library.
  • Multiple models in one single mockup template option.
  • Unique hoodie video mockup template service.
  • Eye catchy lifestyle hoodie mockup templates.


  • Quality may be best but their approach to making mockup design is not suitable for businesses with big product catalog.
  • Their mockup generator platform is quite slow and buggy.
  • Hard to customize from what they give you.

Mockup We Made With Placeit For Our Research:

Sample Hoodie Mockup Template we made with Placeit

BulkMockup Hoodie Mockup Generator

Placeit is without a doubt the best option for any small business when it comes to versatile pre-made templates. 

But when a business manages a moderate to huge inventory, this type of online mockup generator’s usefulness goes out the window, and that’s when a service like BulkMockup comes into play.

Here’s a small demonstration of how our plugin produces 100 mockups from a combination of 10 mockup templates and 10 design files in 38 SECONDS!!!

100 mockups from a combination of 10 mockups and 10 designs under 38 seconds

As you can clearly see, when it comes to speed and efficiency, we are the heavyweight champion.

You just get your designs and PSD mockup templates ready, and BulkMockup will do the rest of the heavy lifting.


  • $47 lifetime deal. No monthly or yearly hassle, LTD product. Pay once, it’s yours for life. 


  • Easy enough to be used by anyone and if it’s not –
  • Excellent, easy to follow documentation on how to utilize this mockup generator.
  • Excellent after-sale assistance.
  • Such a service is impossible to have for ten times the cost.
  • Saves time and effort that you can be put on the business side of things.


  • Need PhotoShop.
  • Only 20 ready-made templates are available.

Another Power Use Demonstration Of BulkMockups 

BulkMockup in action generating 200 mockups in 2 minutes

Vexels Hoodie Mockup Generator

Vexels Hoodie Mockup Generator
Vexels Hoodie Mockup Generator

Vexels is one of the most useful tools listed here. They are a library of digital design assets with a free mockup generator, and users have the option to download the mockup templates as PSD.

Their library of pre-made hoodie mockup templates is much smaller than Placeit’s. There are only 387 of them, but they are all one of the best quality templates on the market. Plus, the ability to download the hoodie mockup templates as PSD gives them the unique advantage of being used alongside BulkMockup.

This just takes their service to another level.

Many other useful features are included with their subscription. You can make the design in their powerful builder, and they also take some design requests.


They have three subscription plans with various limitations.

  • Merch plan – $29/month or $261/ year
  • Merch Plus plan – $49/month, $441/year
  • Merch Ultimate plan – $99/month,$891/year


  • Very versatile tool for POD business owners.
  • Everything they offer is of great quality.
  • Easy to use.


  • Quite expensive.
  • Not an intuitive interface.

Mockup We Made With Vexels For Our Research:

Sample Hoodie Mockup Template we made with Vexels

Smart Mockups Hoodie Mockup Generator 

Smart Mockup Hoodie Mockup Generator
Smart Mockup Hoodie Mockup Generator

SmartMockup is another stand-alone mockup generator with many bells and whistles for creating a stunning hoodie mockup template.

They have hundreds of pre-made hoodie mockups with many options to customize. Adding elements, changing the color of the elements—all are possible, and integration with Dropbox and Canva is a huge time saver.

Still, it has many of the same shortcomings that all typical online mockup generators like Placeit have. Even with the integrations specifically made for speed, it still has a quite slow and buggy interface, and the mockup generation process in general is slow.


  • They have a free plan with 200 mockups and some basic features but no hoodie mockup templates are included.
  • They have a $9 premium subscription plan for an individual user with some limitations on features.
  • Their pro plan offers all features for an individual user at $19 per month.
  • Smart Mockup has a plan for 5-man teams as well. Although quite expensive, standing at $69 per month, they added more features to try to make it worth it.


  • Ability to create unique mockups on your own.
  • Collection for the hoodie mockups has a good number of templates and all are top-notch quality.
  • Periodic updates.


  • No free hoodie mockup templates.
  • Expensive.

Mockup We Made With Smart Mockup For Our Research:

Sample Hoodie Mockup Template we made with Smart Mockups

Renderforest Hoodie Mockup Generator

Render Forest Hoodie Mockup Generator
RenderForest Hoodie Mockup Generator

Renderforests’ collection of pre-made hoodie mockups is quite small, but they do maintain their Instagram-worthy quality.

The quality is so good, you can just put your design on the generator, make the mockup, and post it directly on Instagram. 

They are also an all-in-one solution for POD business owners like Vexels, with even more bells and whistles, but we can see a clear lack of effort for hoodie mockups.


  • Mockups cost $5.99 each.
  • Cost of a Monthly Subscription is $19.99.


  • Photorealistic and Instagram worthy mockup templates.
  • Many useful features indirectly connected with mockups.


  • Hoodie mockup template library is quite low.

Mockup We Made With Render Forests For Our Research:

Sample Hoodie Mockup Template we made with RenderForest

Artboard Studio Hoodie Mockups Generator

Artboard Studio Hoodie Mockup Generator
Artboard Studio Hoodie Mockup Generator

Artboard Studio is the most complicated hoodie mockup generator with the highest level of control over the templates.

They have functions such as layers in PhotoShop and animation control options like any other high level animation software.

They provide only 15 pre-made hoodie mockup templates, but their quality is really good. Plus, they give you the ability to make your own with pretty much all the functions of PhotoShop.


  • They do have a free subscription plan but it has too many handicaps.
  • Monthly subscription at $15 and yearly subscription at $144


  • High quality hoodie video mockups can be made.
  • All the customization options of high end software are available in the Artboard Studio mockup generator.


  • The learning curve is pretty huge.
  • The whole process is slow.
  • Not usable for mass production.

Mockup Mark Hoodie Mockup Generator

Mockup Mark Hoodie Mockup Generator
Mockup Mark Hoodie Mockup Generator

Mockup Mark specializes in apparel mockups, so you can expect a lot of variation from them. Even if you need a mockup of a certain brand of hoodie, Mockup Mark is likely to be able to help you.

Their library size is pretty small, as they are a new company, but anyone can clearly see they focused mainly on quality and variations rather than numbers.

Still, having a large number of mockup templates is an important factor for POD businesses. As this new company keeps adding new mockup templates for their customers, with the quality Mockup Mark provides, they can easily be a top choice of mockup generator for many POD business owners.


  • Monthly membership for $14.99 with all benefits.
  • Lifetime offer for $299.


  • Easy to use user friendly interface.
  • UI is not buggy and slow like Placeit and Smart Mockups.
  • Have a lifetime offer.
  • Eye catching quality of premade templates.


  • Number of pre-made templates is quite low.
  • Quite expensive compared to what they are offering right now.

Mockup We Made With Mockup Mark For Our Research:

MockitUp Hoodie Mockup Generator

MockitUp Hoodie Mockup Generator
MockitUp Hoodie Mockup Generator

This mobile app surprisingly continues to earn its place in most categories of mockup generators. The same is true in the hoodie mockup category.

Their way of making mockups while on the go is already very helpful for any POD business owner.

While not having the best quality, their variations, free templates, and number of premium templates are quite good.


  • Yearly membership is $18.99.
  • $6.99 for a monthly subscription
  • $29.99 for a lifetime VIP membership


  • Ability to make hoodie video mockup templates.
  • Easy to use mobile app.
  • They have some free mockup templates to use.
  • Have a lifetime VIP membership option.


  • Monthly membership cost is quite high if compared with other mockup generators.
  • Not the best of quality in the market.

Mockit Hoodie Mockup Generator

Mockit Hoodie Mockup Generator
Mockit Hoodie Mockup Generator

Mockit specializes in apparel mockups, and all of their mockup templates are flat lays. Their true strength is their categorized mockup templates based on brand and fabric. Their category options are like Mockup Mark but on steroids.

The quality of the mockups is really good, and you can find almost any brand or fabric for the hoodies. Even if they don’t have your specific brand or fabric, if you contact support, they will add the variance pretty fast.


  • Monthly subscription at $9/month
  • Yearly subscription at $79/month


  • They take requests for any missing brand or fabric type.
  • High quality and photo realistic flat lay mockups.


  • Only provide flat lay hoodie mockup templates.

FAQS About Hoodie Mockup Generators

Here we list and update all the frequently asked questions about hoodie mockups, that business owners have.

What is a Hoodie Mockup?

Hoodie mockups are custom made scenes or graphical assets that can make your POD hoodies look more appealing and eye-catching.

This helps you market your product and establish your brand.

Where can I make My Own Mockup Hoodies?

Many POD business owners don’t like to use the ready-made templates available in the marketplaces and would like something custom.

For them, we have a limited time offer they can take advantage of.

Are there any Free Mockup Generators?

Most hoodie mockup generators listed here have some free samples that you can try out. If you need something completely free, please read our best mockup generators articles and you will find exactly what you need.

Are Placeit Mockups Free?

Nope. But their mockup editor is free to use for trying things out. You can check before you buy.

How Much Support Do I Get After Buying Bulk Mockups?

We have a Bulk Mockup Youtube channel and offer free consultations for our clients.

If you check our YouTube channel, you’ll see we are helping individual clients get the most out of our software. 

Shohidur Rahman
Hey, I’m Shohidur, the content guy behind Bulk Mockup. In the past, I ran a print on demand tshirt store, where I learned the nitty gritty of the industry. Being in the industry for 7 years I understand the challenges faced by print on demand entrepreneurs of now. My main goal is to help print on demand sellers through the content I produce for Bulk Mockup.

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