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Best Book Mockup Generators And Services In The Market & 3D Book Cover Creators

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” –  a great rule to live by. UNLESS you’re trying to sell that book. If you’re a writer looking for peo...

Shohidur Rahman
September 7, 2023

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” –  a great rule to live by. UNLESS you’re trying to sell that book. If you’re a writer looking for people interested in your material, you absolutely need to judge your marketing strategy by its looks.

There’s little chance of your book ever ending up in the Cart If you’re trying to promote your book without a great cover and mockup.

We know how much of a hassle it is for writers, who are usually not that design savvy to find the perfect book cover generator where they can get high quality cover templates and customize them. After months of complaints from our subscribers about not having a book cover mockup generator, our Bulk Mockup team finally caved in and added some great features to produce book cover mockups in bulk.

We didn’t just stop there, we put our whole team to work researching all the best book cover mockup generators in the market and made this comprehensive guide to help writers reach their goal of making a perfect book mockup for their epic book.

Options You Have For Book Mockup Generator

  1. Web Based Mockup Generators
  2. Photoshop Template Based Book Mockup Generator
  3. Book Mockup Generator Service
  4. Photoshop Action & Plugin

Web Based Mockup Generator to Create a Book

  • Diybookcovers
  • Placeit
  • Smart Mockups
  • Vexels
  • Canva

Diybookcovers Book Cover Mockup Generator

Easiest 3D book cover mockup generator Diybookcovers
Easiest 3D book cover mockup generator

As per our team’s research, it doesn’t get easier than this for online book cover mockups and hardcover. DIY Book Covers is a 3D book mockup tool  where it’s so easy to make and so intuitive to use that anyone can operate them. It’s a free book mockup generator that creates a book mockup that can sell.


  1. 3D mockup option are best showcase your book.
  2. This book mockup generator is designed to be easy to use for the success of your book.
  3. Free mockup generator for book marketing.


  1. Great output as free but not top notch.
  2. Not too many design options.


  1. It’s a free book cover mockup generator

Book cover mockup we made with Diybookcover:

Book cover mockup we made with Diybookcover:
bulk mockup book cover

Placeit Book Cover Mockup Generator:

haloween them book mockup templates from
Largest library for book cover mockup

When it comes to mockups, whether it’s t-shirts or book design, Placeit is certainly the top pick for beginners and intermediate users. They have 3D book cover mockups, mockups with models or a really pretty setting for the books that will surely attract book lovers. Their book cover mockup library is not the biggest as they have for t-shirts but still, their variation is astounding. Quality is one of the highest and their scenes are really eye catchy. Their site is a bit slow but their quality makes the service worthwhile.


  1. The quality of the output is great.
  2. Variation and uniqueness of their mockup is something else. This online book mockup generator has book cover templates for eBook cover, paperback book, hardback book etc.


  1. Expensive service to make a book mockup.
  2. It’s quite slow so people with a large product quantity have to suffer a lot to create book covers.


  1. They have some free templates. Not the best, but as free, quite good.
  2. Individual Mockup pricing is the highest in the market. A whooping $7.95
  3. Monthly subscription costs got lower after Envato acquired them. They are now at $14.95
  4. Yearly subscription also got lower at $89.95

Book cover mockup we made with Placeit:

Book cover mockup we made with Placeit:

Smart Mockup Book Cover Mockup Generator

Book cover mockup generator with unique designs smartmockup
Book cover mockup generator with unique designs

Like we said before in our best mockup generator article, if you see a best mockup generator list and Smart Mockup doesn’t immediately follow Placeit, then that’s a biased review. They have square shaped book mockups, which are quite unique and not everyone is offering them. Direct integration of Canva and Dropbox makes the mockup generating process much easier. They have all the same features like 3D mockups, with models and pretty setups but still they are quite behind Placeit when it comes to variations and some further improvement is desired.


  1. Canva and Dropbox integration right in the mockup generator.
  2. Quality is top notch and can create realistic book covers.
  3. Great customization options, just upload you cover design and get realistic book mockups.


  1. Slow like Placeit.
  2. Not many unique variations in design, library of book mockups is quite small.


  1. They have some good quality book cover mockups for free.
  2. They have a $9 premium subscription plan for an individual user with some limits on features.
  3. Their pro plan offers all features for an individual user at $19 per month.
  4. Smart Mockup has a plan for 5 man teams as well. Although quite expensive, standing at $69 per month, they added more features trying to make it worth it.

Book cover mockup we made with Smart Mockup:

Book cover mockup we made with Smart Mockup:

Vexels Book Cover Mockup Generator

Book cover mockups in vexels.
Book cover mockup generator service specialised in KDP

Vexels only have 88 book cover mockup designs but each one of them can give their competitors a good run for their money. They don’t focus on 3D or mockups with human models. Their main focus is on book mockup designs on pretty setups and they have quite a few varieties in this area. Even with this small library, they can be the go-to tool for most KDP sellers for their focused service.


  1. Focused design software made them specialists in one area.
  2. PSD downloads made them usable with Bulk Mockups so Vexels can be good for book cover designers as an add-on service.


  1. Not an all-around service.
  2. Not even one single free to use book covers.
  3. The library of book mockup templates size is quite low.

Book cover mockup we made with Vexels:

Book cover mockup we made with Vexels:

Canva Book Cover Mockup Generator

Best book cover mockup generator for designers in canva
Best book cover mockup generator for designers

If you’ve design skills then there’s nothing better than Canva. They don’t have many premade book cover mockups but if you know what you’re doing in Canva, they have so many premade design elements that possibilities become endless with it. If you want to make a 3D design, a mockup where a model is holding your book or make a pretty setting to showcase your awesome book, Canva is the way to go.

We are adding a tutorial to show you how easy it is to make a book cover mockup with Canva. It might not be as straightforward as other services listed here but once you get the hang of it, it can be one of the best assets for KDP business owners and writers.

It has all the nooks and crannies for rendering of a book that can make your book stand out. You can create mockups from scratch for your book promo.


  1. Endless possibilities to make realistic book mockups unique and eye catchy.
  2. Every book cover mockup generator has unique designs but Canva can produce mockups that are custom made just for you.
  3. Can directly integrate with Vexels.


  1. No pre-made mockups.
  2. Not for non designers unless they put in the extra effort.


  1. There is a free subscription that can be used to build almost any mockup if in the hands of an expert designer.
  2. Monthly subscription for one person at $6.49 and $8.49 for a five people team.
  3. Yearly subscription for one person at $54.99 and $84.90 for a five people team.

Book mockup we made with Canva:

Mockup Template Based Book Cover Mockup Generators for Epic Book Promo

Web based mockup generators are cool and all but when it comes to serious business with a large product base and need for truly unique mockups for your truly unique and stunning books, template based book cover mockup generators are the way to go.

The process might not be as straightforward as web based mockup generators but if you read along this article, this is the only guide you’ll need to become proficient in this.

There are only two steps to template based book cover mockup generators.

  1. Make or buy a PSD template that you like with all the options like book spine to create your own book mockup.
  2. Edit away in Photoshop or Photopea for free. Just upload your cover image and create book mockups for your book promotion.

Buy a PSD mockup template from the following resources:

Preview image book mockups and pick a template for your incredible book.

  • Creativemarket design templates
  • Envato elements
  • Freepik book cover design templates
  • Any other service where you find the templates you like

Edit the template on Photoshop or Photopea(free):

In this tutorial, you can see how easy it is to edit a book cover mockup generator in Photoshop. If you don’t have Photoshop, Photopea is a free resource just like Photoshop, which you can use to make a unique and eye-catching book cover mockup.

Book Mockup Generation Services

Now this is the easiest and most expensive way to go for your book cover mockup creation. If you don’t have enough time, taking service from an independent book mockup maker is the most straightforward process for your upcoming book.

Freelancing sites for book cover mockup generator service

  • Upwork
  • Fiver
  • People per hour
  • Behance
  • Many more 

Word of caution if you use one of these freelancing sites. You’ll get what you pay for. So don’t get confused with extravagant promises from people who charge peanuts. There’s a good chance you’ll get peanuts if you pay for peanuts, not lifelike books.

Steps to follow if you’re using a freelancing site:

  • Make a buyer account in any one of these.
  • Search for your required services, in this case, “Book Cover Mockups” in the search option.
  • Look for Top rated freelancers or freelancers with enough good reviews for the service you require.
  • Check/Ask for previous similar work of their high-quality book mockups.
  • If you like sample work of new freelancers, you can give them a chance for sure but there is a good chance of time being wasted. So if you can risk some wasted time and money to find a new good freelancer for cheap, more power to you.


  1. Can be the cheapest option if you’re lucky.
  2. Can find a new freelancer to work for you for a long time if you’ve many more books lined up.
  3. Not a premium service but can be if you pay a bit high price.


  1. Can be time-consuming.
  2. Can be scammed if you’re unlucky and don’t understand the basics of the service you need.
  3. Money might get wasted if you don’t understand or you’re completely new and not sure what exactly you want.


  1. You can get the world’s best book cover mockup generator for $5 or you might spend $1000 and not get a single good template that comes close to common web based mockup generators.
  2. It really depends on your knowledge about the subject matter, your eyes for finding good people or design and a bit of luck to get what you actually need and want.

You can take book cover mockup generator service from agencies

Agencies can be found on freelancer sites too but if you truly want a premium service, design agencies are the way to go for your mockups and designs.

Just remember, it’s not going to be cheap, there will be a lot of upsells and you might not be on the front line to take their services. So If you don’t have a book that you’re not sure will be profitable enough to offset the cost, this premium service can become a major thorn in your backside.


  1. If you are a big enough client for the agency, you might get the treatment of a Pharao from the agency.
  2. Theirs some other design services that you need to have for a great marketing strategy that can be really successful.
  3. Lowest effort from your side.


  1. If you’re not a big enough client, that Pharao treatment can last as long as you didn’t sign the contract papers.
  2. They can upsell a lot of unnecessary or overpriced services.
  3. Highest expense from your side.


  1. Established Agencies in the USA can charge up to $10000 for a single but truly unique and great book cover mockup.
  2. There are agencies overseas where pricing starts from $500 per mockup.

The Most Hassle free and Generously Priced Mockup Generating Service

Although it’s not our main business model, after hearing hundreds of complaints about people getting scammed out of their money by freelancers and agencies, we decided to offer our services for a limited time.

Click on the link above and you’ll be directed to our new service page. If you’re not sure what service to take, we also offer free consultations provided by our professional team to help you.

PS: We’re offering this service for a very limited time so you can be up and running with your business. Free consultation and the pricing we offer for our service are not viable in long run. Take the offer while it lasts.

How to generate book mockups in bulk or batches ?

If you need book cover mockups in bulk then Bulk Mockup is the best option in the market to create mockups in seconds. We will guide you step by step on how you can use this awesome Photoshop plugin for your business need.

  1. First, you need to get some good looking book cover mockups in PSD file format to use with our Bulk Mockup Photoshop plugin. You can buy mockups from Creative Market, Envato, Freepick or any other site you like.
  2. Get your book cover design files ready to start the process.
  3. Now, just run the Bulk Mockup plugin in Photoshop to get your desired results. Please check the demo video below to see how this works.
  1. You can see from the demo video how simple and easy the process is. Still, if you need additional help, our limited time service can help you get up and running.

Photoshop Plugins and Actions

There are many good Photoshop plugins and actions available for book cover mockups. They are often cheaply priced or even free. Their quality is top notch, even the free ones are professionally made just not that eye catchy.


As the name suggests, PSDcovers is a mockup PSD file service. But we are going to talk about their Photoshop mockup generator plugin. This is a free plugin with 200 free product templates. All of them are not for book cover mockups so the variation is understandably lower. If the free templates are not enough for you, you can get PSDcovers’ generously priced membership for full access to their design catalog.


Another Photoshop plugin to make your life easier. With the full membership, you get 1200+ professionally made mockups among which 137 are only for books.

Convert Action Pro 3.0

Convert action Pro 3.0 is a free Photoshop plugin with close to 500 readymade book cover mockups available to use.

How To Create 3D Book Cover for Book Marketing ?

Sometimes you’ll need book cover mockups in 3D and all the services we listed but Vexels have this option. For new users, we are using Diybookcover for this short tutorial.

Step 1 of 3d book cover mockup generation
Step 1 of 3d book cover mockup generation

Go to this link and you’ll see the interface is the same as the picture above. Select the mockup you like, single or composite and hit the Next button (red marked area).

Step 2 of 3d book cover mockup generation
Step 2 of 3d book cover mockup generation

You will be directed to this next page like the picture above. 

  1. First, click the Browse button, and choose your book cover design from your computer.
  2. Hit the Upload button next.
  3. After uploading is done 100%, click on the Next button.
Step 3 of 3d book cover mockup generation
Step 3 of 3d book cover mockup generation

After you hit the next button, you’ll come to the next page. Scroll a bit and you will find two buttons PNG and JPG like in the picture above. Click on any of these and the 3D mockups will be directly downloaded to your computer for free of use.

Book Publishing Providers

We’re listing 10 of the best book publishing providers. KDP and CreateSpace both are owned by amazon and the rest are good too.

  1. Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)
  2. CreateSpace
  3. iBooks
  4. Barnes & Noble Press
  5. Kobo
  6. IngramSpark
  7. Smash Words
  8. Drafts to Digital
  9. Lulu
  10. BookBay

KDP for beginners

Amazon holds an 80% market share of the ebook market so even without marketing, you’ll have a steady supply of willing buyer eyes on your books. For total beginners, we suggest sticking with KDP till you get the hang of the book publishing business. You can shift your focus totally toward the quality of your book and KDP will do the rest.

How to publish your book on KDP ?

Publishing your book on KDP is really straightforward. Just make your account with all the information they ask for. Wait a few days for the account approval and you’re set. Here’s a video to show you how simple it is to self-publish on this platform.

Where To Get Your Book Printed By A Publisher ?

If you want your books in all the major bookstores, you’ll need a book publishing company. The quality of your manuscript needs to be higher and you’ll need a literary agent but the marketing of your book will be taken care of by the publishing company.

There are many book publishing companies to choose from. We’re listing the best five traditional book publishing companies known as the Big 5.

  1. Simon & Schuster
  2. HarperCollins
  3. Macmillan Publishers
  4. Penguin Random House
  5. Hachette Livre

Where To Get Your Book Cover Designed: ?

Book cover mockups are only as good as the book cover designs you put in them. Here we are listing some good book cover design services which can help you get some awesome designs for your book cover.

Canva Book Cover Design

When it comes to design, you can be 100% sure that Canva got you covered. They have a large library of design elements that you can use to make yourself an eye catchy and unique book cover design.

Placeit & Vexels Book Cover Design

Most of the book cover mockup generators also have book cover design services but Placeit and Vexels are at the top, with thousands of readymade templates and design elements.

Book Proofreading Services

Book proofreading and editing are one of the most crucial steps before publishing a book. If this step is not done properly, all your effort will just go to waste. You can hire freelancers or agencies for this service too.

But, if you want to do it yourself or want to know what to expect from the service you are taking, we suggest first watching the two parts of the video we linked below.

Conclusion of This Book Mockup Template Article

All the book mockup generators and services are quite good. You can use any from here. But when choosing a book cover mockup design, you have to make sure the design goes well with the design and theme of your book.

If you’re a KDP review bookseller and need mockup designs in bulk, try using Bulk Mockups. If you need more free designs you can use websites like free mockups with bulk mockups for more variation.

We know every book writer is not a techie, if these are too hard or confusing for you, connect with us here and we will do it for you.

Shohidur Rahman
Hey, I’m Shohidur, the content guy behind Bulk Mockup. In the past, I ran a print on demand tshirt store, where I learned the nitty gritty of the industry. Being in the industry for 7 years I understand the challenges faced by print on demand entrepreneurs of now. My main goal is to help print on demand sellers through the content I produce for Bulk Mockup.

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