Can I use Placeit for free?

Yes, you can use Placeit for free, but with limitations like watermarks on downloads. Paid subscription offers unlimited access.

Shohidur Rahman
May 29, 2024

Yes, Placeit can be used for free. Placeit has free mockup options for almost every category of products on their website.

While they even have some pretty decent video mockups that can be used for free, they don’t offer any free 3D mockups.

If you make a free account without subscription, you can still edit and check all of their paid templates but you can’t download the finished work.

Even if you just take the image as is, it will have a big “made with Placeit” watermark on the middle right. Just like the image below.

Sample Mockup from Placeit with Watermark
Sample Mockup from Placeit with Watermark

So, if you want to use Placeit for free, better to use the free templates offered by Placeit as the free account is only good for trying out all the features available for their online mockup generator.

The free mockup templates may not be the highest quality usually offered by Placeit but they are decent enough as a free mockup template and can be used for your marketing purposes.

Now if you like any paid mockups while playing around in the free account, you can purchase that individually for $7.95 but that won’t be a good idea.

Another option would be try out placeit alternative apps available in the market.

As Placeit’s subscription costs only $7.47(the price depends upon your location) and you can enjoy unlimited usage and download of all their mockup templates with all the features available for a full month.

Shohidur Rahman
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