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Discover how Canva’s mockup generator empowers designers of all levels with its user-friendly interface and extensive template library.

Shohidur Rahman
June 4, 2024

Canva is a fan favorite among designers for any kind of design work. Canva mockup generator capabilities are no different and hence their positioning in our best and most popular mockup generator series.

Even if you are not a designer yourself, their vast repository of templates and design elements makes Canva useful for everyone.

Let’s dive into Canva’s capabilities, both the good and the bad, to understand how this tool can help you and your business.

How Canva Works

Canva has the simplest and most user friendly UI/UX amongst the heavy hitters of graphics design service providers.

Their premade templates and graphic elements are easy to use with their drag and drop feature.

Color, size, anything can be changed directly from their easy to use editor and you can also use animations in any and all of their work.

From social media profile images to t-shirt mockups, almost every type of template can be found in Canva.

Benefits of Using Canva for Mockup Generation

Canva is not fast like Bulk Mockup v3, but if you’re using services like Placeit or Smartmockups, Canva can be a cheaper alternative.

For only $12.99/month, you can get thousands of premade templates with animation and 3D options.

Even in the free tier, you can use most of their features without any restriction and licensing issues.

The only place Canva will disappoint you is speed. As with any online mockup generator, no matter how fast and snappy their interface is, they can’t accommodate the needs of moderate to big POD and Dropshipping business owners.

For that, you need a service like Bulk Mockup v3 which can produce more than a thousand mockups in just 10 minutes.

But, there is no direct pairing system option with Bulk Mockup v3, as Canva doesn’t produce PSD file outputs.

For that, you can make your template from Canva and then make them PSD just like the video below.

Creating your first mockups with Bulk Mockup v3

After you make a PSD file out of your Canva template, you will also be able to create more than 400 mockups in less than 2 minutes like our live demo.

Bulk Mockup Creating 400 mockups in 2 minutes

Use Cases for Canva Mockups

You can use Canva to create any type of mockup templates or graphic element. Anything you need for your company/product branding can be found on Canva.

Even if you don’t like the pre-made templates for some products, you can always make your own custom templates or upload a template from somewhere else. After uploading your custom template, you can add any element or functionality from Canva.

You can add 3D objects or add animation, make a gif or make your custom still mockup template into a video mockup template very easily.

If you have enough patience and don’t need fast output like Bulk Mockup v3, only sky’s the limit with Canva.

With Canva you can work with all kinds of products that a POD or Dropshipping business owner may need. 

  • Tshirts
  • Hoodie
  • Mugs
  • Wall Art
  • Device Mockups
  • Social Media Post Designs with customization option
  • Anything you want if you know how to design

Is Canva Smart Mockups Free?

Yes, 100% free. You may not get all the premade mockups for free but the ones you get for free, stay free. Plus the paid ones are not paid for individually, they are also kinda free with a Canva subscription.

Does Canva do 3D mockups?

Yes, Canva can do 3D mockups. You can use the 3D options with smartmockup feature for any kind of products.

How to Create Canva Mockups and Where to Find Them?

This is a very simple process. You can do it in three steps.

  1. On the homepage of, check the left panel menu. Click on the “Smartmockups” option.
  2. Then use the “Search” option to type whatever type of mockup template you are looking for.
  3. Choose the option you like, click on the thumbnail and done. You will be directed to Canva’s drag and drop editor.

How Do I Create a Mockup Template in Canva?

Creating mockup templates in Canva is really easy and straightforward. Just watch the 4minute mini tutorial video below and you’ll know all you need to know about it.

How To Create a Mockup Template in Canva

Can I Do Frame Mockups on Canva?

Yes, you can do frame mockups in Canva and the process is really simple as well. Just type “Frame Mockup” in Canva’s search bar and you’ll get all the available options.

Working on the frame mockup is like working on anything else in Canva, just drag and drop.

Overall Review of Canva Mockups

Canva is a really useful tool for mockups and any graphical work. They have pre-made templates for almost anything and give you the ability to make or upload your custom templates.

The only problem with Canva is, they don’t allow PSD format file download.

For this issue, you can’t directly pair it with powerful tools like Bulk Mockup v3, but this is not a total dealbreaker, as we’ve already shown you the work around for it.

This is a well known platform so you won’t get stuck with any issue as there’s loads of tutorials for Canva on Youtube.

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Shohidur Rahman
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