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Gooten is another addition to our best and most popular mockup generator series and in this article you’ll know how they got this place.

Gooten is a e-com technology company providing a range of services to its customers. Let’s check out some most frequently asked questions about their service.

Is Gooten Any Good?

100% amazing service. They didn’t just add functions cause they had to, they did it with ultimate care.

Whether it’s their shipping or payment processing or something like their mockup generator. They made sure it’s top of the line.

How Can You Join Gooten?

Gooten made it really easy for their customers to join their amazing service without any additional hassle.

The steps you have to follow are the same as most other POD service providers.

  • Signup with your email (Free)
  • Add your business information
  • Upload your designs and sell away

Does Gooten link to Etsy?

Yes, they do and doing this is super simple. Just add one more step to your signing up process after signing up.

  • Signup with your email (Free)
  • Connect your Etsy shop shop to Gooten
  • Add your business information
  • Upload your designs and sell away

Gooten has a detailed article about this subject here. They also made a helpful video showing you the process.

Is Gooten a US company?

Yes. Although they have offices in different locations, their HQ is in the United States making them an US company.

Where is Gooten Headquarters Situated?

Gooten headquarters actual location is 142 W. 57th Street, New York. They have two more offices. 

One in 228 Park Ave S, USA and another in Bulevar oslobođenja 78,Serbia.

Who are Gootens Competitors?

Gotten has many competitors, big and small. On the POD end, they have many competing companies like Redbubble and Printful but Gooten also competes with traditional manufacture and fulfillment companies like Amazon and Alibaba.

If you want to know the competitors of their online generator service, they got Placeit, Vexels and many more.

Who invested in Gooten?

Gooten has a total of five investors who have invested a total of $24.5 million. They are - 

  1. KEC Ventures
  2. ff Venture Capital
  3. Tech Pioneer Fund
  4. Feenix Venture Partners LLC
  5. Lead Edge Capital

Gooten vs Printful

Printful has an Advanced 3D mockup generator which gives them a heads up against Gooten but Gooten also lets you download their mockups in PSD format which in turn you can use with services like Bulk Mockup v3 and make your mockup production much faster.

So if you need 3D mockups, Printful would be a better choice but if you need to make mockups fast because you have a huge product library, Gooten is the way to go.

They both are Fulfillment companies doing the same type of business. They are both free to use so in terms of POD business owners, they can use both without facing any major difference.

Gooten vs Printify

Printify is not free to use like Gooten. Printify charges a monthly fee, where Gotten is completely free to use and only charges you for the items you’ve sold to your customers.

Gooten Price List

Like any other company, Gootens product and shipping charges are subject to change and we suggest getting that info directly from their company page here.

Overall Gooten Reviews

Gooten is a good POD fulfillment company with an awesome online mockup generator which lets you download the files in PSD.

So you get to pair Bulk Mockup v3 and create mockups in big numbers..

You have the ability to create 400 mockups in two minutes if you have a huge product catalog. Checkout this demo video from our Youtube channel doing so LIVE.

Shohidur Rahman

Shohidur Rahman

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