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7 heavenly High Margin Print on Demand Products for better ROI.

We all love profit. This is true even for your Print on Demand business. If you have been long enough in Print on Demand business, you will have understood b...

Shohidur Rahman
May 31, 2023

We all love profit. This is true even for your Print on Demand business. If you have been long enough in Print on Demand business, you will have understood by now that Print on Demand is not limited to selling T-shirts, mugs, and hoodies.

After being in the business for as long as you are, you surely want to sell products that cost you less and earn you more. We all want to. Honestly. So, stay with me as I reveal novel products that you might not knew that can earn you higher profit margins than typical print on demand products.

Before, I proceed any further, I must share that one sure shot way to get higher profit margin is to reduce your costs. Having said so, it is understood that having a premium membership of the fulfilment companies will let you buy their products at lesser price. With a premium membership, you save on even on the shipping costs.

Without any further ado, let us dive into the list of novel products for print on demand business that can earn you higher profit margins.

1. Shoes

A person is known by the shoe one wears.
Also, I read, and I quote “sneakers are ubiquitous in almost every context. Women are wearing them to work, to Wimbledon and even to weddings. They may be the perfect fashion item – a literal blank canvas that you can pair with almost anything, that also cultivates that effortless approach to getting dressed.”

Buying Price: $26

Selling Price: $69.99 -76.99

Profit: $43 and above per product

Fulfilment companies for Shoes
Pillow Profits
Kin Custom

2. Skateboard Wall Art

Skateboarding is hugely popular sport. Very lately it also turned in to a wall art. People who connect with the sport will find the skateboard wall art hard to resist.

Buying Price: $36 – $40

Selling Price: $79.99 – $149.99

Profit: $43 per product Fulfilment companies for Skateboard Wall Art
WC Fulfilment





3. Hooded Blankets

Buying Price: $39.99

Honestly, there is nothing like a blanket to snuggle in to, whatever your reason be. Keep yourself warm n cozy just like being in the arms of your loved one. Mmmm. When you are lounging at home or even outdoors, a hooded blanket has a lot of room and deep pockets for your keys, phones, and other accessories. They are perfect for that warm and fuzzy moments.

Selling Price: $89.99 -$99.99

Profit = $50 per product

Fulfilment companies for Hooded Blankets
WC Fulfillment
Pillow Profits

4. Car Seat Covers

As per the latest statistics that 91.3% of US households most recently reported having access to at least one vehicle. The total number of registered passenger cars in Europe stood at 292 million units in 2018. Well, according to the most recent estimates, the world’s population is a (quickly growing) 7.6 billion, and with an estimated 1.4 billion cars on the road, that puts the vehicle saturation at around 18 per cent.

Imagine the market for car seat covers!

Buying Price: $34.99

Selling Price: $96.99

Profit: $62 per product

Fulfilment companies for Car Seat Covers
WC Fulfilment
Pillow Profits

What’s more wonderful is that you can upsell foot mats with it.

Average Buying Price – $24.99

Average Selling Price – $34.99

Profit = $10 per product

5. Jigsaw puzzles

People are mostly at home nowadays and have time on their hands. What a interesting way to bond over with loved ones than play with jigsaw puzzles.

The beauty of this product is that you can create interesting puzzle. You can create simpler puzzles with less pieces to intricate ones with up 4000 pieces. Create Theme based puzzles and charge a premium. Hook up with a designer at Behance or Dribble to get a good design and create cool and interesting puzzles. People get it customized with their pictures as well.

Buying Price – $20.00

Average. Selling Price – $80.00

Profit:  $60 per product

Fulfilment companies for Jigsaw Puzzles



6. Pet Beds

According to a report Global Newswire Forecast predicts the global pet care market will reach $358.62 billion by 2027.Pet are soulmates to their owners and mean so much to them. People are known to pay premium prices for products for their pets. IN fact, you can create a niche store for just pet accessories.
Pet beds often known as calming beds are said to provide orthopaedic help relieving joint pain and comfort. They create a cozy experience for a cat or dog.

Buying Price – $35.00

Selling Price – $60-80.00

Profit: $25 per product

You can upsell with other pet care products.

Fulfilment companies for Pet Beds


7. Wall Art

Wall Art is a commodity satisfies human urge of aesthetics and be looked good. No wonder people pay exorbitant prices for piece of art. For a common man wall art is the easier way to be express their aesthetic senses.

Customized canvas prints are a hot property. According to recent data, global online art sales amounted to approximately 4.82 billion U.S. dollars in 2019. The sale is expected to more than double by 2025.

You can source interesting creative talent at Behance and Dribble to get source print works and sell them at premium.

Buying Price: $5.00 -$70 (price vary by size and quality of design)

Selling Price: $35-150.00

Average Profit $30 and above per product

Fulfilment companies for Wall Art




Before I windup the post, another marketing insight that I wish to share is that the more unique your product is, the higher price you can charge for it. One way to make your product unique is to personalize it or find way to personalize it.

Happy Selling!

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  1. Can print on demand be profitable ?
    Yes Print on Demand business is still profitable in 2023. Its not easy, but profitable if done right.

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