How To Make a Smart Object Editable In The Easiest Way

In this short tutorial, I’ll be showing you the easiest way to make a smart object editable in Photoshop.

Today, you’ll learn how to make an editable smart object on a curved rectangle like the image below.

sample curved rectangle

Take a Rectangle To Make The Base of a Smart Object

Initially, utilize the rectangle tool to create a rectangle of approximately the same dimensions as the object intended for conversion into a smart object.

taking a rectangle

Then convert the rectangle as a smart object by right clicking the rectangle in the layers panel and choosing the “Convert To Smart Object” option. 

converting the rectangle to smart object

Matching The Endpoints Of Both The Rectangles

Then hold “Ctrl” for Windows or “Cmd” for Mac to match the endpoints of the rectangle we made and the rectangle in the image.

Then right click the smart object and choose the “Wrap” option so we can match the curves like this and click Enter.

Matching The Endpoints Of Both The Rectangles

Then turn off the visibility of the smart object and choose the background layer. After that, take the “Magic Wand” tool to choose the curved image and press “Ctrl + J”.

That will create an additional layer.

Creating Clipping Mask For The Smart Object

Now turn on the visibility of the smart object again and right click, then choose the “Create Clipping Path” option.

creating clipping mask

And the process is done. Now all you have to do is double click the smart object layer in the layers panel and the Smart Object PSB file will open.

Put your design on that file, resize and reshape to fit it totally and save.

end result with design

You will get the finished result like this and your editable Smart Object is done.

Shohidur Rahman

Shohidur Rahman

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