How to Make a Smart Object in Photoshop

Making a smart object in Photoshop will be really easy after you follow through with the step by step process we’re about to show you.

In this article, we’ll show you how to make a gift box mockup like this by creating a smart object in Photoshop.

the mockup with smart object

Collecting The Assets For Smart Object

First, you need to take the image you want to make the smart object on and the image you want to use on the smart object.

the box we going to make the smart object for

Process of Making Smart Object In Photoshop

For this box, first we will make a rectangle by using the “Rectangle Tool" in photoshop. It will be added in as a layer in the Layers panel.

Right-click on the rectangle layer and choose the option “Convert To Smart Layer”

converting the rectangle into a smart object

Then right click on the rectangle and choose “Distort” or press Ctrl+T“. After this, try to match the four corners of the article with the four corners of the box like this. 

matching the corners of the box and rectangle

Be very careful when connecting the corners. The closer it is to perfection, the prettier end result we can get.

Zoom in to match the corners perfectly like this.

zoom in when matching the corners

Placing The Design In Your Smart Object

After this step, just open the smart object layer and the .PSB file will get open in another Photoshop window.

Open or drag and drop your design there and resize to fit how you want it to be shown.

the design we gonna put on the box

Now hit save and check the main file.

the final product

This is a very easy step by step process of making a Smart Object in Photoshop. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

Shohidur Rahman

Shohidur Rahman

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