Featured image: How To Make Video Mockups In 2023 (6 methods)

How To Make Video Mockups In 2023 (6 methods)

Video mockups are really important for grabbing the attention of your customers. Today we will talk about all the ways on how to make video mockups. There ar...

Shohidur Rahman
October 11, 2023

Video mockups are really important for grabbing the attention of your customers. Today we will talk about all the ways on how to make video mockups.

There are six distinct ways you can make video mockups  – 

  1. Online video mockup generator
  2. Buying Video mockup templates from marketplaces
  3. AI video mockup generator
  4. Freelance services
  5. DIY make your own video mockups from scratch
  6. The BulkMockup Way

Let’s delve deeper into these processes, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the best approach for creating your video mockups.

1. Online Video Mockup Generator

Placeit, VEED, FlexClip are three online mockup generators with video mockup generation capability.

You can utilise the above platform to create your video mockups. The only catch is that you get little to no freedom to edit or create your own style.

Online video mockup generators are like fast food. They are cheap, easy and get the job done in a suboptimal way.

If you want to know about the best options in the market, here we’ve compiled all the best available video mockup generator options in the current market.

Buying Video Mockup Templates From Marketplaces

While this option might come at a higher cost, as the saying goes – ‘To make money, you have to spend money.”

This method results in the most unique and usually the prettiest of video mockups.

Here we have a step by step tutorial on how you can make video mockup templates for your wall art business.

The process might look tough at the beginning but it’s actually a very simple and easy to replicate method.

You can very easily make attractive video mockups like below.

Here is a step by step guideline by our founder Vikash Kumar Prajapati 

AI Video Mockup Generator

AI has been flipping industries over their head since their arrival. No wonder they also entered the mockup market.

Now with services like fotor, you can have text to video mockup services for your product.

Even Canva has some text to image AI capabilities that can help with the video mockup generation process much simpler and faster.

But like any other new technology, they are not perfect yet and need some editing from your end before you can show it to your customers. 

Freelance Services For Video Mockup Generation Services

You can hire individuals in freelance platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer and such to help you create your video mockups. Freelancers from these websites can get the job done, most of the time.

Check rating and review before buying their service but you can sometimes find hidden gems for very cheap.

It can be hit or miss and the process can be a bit frustrating if you opt for the cheap freelancers. The expensive ones will get the job done of course at a higher price.

So choose your pick and start searching.

DIY Make Your Own Video Mockups From Scratch

There are many ways that you can make video mockups on your own. All depend on your skill level. 

But let’s not talk about the pro level and know the easiest way..You can always take a normal still mockup and animate it using easy softwares like Canva or any other software you’re comfortable with to make a video mockup.

Unless you go the Canva route, this step is only viable if you’re good with video editing softwares.

The BulkMockup Way

For this step, you just need two things. Bulkmockup and PSD templates. You can do it in two ways for different types of output.

  1. If you only have still picture PSD mockups, you can very easily make a few thousand mockup templates with your design and make many slideshows with it.

Don’t get nervous about the few thousand mockups. With Bulkmockup it’s very easy and automated. 

You can do it while sipping tea or whatever people with a lot of time on their hand do.

Checkout this live demo –

  1. This method is more straightforward but you need video enabled PSD mockups and the latest Photoshop.

Here’s the video where we show you just that in detail.

If you would prefer to read the step by step process, here’s the article – How to Create Video Mockups for Your Wall Art Business?

At the end, choose what’s the best option for you according to your need and skill level. 

Shohidur Rahman
Hey, I’m Shohidur, the content guy behind Bulk Mockup. In the past, I ran a print on demand tshirt store, where I learned the nitty gritty of the industry. Being in the industry for 7 years I understand the challenges faced by print on demand entrepreneurs of now. My main goal is to help print on demand sellers through the content I produce for Bulk Mockup.

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