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Jetprint Mockup Generator is another full POD and Dropshipping service provider from China in our best and most popular mockup generator series. They provide...

Shohidur Rahman
January 26, 2023

Jetprint Mockup Generator is another full POD and Dropshipping service provider from China in our best and most popular mockup generator series.

They provide a free mockup generator which can compete with most other online mockup generators in the market.

Let’s dive a bit deeper into Jetprint fulfillment to know what they’re all about.

What is Jetprint?

Jetprint is a Chinese POD and Dropshipping service with 400+ products with thousands of variables and the option of creating your own custom product.

With all these, they also provide a free online mockup generator for their customers.

This is a private company with 20+ employees and yearly $4.5mil+ revenue. This is a solid company with solid service.

Where is Jetprint?

Jetprint is a Chinese company but there headquarter is in 13 Højgårdsvangen, Hinnerup, Midtjylland, 08382, Denmark.

All their own and collaborating fulfillment centers are in China. So everything ordered in Jetprint would be shipped from there.

Is Jetprint Free?

Yes, Jetprint is a free service to use. The app to integrate with your Shopify,Woocommerce and Etsy store is also free of charge.

You only pay for the products and the cost of shipment. Like most POD and Dropshipping services, Jetprint also doesn’t charge you anything upfront.

How Do You Use Jetprint?

Using Jetprint fulfillment is like using any other POD and Dropshipping service provider. You can do it in three simple steps.

  1. Make an account. Get into their dashboard and choose any of the 400+ POD and Dropshipping products they are offering.
  1. Choose the products you like then choose the variable of the product. Upload your design, then place and edit the design to look like how you want your custom product to be.
  1. Publish. After submitting your custom designed product, submit it. The next steps would be to create SEO optimized titles and descriptions for your product. Set the pricing as you like and publish. You’re done. The new product or changes you’ve made to your existing products will be automatically synced with the stores you integrated with Jetprint fulfillment.

While creating and designing your product, they suggest using their mockup generator to check how your product may look in real life.

You can find a more detailed article on their website here.

Jetprint App

Jetprint has a free and easy to use app for integrating Jetprint with all your online stores. Whether it’s Shopify, Etsy or Woocommerce, this app covers all.

Their app also enables your customers to upload their own design and edit the way they like. You just have to set the pricing.

Overall Jetprint Review

Jetprint print on demand is a solid service for POD and Dropshipping business owners. Their free online mockup generator is also pretty good.

Their online mockup generator is enough to check out how your designs and custom products may look like in real life but as a stand alone mockup generator, it’s not enough for moderate to large business owners.

It’s quite common for POD and dropshipping business owners to have hundreds if not thousands of products and creating multiple mockups for each of them is time consuming and quite expensive.

Whether you make the mockups yourself or hire help, the ROI can never catch up.

For this you need a service like Bulk Mockup v3, which can create more than 400 mockups in less than two minutes.

Just check out the demo video we made to show you the power of Bulk Mockup.

Video demo of the power and speed of Bulk Mockup

In this video, you will see, Bulk Mockup doesn’t just create the mockups willy-nilly. It creates the mockup files in whichever format you want,names them however you want and organizes them in a way that you choose.

We made these processes even simpler in our latest Bulk Mockup v3. It doesn’t even have to be the same type of product. 

You can work with multiple types of product and multiple designs, all at once. Just follow this simple video.

New added features and capabilities in Bulk Mockup v3

Shohidur Rahman
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