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Discover Mock It, a comprehensive mockup service with top-notch templates, easy UI, and unlimited usage for just $9/month or $79/year.

Shohidur Rahman
May 29, 2024

Mock It is one of the most comprehensive mockup services in our Best and Most Popular Mockup Generator Series.

They didn’t leave anything to chance. From unique fabrics to established brands, they have all types of mockup templates that a POD and dropshipping business owner may need.

Today, let’s get a bit deeper into Mock It and see if they are the right fit for your business needs.

User Experience of Mock It Mockup Generator

Mock It is primarily made for use by POD and Dropshipping business owners. So the UI/UX is really simple and intuitive.

You don’t need to be a designer or artist to make the necessary marketing materials for your business.

When we tested their service for our review, we found the interface to be fast and responsive.

Updates are pretty regular and their “Request a Mockup” function is phenomenal. Very few in the mockup generator industry offer this.

The quality of their mockup templates are top notch, as one of the top companies that makes clothes mockup designs, Pixelsauce, powers it.

Their handling of payment processing, subscription cancellation and customer support is also top of the line, as expected from a Pixelsauce product.

Mock It Features and Functionality

As I said at the beginning, they are one of the most comprehensive mockup generator services in the market. 

So the list of features and functionality is quite long. Let’s get right into it.

  • They have three thousand readymade mockup templates available for use. The number is increasing steadily.
  • Anyone, even without design skills can use Mock It mockup generation service. It can’t get easier than their drag and drop mockup editor.
  • Each and every mockup comes with a complete library. They just didn’t add this functionality and left it as is, they also have a sorting option for ease of use.
  • You can check the mockups from four views so you don’t miss out any important details. Two front views and two back side views.
  • They have all the fabric options available. They sort the mockups by brand, so if the brand has a certain type of fabric, Mock It has a mockup template ready for it.
  • Both their subscription options are unlimited, so you can make and download unlimited mockup templates.
  • Regular updates of new mockup designs and types.
  • Most if not all popular and major brands are available in Mock It.
  • Even after all of these, if they miss a brand, fabric type, or something else that you need and is not available there, you can request it.

Plans and Pricing of Mock It

Mock It has two easy to follow and simple pricing models. One for monthly and one yearly. Both are for unlimited usage.

  1. Their monthly plan cost $9/month with all the features and functionalities unlocked.
  1. Their yearly plan comes with a Free subscription for three months, so the cost is $79/year.

Pros and Cons of Mock It

Most of the features and functionalities of Mock It can be considered as a Pro and they have very few cons. Below is a short bite sized list of Pros and Cons.

Pros of Mock It

The Pro list for Mock It is as follows – 

  • Easy to use.
  • Not so expensive.
  • All major brands and fabrics available.
  • All plans come with unlimited usage.
  • “Request-A-Mockup” service is phenomenal.
  • Big ready made mockup template library.

Cons of Mock It

The Con list for Mock It is as follows – 

  • All their designs are flat lays.
  • The mockup template design quality is great but that eye-catching without the models.
  • No PSD file download option, which will help the customer to pair it with Bulk Mockup v3 for next level usage.
  • Their interface is fast, but no matter how fast an online mockup generator is, it is not usable by most moderate to big POD and Dropshipping business owners. 

To be useful for a POD or Dropshipping business of high capacity, you need a service like Bulk Mockup v3, by which you can make more than a thousand mockups in less than 10 minutes.

Here we prepared a video demo of Bulk Mockup, generating four hundred mockups in just two minutes.

Demo of Bulk Mockups Mockup Generating Speed

Final Review of Mock It

Mock It is enough for any small POD and dropshipping business owners. Their service is good, quality is good and the whole thing is well planned out for ease of use.

But if you are spending hours everyday generating mockups for your marketing materials, you might need to start wearing your big boy pants and upgrade to Bulk Mockup v3.

For only $47/year, you get to use the full power of Bulk Mockup v3 with 0 restrictions.

If you like the mockup templates provided by Mock It and want to pair it with Bulk Mockup v3, here’s how you can start creating your mockups with us.

Tutorial on How You Can Get Started with Bulk Mockup v3

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