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Explore Mockitup, a handy Android app for on-the-go mockup creation. Affordable and convenient for POD and Dropshipping business owners.

Shohidur Rahman
May 29, 2024

Mockitup is the most unique entry in our best and most popular mockup generator series. It’s an android app that enables you to make mockups directly on your mobile.

It’s a very useful and handy app for POD and Dropshipping business owners in some specific scenarios.

If you work with product mockups, this is a very good backup tool for your tech stack.

Is it The Best Free Mockup App?

Although Mockitup offers some free mockups that you start with, their service is not actually free. 

But their pricing is borderlines free and they have a lifetime deal going on right now.

  1. Yearly subscription for $18.99
  2. Monthly subscription for $6.99
  3. Lifetime VIP subscription $29.99 ltd 

So, it might not be the best free mockup app but it’s pretty close.

Is it The Best Free Mockup App For Android?

Yes. At Least that is what we found from our research for the – “25 Best Mockup Generator Apps Reviewed [Free & Paid] for a successful Print on Demand Business” article.

This android app is super easy to use but their editing option is not too limited. On the other hand, with these many editing options, they are not that critical to use.

They know what their app will be used for and they achieved a good balance in ease of use and functionalities.

Mockitup is used by POD and Dropshipping business owners who need a mockup for their product at that moment but are not in front of a computer. 

This is an on the go type of app.

Supported Product Mockups in Mockitup

This app supports a range of products from clothing to books. They got almost all popular POD and Dropshipping product mockups as an option.

  • Clothing
  • Frames
  • Cards
  • Mug
  • Pillow
  • Wall Art
  • Bag
  • Bottle
  • Phone Case
  • Book etc

Online Free Mockups of Mockitup

Mockitup has some free options for every category of product mockups they offer. It’s not like the free options are not usable or barely usable like most other free mockups offered by online mockup generators.

The free ones are also pretty decent and can be used professionally when on a bind.

Standalone Mockup Generator – Mockitup

Mockitup is not that great as a standalone mockup generator for serious business. This is only great for emergency usage.

Even bigger services than Mockitup fail to satisfy the needs of POD and Dropshipping business owners, so obviously this app can’t do it alone either.

For a standalone mockup generator service, we offer Bulk Mockup v3 app which allows business owners to save time by generating more than 400 mockups in less than 2 minutes.

Power of Bulk Mockup

Mockitup Pros

Inshort, these are the pros we found with Mockitup mockup generator- 

  • With the help of this mockup builder, you may generate mockups even when not in front of a computer.
  • Being a user-friendly mobile app for creating mockups is a benefit in and of itself.
  • Very affordable.
  • They do include some video mockup templates, despite their poor quality.

Mockitup Cons

There are some issues that we found while reviewing this mockup generator app.

  • Not as great of a quality as one would anticipate from a smartphone app.
  • Not intended for routine professional use.
  • There aren’t enough tools available to make it more useful.
  • Can’t upload your own mockup.

Overall Mockitup Review

Overall, Mockitup is an awesome mockups generator when you’re in a bind. Great backup tool for professionals who work with product mockups.

For intended use, nothing can beat Mockitup.

They do have a lot of premade mockup templates for our use but we hope their catalog will get bigger in the future.

In the meantime, if you need a powerful and professional mockup generator tool for your work, checkout Bulk Mockup v3. For a very cheap price, you get a mockup generator which can half your workload.

Watch this video to know how you can get started with Bulk Mockup v3.

Get Started with Bulk Mockup v3

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