Must Have Mockup Backgrounds to Elevate Your Designs and Increase Sales!

Elevate your designs with must-have mockup backgrounds! From paper textures to gradient harmonies, find the perfect backdrop to increase sales!

Shohidur Rahman
June 4, 2024

Mockup backgrounds are the most versatile mockups, with enough creativity, you can make them useful in any setting and grab the attention of your customers.

We scoured the online space for the most eye catchy and sales boosting mockup backgrounds and listed them in this article.

Take your pick and sale away.

Mockup Backgrounds – Paper Texture

Must Have Mockup Backgrounds to Elevate Your Designs and Increase Sales!
Paper Texture

Backgrounds with a paper texture can elevate any design if you can use them properly in the proper places.

This 30 paper texture mockup template can change the aesthetic of any basic template.

Mockup Backgrounds – Modern Paper Texture

Mockup Backgrounds - Modern Paper Texture
Modern Paper Texture

Paper textures are always useful but the design trend changes just like any other trend. This mockup set includes paper textures with a modern aesthetic.

Mockup Backgrounds – Gradient Pattern

Gradient Pattern

Gradient patterns can be used in almost mockup templates, as an addition or the main piece. This 100 gradient map pack can change the whole look of a template.

Mockup Backgrounds – Gradient Harmony

Mockup Backgrounds - Gradient Harmony
Gradient Harmony

This type of gradient background templates can be used as background for other products, screens or glass reflections. Really versatile and useful.

Mockup Backgrounds – Iridescent Backgrounds

Mockup Backgrounds - Iridescent Backgrounds
Iridescent Backgrounds

These creative and unique background templates can make any simple template into something to remember.

Mockup Backgrounds – Textured Paper

Mockup Backgrounds - Textured Paper
Textured Paper

Another paper texture background template. Can be used just as simple background or the texture of this pack is good, increasing the opacity and using them as filters is a good option as well.

Mockup Backgrounds – White Bleach Effect

Mockup Backgrounds – White Bleach Effect
White Bleach Effect

This white bleach effect background is really good when your design is just text and you need something to make the simple text design pop.

There are many other use cases but the most common use of this bleached background is to use it like this.

Mockup Backgrounds – Iridescent Foil Vector 

Mockup Backgrounds - Iridescent Foil Vector 
Iridescent Foil Vector 

You designed some simple text based designs that carry a message but feel like it’s missing something? These Iridescent foil vectors can give your designs the extra oomph they need.

Mockup Backgrounds – Gold Foil Textures

Mockup Backgrounds - Gold Foil Textures
Gold Foil Textures

This mega 240+ golden texture background template pack can make any of your simple design or mockup look like they are designed for Donald Trump or a Saudi Prince.

Mockup Backgrounds – Valentines Backgrounds

Mockup Backgrounds - Valentines Backgrounds
Valentines Backgrounds

Valentine’s special products like couple t shirts or necklaces need a valentine specific background like this to catch the eye of the lovebirds.

Mockup Backgrounds – Grainy Gradient

Mockup Backgrounds - Grainy Gradient
Grainy Gradient

This mega pack is another pick that can be used as backgrounds or to make the main text design pop.

Mockup Backgrounds – Smooth Blur

Mockup Backgrounds – Smooth Blur
Smooth Blur

This looks familiar right? This is one of the most trending background templates nowadays. From products to Websites, these types of backgrounds can make anything look good.

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Shohidur Rahman
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