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For any Print on Demand Business, a product mockup is what oxygen is to any human being. Mockup Generator like oxygen tanks in the current COVID second wave ...

Shohidur Rahman
February 18, 2023

For any Print on Demand Business, a product mockup is what oxygen is to any human being. Mockup Generator like oxygen tanks in the current COVID second wave provide the much needed creative and life sustaining support. Unique and attractive product mockup are the keys to a successful marketing strategy for Print on Demand Business to maintain the constant flow of new and existing customers to the online store. Mockup Generators saves time and sparks creativity to get a Print on Demand Business going. Read on to discover how the Photific Storefront 2 Mockup Generator can galvanize your Print on Demand Business having Apparel as their niche.

For those of us who are slow learners like me and are also new to Print on Demand Business here’s a brief on Mockup Generator in general before we dive into specifics of the Photific Storefront2 Mockup Generator.

 What exactly is a mockup generator?

A mockup generator is a handy tool that lets you customize a product mockup. Let us take an example of a T-shirt that you wish to sell. You would ideally want to put an attractive picture of your product on your store front for customers to see and place their orders for it. Understandably the picture of the T-shirt should be attractive to grab the attention of a buyer. A mockup generator lets you create attractive picture of products which are known as mockups in Print on Demand Business.

That explains that a mockup generator is a designing tool for creating attractive high-resolution mockups of real products to glam-up your storefront. A mockup generator provides a faster and way to produce professionally looking visual content for your print on demand business.

What is a product mockp?

I present Storefront 2 Mockup Generator. As we read more and more people are taking it up and employing it for apparels mockup designing. Across the globe, majority of the print on demand business having apparels as their niche are using Storefront 2 mockup generator. The mockup generator with its wonderful features suits best for the apparel industry.  Discover how as you read on.

Photific Storefront2 Logo

Photific Storefront 2 – the top-class mockup generator for apparels

Photific Storefront 2 as it is currently known, is a versatile mockup generator for apparels. So, if the niche that you cater includes t-shirts, vests, hoodies, sweatshirts in short -Apparels; then hurry and joing the millions as they are reaping the benefits of Photific Storefront 2 mockup generator.

In a very broad sense, T-shirts or apparels is the niche that defines Print on Demand business in the current times. However, things are changing.  Even though it is not the product with highest percentage profit margin, but it does catch every POD businessman’s fancy due to the sheer variety it offers. A mockup generator essentially helps making unique products. Photific Storefront 2 mockup generator does exactly that for your print on demand business.

Design Mockups or Design Templates

Photific Storefront2 provides one of the best product mockups for T-shirts, hoodies, tank tops. The noteworthy point about product mockups available at Photific Storefront2 is that they are shot by professional photographers. These photographers are experts in product shoots. So what you get is top quality, high resolution images that guarantees eyeballs.

Each template that you get to access with Photific Mockup Generator includes multiple front and rear views. This gives one more control over product mockups adding extra realism. This is exclusive feature with photofic and is not available with other top mockup tools.

You get instant access to over 500 downloadable mockups templates valued over $2,000 if bought separately. In addition to this, one gets free updates on Product Mockups, new development in Photific Mockup Generator, and Print on Demand business in general for a lifetime.

The apparel mockups available with Photific Storefront2 are known and sought-after brands including Bella+ Canvas, ANVIL, American Apparels, Gildan, Next Level to name a few.

Customization option in Photific Storefront 2 Mockup Generator

Mockup Generator of Photific Storefront is easy to use. One does not need expert skills of a designer to get the best out of the Photific Storefront 2 Mockup Generator. If you need help, Photofic provides animated tutorials for helping the new entrants to Print Demand business. You can access the tutorial from their website!

Do reach out to them through Email at [email protected]

There are two easy ways to create product image with Photific Storefront Mockup Generator.

  1. Downloadable templates for Adobe Photoshop,
  2. Using the Instant Web App.

If you have the knowledge and skills to use Adobe Photoshop, the professionally-shot high-resolution PSD templates provide a professional designer the creative freedom to create captivating apparel mockups with Photific Storefront2 Mockup generator.

How to use Storefront 2 mockup generator
How to access free mockups with Storefront 2
how to change the color of t-shirt mockup
How to customize t-shirt mockup with storefront 2 mockup generator
how to alter the designs on product mockups with storefront 2 mockup generator
many design elements in stock within the Storefront 2 mockup generator
Storefront 2 mockup generator lets you change color of the t-shirt

There is so much more you can do. I invite you to explore the Storefront 2 mockup generator and discover the amazing things you can do. Unlock your creativity and let it do the magic for you. Customize simple t-shirts into amazing products.

The next product I cover is Raglan Baseball T-shirts. They are one of my favourite type of T-shirts. Read and explore, how you can creating attractive designs for Raglan T-Shirts and give a facelift to your Print on Demand business. All with the Storefront 2 mockup generator.

Customizing Raglan Baseball T-shirt with Storefront 2

See how a simple looking Baseball tee transform. This is what all most all of the clever online store owners do and that is what is making them successful. They let the mockup generator do the magic for them.

Customize sleeve of raglan base ball t-shirt with Storefront 2
Raglan T-shirt mockup with Storefront 2
files storage with Storefront 2 mockup generator

Let us turn our attention to Hoodies, now!

Transform hoodies with Storefront 2 mockup generator

You can select a variety of hoodies in terms of design. But for demonstrating the features of Storefront 2 mockup generator, I have randomly picked a general, simple looking hoodie. Let us explore, what can the Storefront 2 mockup generator can to a simple hoodie. I am not even an acomplished designer.

Customizing hoodies with Storefront 2

Attention to details is what I love. Storefront 2 mockup generator sweeps you off the floor. Just look up and notice that you can even change the color of the strings and zippers of a hoodie. When you create a product with such details, they are bound to attract quality conscious customer. Wow ! that what your customer will say. Loyal customers are hard to get. But not this way. They will make a bee line to your store with such detailing. See it yourself. Try, today!

Photific Storefront 2 mockup generator and hoodie mockup
Styling the back of Hoodie with Storefront 2 mockup generator

Create a complete product mock up with attention to detail. I mean stylizing the front and the back of a hoodie. No wonder you see, on a hoodies sits a crest or logo right above where you heart is and the back of hoodies is a interesing place to incorporate elements to perk up your product mockup.

Storefront 2 never lets you down.

Now, let us explore other aspects of the Storefront 2 Mockup Generator.

Integrations with online stores

Unlike other mockup generators, Storefront2 mockup generator cannot be plugged into an online stores. However, you can publish the design directly to your social media account from within the mockup generator.

How Mobile Friendly is Storefront 2 ?

It can also be operated from a mobile or smartphone as well. However, since the mockup generator offers quite a bit of tools to fuel your creativity, it is best that you use it on a laptop or a desktop for best experience and results.

What all Product Mockups you can design with Storefront 2?

With Photific mockup generator you get to create mockup for T-shirts, full sleeve, Racerback Tanks, Raglan-Tshirts, pullover hoodies, zipper-hoodie, infant short-sleeve Onesie, Infant long-sleeve Onesie, and more apparels.

What about Pricing?

Pricing is an important factor. It has always been. But you will not be disappointed with Storefront on this aspect as well.

Pricing of Photific Storefront is unique.

Access to Photofic Storefront2 Mockup Generator is free. However, their pricing model is different than other providers. Since Photific prides upon their apparel quality and product mockups, it sells the access to mockup generator and product mockups as Mockup Bundle.

The Mockup Bundle is currently being sold at $79.00. If purchased separately, the cost amounts to $2,376.

The notable features of Mockup Bundle are

  • 612 Mockups (American Apparel, Bella Canvas, Anvil, Comfort Colors, Gildan, Next Level, Universal, Infant and Toddlers Mockup)
  • Photoshop Templates
  • One Time Payment
  • Lifetime Access and instant access to every apparel mockup
  • Free Updates
  • Access to unlimited use of Instant Web App
Pricing of Storefront 2 mockup generator

I love Storefront 2. They not only have a fantastic product in their mockup generator. But they have admirable way to enthrall their customer. You can take a leaf out of their book.

Here’s why!

Refund Promise

If you are not satisfied with the Storefront 2 Mockup Bundle purchase, Request a Refund. Yes, you read that right. Request a refund within 30 days of purchase and Photific promises to issuing a 100% refund. No question asked refund policy is the icing on the cake.

Refund Policy Photific Storefront 2

Happy discovering !

Shohidur Rahman
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