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In continuation of our series on the best and most popular mockup generators, this time we bring you Pixelied. One of the biggest players in the market and a...

Shohidur Rahman
December 30, 2022

In continuation of our series on the best and most popular mockup generators, this time we bring you Pixelied.

One of the biggest players in the market and also one of the most useful.

What is Pixelied?

Pixelied is a design platform that provides tools and resources for creating and customizing professional quality mockups and their top priority is enabling their customers (who are mostly beginners) to create stunning visuals in a few simple clicks.

It offers a range of pre-designed templates that can be customized with your design elements.

In addition to its mockup design features, Pixelied also offers a range of design assets, such as icons, graphics, and templates, that can be used to make your designs better.. 

Is Pixelied Good?

10/10 would recommend! Pixelied is good. Both as a mockup generator and design platform.

Yet, which tool is good depends on the intended purpose of the tool and results may vary depending on the user. 

If you want to use it as a mockup generator, they are one of the best. If you want it as a complete design solution option, there might be some cheaper and better options.

We recommend reading the full article where we discuss its features and compare it to other popular platforms. This will help you get a better understanding of the tool and make an informed decision.

What is Pixelied Editor?

Pixelied editor is the work interface of Pixelied. It is very user friendly and geared towards beginners. 

This online editor is not buggy like most of their counterparts in the market.

Pixelied didn’t try to jampack one functionality after another just to get more customers without thinking about the current customer.

The user experience of this editor is really high end.

Is Pixelied Free?

No. It’s not a software that you can just download and work on. It’s an online workspace for designers with frequent updates of features and design elements.

So the kind of service they provide can’t be done for free.

Pixelied Pricing

Although not free, they are not expensive either. They offer two different plans with different limitations for both monthly and yearly subscription.

  • Monthly Pro plan costs $9.95 and Pro Plus plan costs $16.95
  • Yearly Pro plan costs $83.4 and Pro Plus plan costs $144

Pixelied vs Canva

Pixelied and Canva both are pretty much the same. They both are design platforms that offer tools and resources for creating and customizing professional-quality mockups and visual content. 

However, there are a some  differences between the two platforms:

Focus difference between Canva and Pixelied

Although they both are the same, Pixelied focuses more on business owners so they can make their designs easily. While you can do the same with Canva, their service is more geared towards designers so they can punch above their weight class.

Templates and design elements Difference between Canva and Pixelied

They both offer ready-made templates and elements that you can use with your work but Canva is far superior in this as they are a far superior company..

Ease of Use difference between Canva and Pixelied

 Both Pixelied and Canva have user-friendly interfaces and offer a range of customization options, but Pixelied is easier to use for non-designers.

Price difference between Canva and Pixelied

If you are a designer, you can do pretty much anything with Canva and the paid version is mindblowing. Whereas Pixelied don’t even have a free subscription option in place.

Pixelied Monthly Pro plan costs $9.95 and Pro Plus plan costs $16.95 while Canvas monthly subscription for one person is at $6.49 and $8.49 for a five person team.

Best choice between Canva and Pixelied

Which one is the best may differ from person to person. If you’re confused between these two options, think about what you need.

Do you need to make some mockups fast for your POD or dropshipping business? Choose Pixelied.

Do you need a platform for general purpose design use? Choose Canva.

Pixelied vs Crello

Cello, now known as Vista Create, is another design platform that functions similarly to Pixelied and Canva, but with a focus more similar to Canva.

So the difference between Crello and Pixelied is the same as Canva and Pixelied.

The only two differences are.

  1. Canva is a more established company with a greater amount of resources.
  2. Canva is significantly cheaper than Crello at just $6.49 while Crello / Vista Create costs $13 per month.

Best choice between Crello and Pixelied

Same as before. If your primary focus is Mockups for your business go with Pixelied, if you need something more in general for design, go with Crello.

Is Pixelied still on Appsumo?

No. The deal at Appsumo has ended and it was only for Appsumo Select members but they were offering some LTD packages with different limitations and 60 days money back guarantee.

Appsumo LTD deals can be risky but with a stable company like Pixelied, the LTD buyers have hit gold. 

Only way to get the LTD deals is if you find the Appsumo buyers and convince them to sell to you at a higher price.

Is Pixelied Safe?

Depends on what safety you want from it.

  • Is the company safe? Yes they are now established in the market so don’t think they will run away suddenly.
  • Are your design files safe there? With any established company, keeping their customers’ design files safe is their top priority and the same is for Pixelied.
  • Is your credit card safe? Yes, they are an established company. So running away with your credit card info is not on the top priority list.

PS: This is general info. With any online company their can be data breaches or many bad things can happen. Research on the company more before buying if safety is your concern.

Overall Pixelied Review

Pixelied as a design platform is quite good with decent pricing structure. While getting the LTD from Appsumo Select might be considered as hitting a goldmine, their current subscription offers are not bad either.

But whether you get it or not totally depends on what you want to get out of that tool.

Like if you are a complete beginner POD or dropshipping business owner, Pixelied may suffice.

If you are a moderate to huge POD or dropshipping business owner who needs hundreds if not thousands of mockups, Pixelied will fail like most online editors.

If your requirement is big, go with our Bulk Mockup v3. With the new updates, Bulkmockup has improved UI/UX while the power stays the same.

You can create 400 mockups in two minutes  if you want. Checkout this demo video from our Youtube channel doing so LIVE.

Shohidur Rahman
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