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We cannot deny that Placeit has the best collection of lifestlyle based mockups.

But If you sell to specific niches or communities,
You won't find mockups that your customers can identify with.
And if you sell in popular niches like dog and cat lovers.
You end up using the same few images that other sellers are using.
So you can't differentiate your brand from the competition.

placeit is great but
placeit limitations

To add to it,
Placeit’s interface is highly templated.

You are given absolutely no freedom in editing the templates and designs.
Even creating only few images for your store end up taking a hours of time.

The 6 “No-Brainer” Reasons Why Bulk Mockup is better Placeit Alternative.
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1.Custom Template

Don’t be limited by the mockup options you have with PlaceIt.

You can source your own templates that reflect the true vibe of your print-on-demand business.

Websites like Creative Market, Envato Elements, and Etsy have tons of brand-defining, beautiful mockup templates for you to download.

source mockup template

You can even create your own mockup templates as well.

2. Unlimited Control over editing

Unlike placeit. Bulk Mockup is a Photoshop extension. You have full control over how you want your templates to be edited. You can tailor your templates to your needs and specifications.

edit mockup template

3. Lightning Fast Mockup Creation

With Bulk Mockup, creating 1,000 mockups just takes minutes.

Now you'll have more time to focus on important aspects of your business.

Lightning Fast Mockup Creation

4. Quicker New Design Launches

Launching new designs in your store will now take hours rather than weeks, thanks to Bulk Mockup. You can now devote more time to marketing and making new designs.

new arrival

5. Organized Export

Exported mockups are organized into logical subfolders. Plus, the exported file name is fully customizable.

organized export

Managing your listing files will now be less stressful.

Customizable names give you the advantage for SEO and bulk.csv uploading.

6. Built for Scale

Bulk Mockup is capable of handling large numbers of files. A perfect mockup generator to accompany you as you scale your business to the next level.

scale your business
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  • "Can't Imagine my workflow without it"

  • "Makes my POD business 10x efficient"


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Ready to replace Placeit?

Creating mockup will not be boring & slow anymore
get it now $8/month

FAQ for Bulk Mockup
(Placeit Alternative)

get it now $8/month
What is a mockup template? How is it different from placeit?

Mockup template is a premade photoshop file that allows you to showcase your designs in a realistic manner.
Placeit uses mockups template too, which is hosted on their server and they only allow you to change designs via their web interface. Whereas a psd mockup template you can be download locally and it can be edited on a app like photoshop or

What photoshop version does Bulk Mockup work with?

Bulk Mockup is compatible with Adobe Photoshop CC2022 or later. We have an old version of Bulk Mockup that is supported in Adobe Photoshop CC2017 - CC2021

I'm not a pro at photoshop. Can I still be able to use Bulk Mockup? Will it be overwhelming?

You need only a basic understanding of the Photoshop interface to use Bulk Mockup. We have plenty of guided tutorials for beginners that will make it a piece of cake to use Bulk Mockup.

Can I use Bulk Mockup without photoshop?

No, you’ll need photoshop to use Bulk Mockup.

Can I use Bulk Mockup with photopea or Canva?

No, Bulk Mockup is only supported with photoshop at the moment.

Does Bulk Mockup work with cracked photoshop?

Yes it does.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes we offer a 7 day money back guarantee.

Do you offer support if I need help?

Yes! Top-notch customer support is our top most priority, Our review page is filled with praise for our customer support. We’ll do our very best to resolve any issues you encounter.

Device Mockups
Slow and takes lot of processing time
Instantly generates 100’s of Mockups within seconds
Files are downloaded one by one, you have to organize them manually
All files are logically orgnaized into subfolders.
File Name
The file name of the exported mockups are vague
The exported name of the file name can be customized with the design name and template name. Very handy for SEO and csv uploading in your store.
Editing Capability
Cannot be edited. Very limited control
Can be edited with full authority
Custom Template
You cannot use your custom templates
You can use your custom template or use templates downloaded from other website
Investment or Expense
You spend hours generating mockups or pay a VA to generate mockups. Its an added opportunity cost
An hour job can now be completed within 2 minutes.
An investment for a faster workflow.
Customer Support
Several Complaints (Trustpilot score 3.3)
Video Mockups
Coming Soon

Ready to replace Placeit?

Creating mockup will not be boring & slow anymore
get it now $8/month

FAQ for Placeit

get it now $8/month

Is there a free alternative to Placeit?

Yes, Canva is a free alternative to Placeit. Canva doesn’t have the biggest premade mockup library for Print on Demand sellers but with little design knowledge, the possibilities can be endless.

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Can I use Placeit for free?

Yes, Placeit can be used for free. Placeit has free mockup options for almost every category of products on their website.

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Are there websites like Placeit but free?

Yes, there are few websites that are “like” Placeit that can be used for free.

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Does Placeit Have An App?

Yes, Placeit has an app for both android and IOS and you can do pretty much anything you want to do on the app that you can do on their website.

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Is Placeit Better Than Canva?

In terms of pre-made templates for Print on Demand products, Placeit has many more options, making it the better choice over Canva.

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Is There A Free Version Of Placeit?

Yes, Placeit do have a free version with limited free mockup templates that you can use without charge.

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Placeit Alternative App

Bulk Mockup is the best placeit alternative app.

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What Is The Best Mockup Tool?

The answer to which mockup tool is the best will always be subjective and depend on how you use it and what you want out of it.

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What Is A Substitute For Placeit?

The best substitute for Placeit is Smartmockups. However, if you're looking for a free alternative, then you can't really go wrong with Canva. 

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What Is Similar To Placeit But Free?

The only service similar to Placeit but free is Canva. Mockitup mobile app can be another option but

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