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Shohidur Rahman
May 29, 2024

Creativity is not everyone’s cup of tea. To constantly create attractive and premium looking mockup templates that sells can be taxing for people short on creativity. Yet, creative and premium looking mockups templates are what fuels a Print on Demand business.

So, what to do?

Worry not, because BulkMockup will keep you going. You can keep the supply of premium mockup templates to your print on Demand business going with following this resourceful list of premium mockup providers.

So next time you need a mockup, even a creative one, tap into these resources that I have listed for you. Dive into these resource for mockups designs for cups, mugs, photo-frames, phone cases, book covers, pillow covers, caps, visors, masks, bags, refrigerator magnets, water bottles, yoga mats, etc.

1. Creative Market

Creative Market offers a diverse range of free premium mock-up templates. You can choose from an exquisite collection of more than ready-to-use- 64,000 pixel-perfect design mock-up templates to display digital artwork in context.

Pricing: It is a free resource.

2. Envato Elements

Envato elements is great place to great t-shirt mockups templates and template mockup ideas. You would be delighted to know that it is a platform powered by a community of talented designers. So, it means you can use the creative powers of not one but a huge team of designers. The sheer variety of design and ideas available is exciting.  Envato Elements is a resource that you can bank upon.

Pricing: The service is subscription-based. Monthly Subscription fee is $16. 50 per month. The subscription gives you access to stock of mock-ups and stock images.
Advantage: Single fee gets you to download unlimited designs. Compete with the best T-shirt designers in the market as many Online T-shirt template providers are offering their service using Envato Elements’ services. It is a great waterhole to tap into.

Mock-up templates from Envato elements

3. Creatsy

Creatsy is a wonderful resource for international standard of professional mock-up templates for your print on demand business. Discover truly diverse range of product mock-up for your business. The extensive mock-up collection is constantly being renewed, as Creatsy constantly adds new and contemporary designs, all thanks to their studio.   

Pricing: The pricing of the mockup differs for different products. Upon choosing to download a particular mockup, one is offered three kinds of licenses – personal, commercial, and extended commercial. Depending upon your need, you can pick any of the three for the listed price.


ETSY epitomizes creativity. Explore thousands of creative mockup templates. Sheer variety of designs will dazzle you. Be prepared to be surprise as the mockup templates will inspire you to rev up you print on demand business.

Pricing: Since the range of product is diverse and the even the uniqueness of the type of products makes it difficult to put a price on it. But like the diverse range of designs, the price range is equally diverse. You can find mockup for surprisingly humble prices. You can also buy premium mockups at premium prices. Take your pick.

Advantage: Etsy by virtue of being a marketplace for creative goods, offers a large room for creativity. A smart entrepreneur should exploit this unique flavor.

Premium mock-ups from Etsy

5. Graphic Burger

Graphic Burger offers premium quality mock-ups for free. Lay your hands on to PSD templates which are cooked by in-house designer of Graphic Burger for the professional look. You can find a wide variety of mock-ups for a diverse range of products. So be it a t-shirt, a legging, a jegging, cup, mug, or a plate, find a mock-up template of your choice.

Pricing: All mock-up templates available for download on GraphicBurger, including Apparel Mock-ups, Product Mock-ups, are free to use for both personal and commercial projects. No license fee is charged.

mock-up templates from Graphicburger

6. Gumroad

Gumroad is another interesting hunting ground for mock-ups. It is an online platform for creative artists and hence it offers creative range of mock-ups templates you can use for your t-shirt, hoodies, sweatshirts, and all kinds of merchandise.

To access a mock-up, search it through its search facility. You can buy the templates you like. So, if you want to create a premium product, buy a cool template, and create a premium product for your print on demand enterprise.

Mock-up tempates from Gumroad

Pricing: To get access to the design, you need to sign up with Gumroad. There is no membership fee charged. However, they charge 10% on whatever you sell on Gumroad.


Go Media’s Arsenal is design company offering mockup designs created and curated by Arsenal Design’s professional team. Get mockups for beanies, stickers, billboards, hoodies, iPhones, notebooks, album covers, posters, glasses, bottle caps, socks, greeting cards, and more.

Pricing: The average cost is $37 for an apparel mockup template, which includes women’s t-shirt mockups, t-shirt mockups with models, and all kinds of other styles. Arsenal templates come in packs instead of just one-off files. Also, the quality of their design created and curated by their seasoned design team makes them worth the investment.

Mock-up Template Pack from Arsenal GoMedia

8. Clothing Templates

Get high resolution PSD mock-up templates from Clothing Templates ( The PSD templates have all the layers properly organized. You can not only add colour but edit the labels as well. PSD templates include both front and back sides of a t-shirt. Every T-shirt mock-up comes with a hanger layer so you can display it.
Pricing: The cost of downloading a bundle of mock-up templates is between $14.99 to $22.99

T-shirt mock-up templates

9. ZippyPixels

ZippyPixels is a go to resource for mock-ups simply because ZippyPixels is a platform for graphic designers showcasing their craft. You will find great mock-up designs for Polo T-shirts, Jackets, round neck t-shirts etc. Fully Customizable PSD mock-ups offer room for creating as many style and designs by adding smart objects.

Pricing: Pick up mock-up design for free. However, they do sell License for commercial use for $3.99, only.

Mock-up template for mug and many other merchandise from ZippyPixels

10. Michael Hoss

MichaelHoss is a design house offering creative services. Mockup Design for T-shirt is one of the services MichaelHoss offers. You can pick up a free mockup for t-shirt with Interesting features of the mockup design is that it is editable. You can edit sleeve color & inside shirt color, plus you can edit tags & original manufacturer tag, as well. It also provides displacement mapping and Smart object holders for art.

Pricing: It is free

PSD Mock-up templates from Michael Hoss

11. Behance

Behance is renowned among the designers and art community. Behance owned by Adobe offers artistic minded people a trustworthy resource for creative and artistic mock-up templates. You will find mock-up for all kinds of products. But the quality of the mockup available at Behance is second to none.

Pricing: Most of the mockup templates available for download are free. However, since it is a skill showcasing platform, artists may charge for their services. But the mock-ups available are worth every penny.

A sample of T-shirt mock-up from Behance

Shohidur Rahman
Hey, I’m Vikash the main guy behind Bulk Mockup. In the past, I ran an image editing agency - Putoos Graphics LLP, where I worked with hundreds of print on demand sellers to create mockups for their listing. While running the agency, I have seen mockups being a one of the most time consuming and boring task for Print on Demand Entrepreneurs. I have built Bulk Mockup to automate mockups productions for sellers and improve their productivity. In the few years of existence our Bulk Mockup tool has been used by hundreds of print on demand sellers. It has helped them save both money and time in their workflow.

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