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Explore Prodigi’s print on demand platform and their free online mockup generator for effortless product previews.

Shohidur Rahman
May 29, 2024

Prodigi is a global print on demand and Print API for POD and Dropshipping business owners. They also offer a free online mockup generator with their service.

Their free online mockup generator is good enough to earn a place in our best and most popular mockup generator series.

Let’s dive deep into Prodigi today to find out what they are all about.

Is Prodigi UK Based?

Yes. With its corporate headquarters in the UK and other offices in London, Cardiff, Harrogate, Alton, and Farnham, Prodigy is a UK-based business.

Where is Prodigi Located?

As we said, Prodigi is a UK based company with offices in London, Cardiff, Harrogate, Alton, and Farnham.

They also have manufacturing facilities that are located in the US and Netherlands.

But these are all in house production facilities, they also partner with chosen 50 print labs all over the world.

They are a true global print on demand and Dropshipping service.

Does Prodigi Work With Squarespace?

Of course. Prodigi works with all the major ecommerce platforms that are used today.

You can obviously place orders manually with every platform but their CSV bulk upload option is compatible with most major brands like Squarespace, Etsy, Shopify and more.

How Do I Use Prodigi Print On Demand?

Using the Prodigi platform is really simple and you can do it in 4 simple steps.

Upload Your Design

In Prodigi, you can upload five artworks at once. You can use three image formats for this – 

  1. PNG
  2. JPG
  3. TIFF

Your designs can be used on multiple products and it will show the recommended size for each product.

They will give you a notification if your artwork size is too small.

Choose Your Product

After uploading, you will go to the next step where you have to choose the products you want your artwork on.

You can choose all products or select the ones you want.

Edit Your Design

As different products require different aspect ratios, you have to check how your design is looking on each product.

If you make changes to your artwork it will show on all products and variants. So it’s better to use different images for different products or variants if you’re offering products with different aspect ratio or orientation.

Description and Pricing

After fixing your designs, now it’s time for product description and setting pricing for your base product and all its variants.

If you don’t want to set the price for all individually, you can just set a profit percentage and be done with it.

How Do I Add Prodigi to Shopify?

Adding Prodigi to your Shopify store is really simple. Just download the Prodigi app from Shopify app store.

The rest is really simple and intuitive.

Does Prodigi Integrate With Etsy?

No. There’s no direct integration with Etsy. But Prodigi has a CSV file upload option that works similar to Etsy.

So, you can order manually in the Prodigi dashboard or upload your orders through CSV.

Overall Prodigi Review

Prodigi is a really easy and intuitive solution for POD and Dropshipping business owners. They are a UK based company with many corporate offices, so we know the company is pretty solid.

But when it comes to their free online mockup generator, it’s best used for product previews rather than producing mockups for your marketing.

For serious and professional usage, you can look into a product like Bulk Mockup v3, which can create 1000+ product mockups in less than 10 minutes.

And not just the production, with Bulk Mockup v3, we also took care of naming and organizing your mockup files.

Here’s how to get started with Bulk Mockup v3

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