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Qikink is a full POD service provider company. It started as an exclusive service for only big players but luckily for us, they are now open for everyone fro...

Shohidur Rahman
December 30, 2022

Qikink is a full POD service provider company. It started as an exclusive service for only big players but luckily for us, they are now open for everyone from 2018.

They have an inbuilt online mockup generator with their service, which POD business owners can use for free.

When Was Qikink Founded

Qikink was founded in 2015 by solo founder Sivaraman S in Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu, India.

What sector does Qikink operate in?

People may get confused by seeing us reviewing their online mockup generator but that’s just an add-on service they provide.

Their main sector is Printing.

Qikink Products

Qikink has all the products necessary for all POD business owners so their product list is the same as any popular POD service providers.

But they do have some unique products like sports bras and bandana masks.

To check their whole product list, please follow this link.

Is Qikink Available in India?

Qikink is an Indian company so naturally they are available for Indian POD business owners. But they too were restricted till 2018 only for big players of India.

Now they are not just available all over India but they are also the largest POD service providers in the Indian market.

Qikink Shopify Integration

Like most other POD service providers Qikink also has a direct Shopify integration system through their own Shopify plugin.

How to integrate Qikink with Shopify?

Integrating Qikink directly with your SHopify store is super easy. Just checkout this easy to follow video Qikink made for their customers.

Shopify Integration -Qikink

Qikink Size Chart

Qikink is an old and established POD service provider so they know what their customers need. 

While many POD service providers make it a hassle, Qikink gives you a helpful chart for every product they offer.

You can find the size chart here in this link.

Their size chart is beautifully designed and has enough details that Qikink service takers can directly upload those charts on their online store for their customers.

Overall Qikink Review

Qikink is great as an POD service provider, especially for Indian POD business owners. Their online mockup generator is free, which is the best pricing model but the functions of the mockup generator is limited.

You can use them as a POD service provider and occasionally use their online mockup generator but for serious use, we suggest a service like Bulk Mockup.

Here’s a helpful guide on how to use Bulk Mockup v3 on our youtube channel.

Shohidur Rahman
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