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Explore Renderforest, an all-in-one design and video solution. However, for efficient mockup generation, Bulk Mockup v3 is unmatched.

Shohidur Rahman
May 29, 2024

Renderforest is a high end design and video templates solution with a great online mockup generator that comes free with their service.

Let’s take a deep dive into Renderforest so you get answers to your most commonly asked questions about their service.

Is Renderforest Completely Free?

Renderforest is not completely free, although they have many useful capabilities even in their free tier subscription.

Like in the free tier, you can produce up to 360p videos while at Business subscription you can produce up to 4k videos.

They have 4 subscription options divided into monthly or yearly payment options with various capabilities added on the bigger tires.

  1. They have a free subscription option.
  2. Lite subscription goes for $14.99/month
  3. Pro subscription goes for $29.99/month
  4. Business subscription goes for $49.99/month

Who are Renderforest’s Competitors and Alternatives?

Renderforest offers solutions for many types of businesses so it’s hard to pinpoint an alternative or competitors.

  • If you are using it primarily for video creation then Animaker can be an alternative.
  • If you are using it for website templates then Envato elements can be a good option.
  • If you are using it for Mockup generation, Bulk Mockup v3 can be a very good alternative if you have a big product catalog. While you have to make mockups one by one, Bulk Mockup v3 can create 400 mockups in less than 2 minutes.

Just check out this live  demo video we made with Bulk Mockup.

Does Renderforest Have an App?

Yes, Renderforest has both iOS and android apps that you can use. You can find them both on these links.

Can We Create Video Animations with Renderforest?

Of Course you can make video animations with Renderforest. Whether it’s a simple 2D intro video or 3D video, Renderforest got your back.

With over 500 animated video templates and endless customization options, Renderforest’s library allows you to bring your vision to life with just a few clicks – no technical skills required.

Renderforest Logo maker

Renderforest offers free logo making capabilities with their service. You just need to input your business name, tagline and a small description of what your business does.

Then just by clicking a button, Renderforest will automatically generate an unlimited amount of demo logos and also show you how they look when printed with automatically created mockups.

Renderforest Logo Animation

The logo animation is one of their most famous services where you can make an animated intro with your logo. Renderforest made the process really easy for their customers.

Here is a very small and simple video they made about creating a 3D intro video out of a simple logo.

Is Renderforest Animation Free?

YES, you can start making animation with their free subscription plan but to take full advantage of the power of Renderforest, you need a paid plan.

Renderforest vs Animaker

They both are the same type of service with very small dissimilarities. Here are a few differences we found while testing them both.

  • Renderforest has an iOS and android app, while Animaker is just web based.
  • Renderforest may not be suitable for large corporations.
  • Animaker doesn’t have Phone support.
  • Renderforest doesn’t offer any trial option before buying.
  • Renderforest is much cheaper, starting from $9.99/month while Animaker starts from $20/user.
  • Animaker doesn’t have 3D capabilities.

Overall Review of Renderforest

Renderforest is a great combination of toolset for any online creator. 3D animation to website templates, they have it all.

Renderforest can compete with any any and each service they provide with their respected competitors but when it comes to mockup generation, they fall much much short then Bulk Mockup.

With our new and improved Bulk Mockup v3, we made it much easier to use. Check out this easy to follow video on how you can start with Bulk Mockup v3 with your first mockup.

Shohidur Rahman
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