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Shohidur Rahman
June 4, 2024

So you are jumping on the hype train of AI generated art for your business but can’t find a decent tutorial which actually helps you get to the finish line?

Don’t worry, we got you covered. 

Our founder Vikash Kumar Prajapati already made a viral video of how to do it in our Bulkmockup Youtube Channel.

Video guide of How to create Awesome Tshirt Mockup with Midjourney

You can just watch the video and learn the ins and outs of using Midjourney for awesome tshirt product mockup creation projects.

But if you’re like me and prefer learning something by reading rather than watching, this article will help you become a great professional AI t-shirt design creator.

How Will This Article Help You? — Ultimate Art Generation Midjourney AI

If you know our brand, you know we only provide perfect A-Z solutions without leaving any stones unturned.

This guide will be the same for digital art creation with artificial intelligence.

The mini bootcamp will be in 3 parts where we teach you from the basics landscape of how to start Midjourney to how to make awesome t-shirt visuals to the limitations of Midjourney and how to work around them.

We will also discuss 2 secret ninja techniques to create clean mockups in Midjourney so you can punch above your weight class even as a beginner at the end of the article.

Part One: How to Get Started With Using Midjourney Settings?

For this part, I’ll recommend watching the youtube video from 1:55 to 6:34 for easier follow ups. In this, you’ll learn –

  • How to join the Midjourney Beta.
  • How to create your own Midjourney server where you can play as you wish.
  • How to connect the Midjourney bot to your personal server you just made.
  • Setting up the Midjourney setting for optimal use.
  • How to use prompts to generate AI art.
  • Getting used to all the settings and interface like – 
  1. Re-rolling for better / High-quality or different output from the same prompts.
  2. How to upscale an image that is already generated in a easy-to-use way.
  3. Getting different versions of an generated image for fine tuning.

In less than 5 minutes, you’ll become an intermediary Midjourney user with the understanding of all of Midjourney’s setting and UI.

After you’ve finished watching, let’s get to the juicy parts of this guide where you will see how you can actually make money from Midjourney by showcasing your unlimited mockups for apparels..

Part Two: Creating Awesome Tshirt Design Mockups with Midjourney Prompts

To get the most out of Midjourney AI art, first you have to understand prompt engineering.This is a highly sought after skill which can make you thousands of dollars just by this.

To become good at this, you’ll need to practice and experiment for countless hours just like any other skill. 

For today, we will give you a simple prompt template that you can work with to create awesome tshirt mockups (or anything else) and iterate on it in countless ways to get some unique and out of the world results.

Prompt Template For Tshirt Mockup Images

The simplest prompt template that you can start with is –

[Subject] + [Product] + [Appearance Details] + [Environment Details] + [Parameters]

Here are the details of what these mean and how you can use them with some examples for better understanding.


Here you add a description of what kind of models you want in the image. Like – 

  • A young female model.
  • An athletic male blonde.
  • A middle aged woman.


For products, you can add the product you want to see with your subjects. In our use case, we are trying to create tshirt mockups, so that is our product.

We can also add anything like – 

  • Sweatshirt.
  • Bella Canvas.
  • Long Sleeve tshirt.

You have to add all the details of the product in this part. Like if you want the tshirt to be white or black, crew neck or v-neck, basically anything you want your product to look like or any details you want to see added to the product of your choice.

Appearance Details

In this part, you can add a detailed look of your subject. Like the color of their hair, facial expression, style of hair or adding beards etc.

By this part of the prompt template, you make your subject truly unique with your imagination and likings.

Environment Details

This part of the prompt dictates where your subject and product is. It controls the background setting following your prompt. Some examples for this part of the prompt can be like- 

  • Well-lit studio with gray backdrop
  • Well-lit studio with beige backdrop
  • Sitting on the bench of a park
  • Beach during sunset


This is the most technical part of the prompt template. The other parts of the prompts can be written in simple language and Midjourney will understand and produce your image from it.

But this part needs to be a bit specific. For example – 

  • Photorealistic
  • Front View
  • – v5, – no text, –ar 2:3

With every new version of Midjourney, there are more parameters with more controls or the same parameters can generate very different results.

If you use the “Photorealistic” parameter in Midjourney v4, you will get much different (worse) results if you use the parameter in the current version of Midjourney v5.2.

Making Tshirt Mockups With The Prompt Template

One thing to understand when creating images with Midjourney is, you don’t need to follow the template order. 

You can start with product details or environment details first before the subject if that’s more convenient or comfortable for you.

Only the parameters need to be in the end.

So, to start, let’s begin with a simple prompt.

Prompt: a plain tshirt mockup, while a female model with brown hair wears it, studio light, blurred background,front view, photorealistic, –no graphic, –ar 2:3

This is the output we get from this simple prompt.

Output images from our prompt
Output images from our prompt

As you can already understand, Midjourney doesn’t always follow your instruction to the point. We clearly have “plain tshirt mockup” in our prompt but still you can see there are some graphics on the tshirt number 4.

That’s why we have the re-roll and variable option.

Now, if you’re not happy with the outputs, you can re-roll till your credits end.

In our case, for this tutorial, we liked image number 2. The one on top right.

So, let’s make some variations of this image to check if we can get results even better than this.

Variations generated of the top right image
Variations generated of the top right image

So these are the variations of image 2. Pretty sweet right?

Now you can Upscale the image you like with the “U” button underneath.

We like the 3rd image (bottom left) better then the others so we will click “U3” and get the below results.

Upscaled version of the bottom left image
Upscaled version of the bottom left image

Here we get the upscaled version of image 3 with better details and pixels.

Special note:

If you like the images generated but think you can tweak the prompts a bit more for better results. Go to settings, choose remix mode and that will give you a window to edit the previous prompts.

Edit as you wish and see if you can get a bit more specific results to your liking.

Limitations of Midjourney Generator Generative AI Tool

As AI technology is still in its infancy, we are bound to have some limitations of what we can do.

The main limitation that every AI artist has to face is creating a constant (same face) model for your brand.

In our trial, we tried many methods but nothing seemed to work consistently. Sometimes the models have the same facial features and sometimes they don’t, there is no guarantee.

But in our trials, we did find 2 workarounds that you can use consistently.

Workaround One: Famous Person

Instead of trying to create a generic model, try using famous people’s names in the prompt. 

Like instead of saying a blonde model wearing a tshirt, try Elon Musk wearing a white tshirt and you can have results like this.

Tshirt Mockups of Elon Musk
Tshirt Mockups of Elon Musk

Or, Barack Obama wearing a white tshirt can produce this.

Tshirt Mockups of Barak Obama
Tshirt Mockups of Barak Obama

With famous people, you can get a consistent model as many times as you want. But this may create a copyright or impersonation issue depending on your local law.

That’s why we created this second workaround that doesn’t have these issues.

Workaround Two: Special Parameters

The next best workaround to get consistent character is to do multiple poses and different expressions in a single prompt.

Here is a simple prompt with the result.

Prompt: a young male wearing a bella canvas t-shirt in white color and sand chinos, blonde hair, studio shoot, with a beige backdrop, facing the camera, multiple poses,different expression, photorealistic,full body photo


Same model Tshirt Mockups

This way you can get the same models with different poses.Then you just need to separate them in Photoshop or apps like this.

Disclaimer: This method only works with the same background. You can’t get different backgrounds in this way.

You’ll have to use softwares like Canva or Photoshop to change the background.

Secret Methods of Generating Awesome T-shirt Mockups by Mastering Midjourney v6

Our tutorial is quite detailed but still it can only get you so far. You’ll have to keep practicing and experimenting to utilize the full power of Midjourney.

The easiest way to get a head start will be to see what the pro’s are already doing and experimenting on them or using them as is.

Using the Explore / Discover Option as Prompt Generator

On your Midjourney account, you’ll get an explore option where you can check what the community is building.

Just type “Model tshirt mockup” on the search bar and you’ll get to check out thousands of awesome and unique looking tshirt mockups that other people have already made.

The best part?

People who have made one or two tshirt mockups, likely made a lot more. Especially the ones that look good most probably came after a lot of practicing from the maker.

So if you check the account of these people, you’ll likely get a thousand more awesome tshirt mockups and if you’re lucky, you might get to check someones account who have cracked the code of making constant characters.

You can use the mockups as is or get the prompts and tweak it a bit more to make it truly your own.

Using The “/describe” Function

If you’re not happy even with thousands of options available in the explore option and got your eyes stuck on any particular mockup from another site, Midjourney has a function/setting named “/describe” that can help.

Just go to Etsy or Placeit, take a screenshot of any mockup you like and Midjourney will give you the prompts that can help you generate similar images.

Screenshot of an Etsy Mockup
Screenshot of an Etsy Mockup

Like we had taken this screenshot of a mockup we liked.

The way it works is, instead of using “/imagine” at the beginning, use “/describe” and it will give you a window to upload an image from your computer.

Upload the screenshot you just captured and voila!

Midjourney will give you 4 prompts to generate images similar to that image. We used a prompt that we got from the screenshot above and got these results.

New Mockups Generated Similar to the Etsy Mockup

Pretty sweet right?

Disclaimer: The images you want to upload must be in JPEG or Png format for it to work.

Best Midjourney Technique Guide

There you have it folk’s. An easy to follow tutorial for generating thousands of awesome and unique tshirt mockups that hits right on the money.

If you want a huge list of tshirt mockups that you can use as is, checkout our 100+ Midjourney Prompts to Create Awesome T Shirt Mockups.

Shohidur Rahman
Hey, I’m Shohidur, the content guy behind Bulk Mockup. In the past, I ran a print on demand tshirt store, where I learned the nitty gritty of the industry. Being in the industry for 7 years I understand the challenges faced by print on demand entrepreneurs of now. My main goal is to help print on demand sellers through the content I produce for Bulk Mockup.

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