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Explore Vexels, the ultimate design platform for Print on Demand. Access thousands of assets and streamline your POD business!

Shohidur Rahman
May 29, 2024

Haven’t we all gone through the unpleasant ordeal to hire a designer who can create high-quality design resources that can stand out from the crowd? 

Finding the right designer isn’t easy!  Some are expensive, some never understand your brief, some send you copy paste designs, some need too many revisions. AHH !

Thank god we have design platforms like and our Vexels review to the rescue which will provide you the best design tools to hack the process.

What is ? Vexels Review is a design stock library service exclusively catering to Print on Demand sellers.

In the initial days Vexels started only as a “premium design stock library”.

However, seeing the demand and opportunity in the print on demand space, Vexels was quick to pivot itself to serve Print on Demand Businesses Owners.

Vexels Illustration Offering Offering

It offers

  1. A Library of more than 80,000 pre-made design assets including illustrations, patterns, icon sets, readymade t-shirt designs, t-shirt design templates, etc
  2. Online tools like
    T-shirt Design Maker,
    Mockup Generator,
    Logo Maker etc.

All of the vexels offering are tailored to help Print on Demand sellers. You may consider it as a design fulfillment service provider for your POD business.

With creating professional-looking Print on Demand design is a breeze.

You can find a variety of graphics on like viz illustrations, patterns ,clipart, PSD mockup templates etc.

A resource such as this is essential if you are serious about your POD business. 

It also has online tools viz t-shirt design maker and mockup generator, so you can easily design your shirts and generate mockups to use for marketing and product listing.

Vexels Design Review : Plans, Pricing, and Discounts

We review here in this article, including some of its features and benefits and how it helps you make the most of the latest Merch and POD trends. If there are any Vexels promotions and discounts, they will be monitored and updated regularly.

Browse Vexels Features to Create Professional Designer Like Illustration

Vexels Premium Graphic Collections

Vexels houses a library of more than 80,000 premium design assets. You can use vexels graphics in any commercial project and in your merch(pod) business.

You’ll find vector illustrations, patterns, icon sets, flyer templates, merch ready designs, clipart etc.

All designs are created by vexels in-house team of artists and designers. All elements of are exclusive and you’ll never find them listed on any other stock library.

Designs are available in png,svg and psd formats.

Vexels PSD Templates

Vexels major focus has been on serving the print on demand merch sellers. It has a good amount of Editable PSD T-shirt Templates. You can download the templates and start customizing selling awesome designs. With the editable template, you’ll get Merch Optimized Design + Awesome Mockup Template

KDP Book Covers

Vexels also has assets for Kindle Direct Publishing entrepreneurs.
It has book covers as well as coloring pages and low content interiors that you can use without any licensing hassle for repurposing.

All of the designs are arranged in categories and sub niches which makes navigation so much easier.

Vexels Online Tools Result

Vexels Mockup Generator Tool

You can create a mockup on the go with Vexels online mockup generator.
The interface is very intuitive and easy to use.


Vexels T-shirt Designer tool

Vexels T-shirt Designer tool

Designing a t-shirt design has never been easier. Vexels t-shirt designer tool has plenty of features that make designing t-shirts a piece of cake.
With a click of a button you can add any premium illustrations, designs, icons from the vexels stock library.
It also has an exclusive tab to play with text and typography.
If you need any inspiration you can start with a t-shirt template.

It is nonetheless the “Photoshop for T-shirt Design”

T-shirt Designer Vexels
T-shirt Designer

Vexels Logo Maker

You can make a decent logo with the vexels logo maker within a few minutes.
It’s good for beginners.

Vexels Exclusive Offerings

Design Request

If you are looking for a specific design and not able to find it in the vexels library, you can submit a design request.
The vexels team will create the design exclusively for you (yes you read that right).

It is like hiring your own designer and this feature comes without any additional price. Can you believe that ?

Merch Digest Newsletter

With vexels subscription, you will also get access to the monthly merch digest. It is a member exclusive newsletter that provides immense value on new design trends, niches, new opportunities and interviews from successful merch entrepreneurs. This makes it a completely delightful experience.


With NFT space exploding in recent months, Vexels have announced they are working to serve this market. It would be the first of kind service for NFT sellers. Watch out for this space.

Plan, Pricing, and discount information for Vexels lifetime subscription

Vexels offers several pricing options to choose from:

  • Obtain individual licenses
  • Subscribe to Merch (3 tier levels available)
  • Subscribe to Design (3 tiers available)

License prices for individual users range from $5 to 39 dollars. In addition to providing license certificates for your downloads, Vexels is nice because they offer them for free. Having this information handy is helpful in case of any copyright infringements or takedown requests for one of your e-commerce platforms.

In addition, you can subscribe to either a Merch or a Design subscription. The merchandise subscriptions they  offer are tailored specifically for print-on-demand sellers. On the other hand, the Design subscriptions are more suited for freelancers, agencies, and marketing teams.

Design Pricing

Vexels Pricing Design

Merch Pricing

Vexels Pricing Merch

Vexels Lifetime Subscription & Discounts

Dedicated designers and print-on-demand sellers have a new option, although it’s not well-publicized on the Vexels site. In addition to the Merch Lifetime Deal and the Business Lifetime Deal, Vexels offers a Business Lifetime Deal. These can be accessed via my URL, too.

A lifetime plan is available for a one-time payment instead of subscription options. This is ideal for anyone who does a lot of design work and does not want to worry about subscription fees and licensing restrictions. 

Vexels Pricing lifetime

Vexels Limitations

You can download 200-2,000 files per month and request a custom design every month with these plans. 

Each of the different plan options has its pros and cons. The decision ultimately boils down to what your business goals are.

It may make more sense to buy individual licenses if you intend to download a few designs here and there or are just starting in the POD industry. If you plan on listing tons of items or multiplying, one of the subscription options might make more sense.

Vexels lifetime subscription Discount Offer

Vexels License: What Can You Do With Them?

Vexels has fairly straightforward policies

The license allows you to use the asset you download from vexels platform to sell upto 1000 copies of the physical merchandise while your subscription is still active.

There’s nuance in the finer print.

As soon as you stop your vexels subscription you lose your license to sell for all the previous designs you had downloaded from the platform during your subscription period.

This is annoying that vexels forces you to keep your subscription active, even if you have stopped using their services.

There are two workaround to beat Vexels Licensing nuance

  1. Purchase a single design license for all of your designs that are selling for $39 each
  2. Alternatively you can also purchase a lifetime licensing for a one-time payment of $693 and you’ll have the license to sell for lifetime.

How to Get the Most Out of Vexels Graphics

Several helpful articles on Vexels explain how to succeed with merch-based businesses. The website features articles and blog posts about branding online, color psychology, creating a successful t-shirt business, and more. Additionally, they keep you updated on the latest industry trends, so you know what’s hot right now.

Suppose your goal is to break into the merch or POD market. In that case, you should pay close attention to the news, entertainment, and other popular trends to narrow down your design choices.

Recommendation and value

The convenience of having quick access to such an extensive library of images in so many different categories is quite helpful. Anyone interested in starting a POD business can benefit from the Merch plan. You should choose the Design plan if you wish to use images for your website, social media sites, or printed items such as flyers. Anyone looking for graphics for their business will find Vexels a valuable resource.

The customer support team at Vexels

The Vexels contact page features a direct phone number and a form to fill out if you prefer to send an email. Although their phone support hours weren’t listed publicly, I reached them after 7 pm their time so that it may be a 24-hour line.

Additionally, they have a very impressive blog where they provide answers to common questions and create guides helping users create and customize different products using Vexels.

In addition, they have an extensive FAQ section. They may get plenty of questions about their licensing structure, so I think this is necessary.

What are the benefits of joining Vexels?

As I mentioned earlier, it can be challenging to find artwork to use for your Merch by Amazon or Print on Demand business. Hiring a designer is another big ordeal.

Joining vexels will simplify your design process. If you design yourself, it will help you speed up your workflow. You’ll be completing a design much quicker.

If you have limited design skills, vexels will help you make standard design with ease. You don’t  have to hire a expensive designer to make design for your POD business

With a crystal clear commercial usage license, You’ll never face any problems with copyright violations for your designs. With each download, you’ll get a copy of your license.

If you go month-to-month, for $29 per month, the Merch plan is only $261 per year, which comes out to $21 per month. The value of the service is exceptionally high when you consider things like the three free design requests a month. Imagine hiring a designer to create 3 designs for you,  I would spend no less than $10 per Design. It is very appealing to me to get two free designs in addition to accessing thousands of commercial-use images, illustraction, and Merch ready designs. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Vexels

Q: What types of users and organizations does Vexels support?

The following types of organizations and users are served by Vexels: midsize businesses, small businesses, large businesses, freelancers, nonprofits, and government.

Q: What languages are supported by Vexels’ products?

The following languages are supported by Vexels: English.

Q: Does Vexels provide any support options?

Support is available via Vexels’ online support system.

Q: What is the price of Vexels?

Vexels is priced at $29 per month.


There are over 80,000 graphics to choose from, covering every holiday, niche, sport, and hobby you could make money from. Coupled with their online tools, it’s no brainer to jump on their paid subscription plan. Their website is beautifully designed, their customer service is fast and responsive, and having the ability to get custom designs made is just icing on the cake.

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