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Best 5 Wall Art Mockup Generators You Need For Your POD Business | Bulk Frame Mockup Generator

Discover the top 5 wall art mockup generators for stunning visuals. Elevate your POD business with these powerful tools!

Shohidur Rahman
June 4, 2024

No matter how good your Wall Art looks, without an eye-catching mockup, your customers will never understand the vision you made the wall art with.

So when it comes to wall art mockup generators, mediocre service is as good as NO SERVICE if you use it to showcase art prints and poster designs.

Our team at BulkMockup looked at all of the available wall art mockup generators in detail to make sure that you only get the best in five different categories based on how they can be used to showcase your frame mockups.

We will also provide a detailed summary of how to use these services, which is the only guide you’ll ever need for your Wall Art business.


  1. Mockup Editor – The most customisable for the creatives within a budget
  2. Canvy – Best in terms of interior room setting for wall art to display.
  3. Art Placer – For Creatives who play on a different level.
  4. Placeit – Largest pre-made template library for simple uses.
  5. Creative Market- Largest PSD template library to be used with bulk mockup for maximum power

Mockup Editor Wall Art Mockup Generator

Mockup Editor - The Most Customisable for the Creatives Within a Budget
Mockup Editor – The Most Customisable for the Creatives Within a Budget

When it comes to mockups, Placeit is far ahead of any of its competitors with its huge mockup library, but not in the Wall Art Mockup section.

Whereas Placeit tries to serve its customers by providing a large number and variety of mockup templates, Mockup Editor focuses on customization of your photo frame.

And Mockup Editor is the best when it comes to customizability for your picture frame mockup.

Mockup Editor specializes in Wall Art Mockup generation and they don’t leave any stone unturned for your mockup scene to create mockups in seconds.

They also have 700+ pre-made wall art mockup templates that come with their integration with Canvy. From the color of the door to the spoon lying on the floor, this free frame mockup generator lets you customize these pre-made templates and its very easy to use.

This easy-to-use design software allows you to create mockups online quickly and easily for home or office stunning visuals without design experience.

But wait, this is not the best part of Mockup Editor, the best part is the ability to make a scene specifically customized for your Wall frame. 

We mean it when we say “specifically customized for your art.”

Let’s take a look at Mockup Editor to see why.

A Control Panel Specifically Made For Your Wall Art 

Control Panel Of Mockup Editor

Control Panel Of Mockup Editor

Mockup Editor doesn’t have all the POD  apparel product options like other online mockup generators, but for Wall Art realistic mockup, they have it all.

They have various pre-made options available for each of the options you see in the control panel. Frames, screens, plants, backgrounds, accessories, you name it, they have it. All The Options Available For Accessories In Mockup Editor

They don’t have the template library size of their competitors but their sheer number of customization options is just mind blowing and creates realistic new designs. 

Each and every option of this control panel has this crazy amount of elements that you can choose from depending on what suits your Artwork.

It doesn’t stop there. They know even with their huge arsenal of options, the vision of the artist may yet need something different. Option For Custom Element Upload

So they also got the option to add your own custom elements and each custom element you add yourself, can be placed and edited just like their own premade options.

These options give you the ability to make a mockup just like you imagined for your artwork. Consider any specific applications for your art. 

You created artwork that will look great in your personal home office. Mockup Editor has your back. Custom Mockup We Made in Two Minutes

From table design to the width of frame borders, the background design to what to show on the computer screen, everything can be customized. 

The generated mockups are of the highest quality and as realistic as possible. They didn’t miss a beat on this one. Every element even has shadows premade for it. Every custom element you make will have the full range of options available just like their own premade templates.

It can’t get any better for creatives at least not at this price.


  • One single mockup costs $5
  • Unlimited downloads for a month $7
  • Unlimited downloads for a year $69


  • The best custom mockup generator of all Wall Art Mockup Generator available in the market.
  • Can’t get any better for creative people.
  • Very fast and intuitive UI.


  • Pre-made template only comes with a separate Canvy subscription.
  • Simple, yet not so simple as Placeit.

Wall Art Template we created in Mockup Editor for testing purposes

Sample Wall Art Mockup Generators template design from Mockup Editor
Sample Wall Art Mockup template design from Mockup Editor

Canvy Wall Art Mockup Generator

Canvy - Less Customizable Then MockupEditor But Offers Readymade Templates
Canvy – Less Customizable Then MockupEditor But Offers Readymade Templates

Canvy is the almost perfect combination of Mockup Editor and Placeit. It has most of the customization options like Mockup Editor and many great high-quality premade templates like Placeit for print and digital.

It is a browser-based online design generator that also has a desktop, android and apple app to create realistic mockups. Canvy has many other functionalities like artwork design or a ready-to-use custom Art website but the best part of Canvy is its highly customizable 700+ premade rooms where you can even upload your images.

It’s not free to use but the best ones are almost always not free so no complain there.


  • Free option with 27 rooms and a daily download limit of 7.
  • Monthly subscription with 700+ rooms and unlimited downloads at $15
  • Yearly subscription with 700+ rooms and unlimited downloads at $149


  • High-quality Wall Art Mockup templates
  • Great customization options
  • Quite cheap


  • Not all templates have the same customization options.
  • Free options are not that great.

Wall Art Template we created in Canvy for testing purposes

Sample Wall Art Mockup template design from Canvy
Sample Wall Art Mockup template design from Canvy

ArtPlacer Wall Art Mockup Generator

ArtPlacer - For Creatives Who Play On A Different Level
ArtPlacer – For Creatives Who Play On A Different Level

ArtPlacer is not just a Wall Art Mockup Generator, it is a high-level software for Wall Art with so many options that it’s unbelievable.

This app don’t just have 2000+ readymade highly customizable rooms, it has options to make a custom layout the same as your potential buyers’ home and it never been easier than this.

It integrates directly with your website no matter which platform your website is based on and it can literally create Art shows right on your website with the look and feel of a professional exhibition.

ArtPlacer is basically Mockup Editor on steroids and it’s not for everyone. You will only use this expensive high tech software when you’re ready to take the next step in your Wall Art journey.


They have both monthly and yearly subscriptions with various limits placed on functionality.

  • Basic package at monthly $11 and yearly $108
  • Advance package at monthly $29 and yearly $276
  • Premium package at monthly $59 and yearly $540


  • Super advanced technology for people who want to play at the next level
  • Support is one of the best


  • Quite expensive.
  • Cheaper packages don’t have all functionalities
  • Not for beginners and every type of Wall Art business

Placeit Wall Art Mockup Generator

Placeit - Largest Premade Template Library For Simple Uses
Placeit – Largest Premade Template Library For Simple Uses

Placeit doesn’t need an introduction. It’s considered the most famous online mockup generator and rightfully so.

It has the largest library of premade mockup templates and they are still the largest in the Wall Art Mockup Generator Category.

They have wall art mockup templates for almost every use case. 

While it can’t compete with Mockup Editor which is only limited by its user’s imagination, for simple and common use, Placeit gets the job done and it does it very well.

It’s not like Placeit isn’t customizable. It has a good range of customization options as well, just not as comprehensive as Mockup Editor.

For a beginner Print on Demand business owner, who just needs a simple top-notch wall art mockup generator, Placeit is a no brainer.

It is a bit slow, so not suitable for power users but quality wise it’s Top Shelf.


  • They have some free templates. Not the best, but as free, quite good.
  • Individual Mockup pricing is the highest in the market at $7.95
  • Monthly subscription costs got lower after Envato acquired them. They are now at $14.95


  • Biggest collection of mockup templates.
  • Buggy but still beginner friendly.
  • Best for simple use cases.


  • Slow and buggy UI.
  • Not good for power users.

Wall Art Template we created in placeit for testing purposes

Sample Wall Art Mockup template design from Placeit
Sample Wall Art Mockup template design from Placeit

Creative Market for Premium Wall Art Mockup Templates

Creative Market- Largest PSD Template Library To Be Used With BulkMockup For Maximum Power
Creative Market- Largest PSD Template Library To Be Used With BulkMockup For Maximum Power

Creative Market in itself might not have gotten a place in this best wall art mockup generator list but if you add BulkMockup to it, it becomes a totally different story.

Not every Wall Art seller wants to be super creative and needs a whole lot of customization options like ArtPlacer or Mockup Editor. They can’t use Placeit either as it’s super slow and they will need years if they try to get the mockups needed for all their products.

That’s when Creative Market + Bulkmockup comes into play.

You can get many free and premium great quality photoshop PSD mockup templates from Creative Market. They do have single mockups like the common PSD marketplaces but where they really shine is their PSD bundles.

Their bundles are like readymade Instagram feed for your business.

Although it will take you days to use them properly, with BulkMockup, you can produce months’ worth of marketing material in minutes.

With the sheer quantity of options available in Creative Market, IT + BulkMockup is a God send for power users.

Check out the video we made on how to use Creative Market and Bulkmockup for your Etsy Wall Art business. It can’t get easier than this.

Video tutorial on how to make Wall Art Mockups with Creative Market and BulkMockup for Etsy


  • You can buy the bundle separately which starts from $13 and ends at $70
  • There are options for monthly subscriptions which are limited by credit and direct dollar value design asset downloads.
    • For $19.95 you get 200 download credits and $25 worth of design assets to download
    • For $29.95 you get 300 download credits and $37 worth of design assets to download
    • For $49.95 you get 400 download credits and $62 worth of design assets to download


  • Biggest collection of PSD mockup templates for wall art.
  • Can be used alongside BulkMockup.
  • Has a good amount of free templates.
  • PSD bundles give you a coherent design for your social media marketing especially Instagram.


  • Quite expensive if you need many design variables.
  • Hard to use in scale if you don’t have BulkMockup.

Honorable Mentions

Canva, Renderforest, Smartmockups, Pixelied are also some great paid and free mockup generator for your design mockups where you can easily customize lifelike design mockups images in one click and share them instantly.

These services are great for your art print mockup graphics design and it’s possible to create poster frames that amazes your audience but they got beat very narrowly by the services in the list.


Creating a great scene for your wall art is a crucial step in growing your Print on Demand Wall Art business. We have curated the best five for any use case a Print On Demand business might need.

We have provided all the information one can provide and now it’s all up to your business type and your budget that will determine the Best Wall Art Mockup Generator for you.

Still, if you’re unable to do it yourself, check the tutorial we provided and don’t forget to take advantage of the Done For You Mockup Service we’re providing for a very short time.

Shohidur Rahman
Hey, I’m Shohidur, the content guy behind Bulk Mockup. In the past, I ran a print on demand tshirt store, where I learned the nitty gritty of the industry. Being in the industry for 7 years I understand the challenges faced by print on demand entrepreneurs of now. My main goal is to help print on demand sellers through the content I produce for Bulk Mockup.

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