Are There Websites Like Placeit But Free?

Yes, there are few websites that are “like” Placeit that can be used for free. 

You have to keep in mind, the free options other websites are providing may have different capabilities and their own premium features may be behind a paywall as well.

Without further ado, let's explore the two best free alternatives to Placeit and take a closer look at their free options and features available for their users.

Canva as a Free Placeit Replacement 

Canva is the most capable free Placeit replacement with most features unlocked for their free users.

Their ready made Print on Demand product templates are quite limited but as they keep most of their capabilities unlocked even for the free users, you can make anything yourself.

Having a bit of design knowledge can get you a long way and give you the ability to produce high quality designs with Canva’s free subscription.

SmartMockups as a Free Placeit Replacement 

Smartmockups is just like Placeit with a much smaller premade templates library but with a much bigger selection for free templates.

While Placeit doesn’t offer any direct download options for the premium templates you can work on, Samrtmockups is much more lenient.

Although premium mockups on Smartmockups come with a watermark like the image below, you can still access a direct download link for them.

Sample Mockup from SamrtMockups with Watermark
Sample Mockup from SamrtMockups with Watermark

All the features and capabilities of their online mockup generator are fully unlocked.


Canva and SmartMockups are not the only free mockup generators in the market, they’re just the most similar in capabilities and features.

Shohidur Rahman

Shohidur Rahman

Hey, I’m Shohidur, the content guy behind Bulk Mockup. In the past, I ran a print on demand tshirt store, where I learned the nitty gritty of the industry. Being in the industry for 7 years I understand the challenges faced by print on demand entrepreneurs of now. My main goal is to help print on demand sellers through the content I produce for Bulk Mockup.

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