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Explore Yoycol, the most beginner-friendly mockup generator in our series, offering seamless POD services.

Shohidur Rahman
May 29, 2024

Yoycol is a Print on Demand fulfillment service with an easy to use online mockup generator. In our best mockup generator list, we found Yoycol to be the most beginner friendly and intuitive.

Today in this article, let’s dive a bit deep in Yoycol to find how they got that placing and frequently asked questions about Yoycol.

Where is Yoycol Located

Youcol is a Chinese fulfillment company founded in 2016. They operate from their fulfillment service located in China.

Yoycol Alternatives

Yoycol is an innovative fulfillment service from China. They don’t have many alternatives in the Chinese market but overall, you can use Printify, Printful etc.

But as they are a Chinese company, none can compete with their pricing.

Does Yoycol Have Shopify Integration Option?

Yes, of course. Having shopify integration is a must have for POD and dropshipping business owners so Yoycal have their app too.

You can find it from here.

Yoycol Shipping Time

Youcol has three shipping options that can take from 3 business day to 35 business days depending on the shipping option you choose.

But they also said, it’s just for reference and to be practical and understanding as they are shipping products from China.

You can get the full details from here.

Yoycol Customer Service

Customer service is one of their highest priority in business and they have multiple options for how their customers can contact them.

Their support email is [email protected] and they also have live chat option that’s open from 9:30am to  6:30pm (UTC/GMT +8).

You can contact them through here.

Yoycol vs Printful

Yoycol is a much newer company so comparing them with Printful may bring the result you might’ve expected.

Printful is much larger with much better infrastructure.

But where Yoycol stands out is their pricing. No other POD company can compete with Yoycol in terms of pricing.

Also in the Mockup generator part, we awarded Yoycol as the most beginner friendly intuitive mockup generator for a reason.

You don’t even have to do anything for the mockups, just upload your design and you’ll get your free mockups.

Overall Yoycol Review

Yoycol is an innovative Chinese company competing against the giants. Plus their fulfillment centers are in China so there’s another disadvantage.But against all odds, they are providing a pretty decent service at a low cost and their product quality is world class.

On the mockup generator part, we already awarded them the most beginner friendly so there’s that.

If you are an Advance user, looking for speed in your mockup generation process, Yoycol is not for that.

But it can’t be considered a disadvantage of Yoycol as no other POD or mockup generation app offers that service.

For a super speedy mockup generation process, the only viable option you got is Bulk Mockup v3.

Don’t believe us?

Check out this video where we show Bulk Mockup creating 400 mockups in 2 minutes, LIVE.

Shohidur Rahman
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