Where To Get The Best Mug Video Mockups

Where To Get The Best Mug Video Mockups?

Explore top-notch mug video mockup sources like Placeit, BulkMockup, Canva, Pexels, ETSY, and Vecteezy. Choose wisely for your business needs!

Shohidur Rahman
June 4, 2024

Video mockups are quite hard to find and finding good mug video mockups are even harder. So keeping that in mind, let me give you a list of good services where you can find great mug video mockups for your business.

Placeit Mug Video Mockups

Placeit Mug Video Mockups

Placeit has the biggest library for mug video mockups, 78 in total. The editing of the template is really easy and intuitive. 

Just upload your mug design, resize and reshape to your liking and Placeit will do the rest for you.

Pros of Placeit Mug Video Mockups

  • Really easy to use and edit.
  • High quality templates.
  • Have video mockups of Magic mug(color changing mugs).

Cons of Placeit Mug Video Mockups

  • The interface is quite slow.
  • Can’t be used for POD businesses with large design inventory.

Price of Placeit

  • A variety of free templates are at your disposal, and while they may not be the top-tier options, they still offer impressive quality considering their zero cost.
  • Individual mockups can be purchased for just $9.95 each.
  • Since becoming part of Envato, the monthly subscription fees have reduced to $14.95, granting users access to unlimited downloads.
  • Similarly, the annual subscription price has dropped as well, now providing unlimited downloads for just $89.95.

BulkMockup Mug video Mockups

Bulkmockup reigns supreme when it comes to medium to large POD and dropshipping businesses. 

It has the capability to create thousands of mug video mockups with just a few clicks in an automated fashion. 

Here’s a video where we create some tumbler mockup templates with just a few clicks.

You can follow the same process for mugs if you get the mug video templates from ETSY.

If you want a step by step written tutorial, follow this tumbler video mockup article.

Pros of Bulkmockup Mug Video Mockup Generator

  • Really fast and automated process.
  • The only option for medium to large POD and Dropshipping businesses.
  • Very cheap.

Cons of Bulkmockup Mug Video Mockup Generator

  • Need the latest version of Photoshop.

Price of BulkMockup

  • Only $15/month for unlimited use.

Canva Mug Video Mockups

Canva Mug Video Mockups

Canva has always been a good option for animating mug video mockups but their partnership with smartmockups has made them a great option.

Before you had to animate a still mockup template, now they are just like online mockup generators like Placeit or services like that.

Pros of Canva Mug Video Mockup Generator

  • Has many high quality options.
  • Very easy to edit.
  • You can add extra animation after the basic editing is done.
  • You get both Canvas and Smartmockups editing options in one place.

Cons of Canva Mug Video Mockup Generator

  • Not suitable for POD businesses with large inventory.

Pexels Mug Video Mockups

Pexels Mug Video Mockups

Pexels is a surprise entry for mug video mockups or any mockup but they deliver some unique and pretty high quality mug video mockups on their site.

Although they are not that simple as using Placeit or some other mockup services, if you know video editing, they are giving you a good base.

Pros of Pexels Mug Video Mockups

  • Pexels mug video mockups are totally free.
  • Quality is top notch.

Cons of Pexels Mug Video Mockups

  • No straightforward application process for the design.
  • Only useful for people with video editing experience.

Pricing of Pexels

  • It’s free.

ETSY Mug Video Mockups

If you’ve read our previous posts about video mockups, you know ETSY is one of the best when you need unique and eye-catching video mockups.

They sell two kinds of video mockups templates.

  1. Canva video mockups
  2. PSD video mockups.

If you want to know the differences between Canva video mockup template and PSD video  mockup template, you can check the video below.

canva vs PSD video quality
Canva vs PSD video quality

Pros of ETSY Mug Video Mockup Generator

  • Individual sellers in the marketplace, so the most unique out of all online services.
  • Very high quality video templates.
  • PSD templates can be paired with Bulkmockup for auto generating thousands of mockups.

Cons of ETSY Mug Video Mockup Generator

  • Quite pricey.
  • Can’t check before buying so better to read the description and reviews carefully.

Vecteezy Mug Video Mockups

Vecteezy Mug Video Mockups

Another surprise entry like Pexels, usually known for stock photos and videos but they also offer a good base for mug video mockups.

Just like Pexels, not everyone can make good use of it but those of you who can, it’s just awesome.

Although not totally free as Pexels, still quite cheap for some good options.

Pros of Vecteezy Mug Video Mockup Generator

  • Unique options.
  • High quality.
  • Has a lot of options to choose from.

Cons of Vecteezy Mug Video Mockup Generator

  • No readily available template for editing.
  • Need video editing knowledge.

Price of Vecteezy

  • Has many free options.
  • $7/month for unlimited download.
  • $4/month if you take the yearly option.


We have given you all the info you may want to choose the service according to your need. For small businesses Placeit or Canva subscription may suffice but the process will be very slow.

If you go with ETSY and Bulkmockup combo, you’ll be able to generate the most unique mug mockup templates, thousands at a time.

Shohidur Rahman
Hey, I’m Shohidur, the content guy behind Bulk Mockup. In the past, I ran a print on demand tshirt store, where I learned the nitty gritty of the industry. Being in the industry for 7 years I understand the challenges faced by print on demand entrepreneurs of now. My main goal is to help print on demand sellers through the content I produce for Bulk Mockup.

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