How Do You Put a GIF in a Mockup or Still Image?

Putting a GIF in a mockup is really easy if you follow the exact steps shown here. It’s going to be a very short and easy tutorial for video mockups, so follow along.

We are going to put a GIF on a still image like the sample below. You can do the same for any still image mockup. 

the sample gof on a mockup we are going to make in the tutorial

First Step - Collect The Resources

For this example, we will be taking this audio waveform with a transparent background. You can take any GIF that goes with your desired finished product.

the gif we're going to use

And for the mockup we will be taking a static image of sunrise on the beach.

the static image we're going to use

Second Step - The Process

Open the GIF on Photoshop. Go to Windows → Timeline. Then from the timeline choose Select All Frames.

select all frames of the GIF

Then click the “Copy Frames” button and then go to the static image opened in Photoshop.

On the timl;ine of the static image, click the “Create Frame Animation” button.

create frame animation for the static image

Then paste the frames on the timeline of the static image and make sure to choose the options like the below image.

the right controls

Resize and reshape the GIF as you like.

Now go to the layer option and click on the Match Layers Across Frames.

choose the option to Match Layers Across Frames

Make sure all the options are chosen.

click all the options

And Voila!

The process is done. This is the simplest way to put a GIF in a mockup.

Shohidur Rahman

Shohidur Rahman

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