How Do You Put a GIF in a Mockup? The Only Tutorial You Need

The process of putting a GIF in a mockup is really easy. Just follow along, and you’ll be able to do super creative and fun stuff like live & moving Harry Potter style news below.

sample GIF showing the finished result of this tutorial

This one is made for fun but you can surely use this video mockup skill in many areas of your marketing effort.

First Step of This Video Mockup Process - Collecting Resources

To make a video mockup with GIF like the above example, we need to first collect the resources that will go into the mockup.

So, we need to have the flat image of the paper and the GIF of Harry Potter. 

the flat image for the project
the GIF we gonna put on the mockup

You can download these resources to follow along step by step.

The Process of Putting a GIF in a Mockup

First open the flat image and activate layers by going Windows → Layers

Then activate the timeline by going to Windows → Timeline

On the timeline option choose the frame animation and activate it.

choose the Create Frame animation option

After this, open the GIF on Photoshop and that will have the timeline activated by default.

select all frames from the GIF

Now go to the menu option on timeline and choose Select All Frames.

Then copy all the frames by going Timeline Menu → Copy Frames

copy the frames

Now go to the flat image timeline, then choose the timeline menu and click Paste Frames.

paste the frames on the flat image timeline

This will open an option box. Choose Paste Over Selection option and click the tikmark on Link Layers

the options we need for paste the frames correctly

After that choose the first frame (flat image) and then right click and choose Match Layer Across Frames.

choose the Match Layers Across Frames option

Then keep all the default options on the next window.

After this is done, click on any frame of the gif from Layers panel and go to Edit → Free Transform

choose free transform so you can move, reshape and resize the GIF

Now you can normally move, resize, reshape the GIF on the video and place it where it should be.

That was the full process, now you can Put a GIF in a Mockup for any of your marketing needs. If you're more of a visual learner, checkout this YouTube video.

Shohidur Rahman

Shohidur Rahman

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