How to Make Awesome Video Mockups In Canva

Unleash your creativity with Canva’s video mockup capabilities. From readymade templates to custom animations, explore endless possibilities!

Shohidur Rahman
June 4, 2024

Creating video mockups in Canva is really easy once you get familiar with the features it provides.

There are two ways you can make video mockups in Canva – 

  1. Use readymade video mockup templates by Canva
  1. Upload your static mockups and Animate with Canva
  1. Purchase Canva Video Templates in Etsy and animate it with Canva

Let’s take a deeper look at these two topics and go through the whole process.

Use Readymade Video Mockup Templates by Canva

Just search “Video Mockups” in Canva’s search bar.

Canva video mockup templates library

These readymade video mockup templates are a good starting point to get used to Canva.

You may sometimes receive mockup videos tailored to your specific products, but when you don’t, you can get creative and work with what’s available.

Upload Your Static Mockups and Animate with Canva

Animating your static mockups is the best way to make video mockups with Canva. This gives you the most freedom in what you want to generate.

The best part is, the base of your video mockup (your static mockup) is ready and you can make the base with the animation theme in mind.

Just upload your readymade static mockups and click “animation”

You’ll get many options to animate the whole thing as you wish.

There are two ways that Canva handles animation – 

  1. Page Animation
  1. Photo Animation

Page Animation in Canva Video Mockups

Page animation applies to the entire video or all elements together. It’s usually used for creating eye-catching entrances.

Photo Animation in Canva Video Mockups

This is where the real magic happens. Every individual element here can be animated separately.

Just click on the element you want to to put animation in and click “animate”. The “Photo Animation” option will be visible right beside “Page Animation” and you can continue from there.

Purchase Canva Video Templates in ETSY and Animate it with Canva

canva video mockup templates in etsy

There is a great marketplace on Etsy for ready-made Canva video templates. I recommend checking it out if you aren’t happy with the templates already available in Canva.

These are made by Canva professionals and has really good quality.

The uniqueness of these designs are really useful for POD and Dropshipping business owners who wants to stand out.

Simply search for “Canva Video Mockups” on Etsy and purchase the templates you like. Then, upload them to Canva. Once they’re in Canva, you can add your own design and edit the templates as needed. To add extra animation, use Canva’s page/photo animation features like we mentioned earlier.

Pro Tip: You can always politely request small edits from the seller if needed. Just send them a nice message asking if they’d be willing to make little tweaks for you.


While Canva may not have as many ready-made video mockup templates as Placeit or all the detailed features of Artboard Studio, what it does offer is still extremely impressive.

And the best part is, you don’t even have to pay to get started.

Although some video templates and animation features require payment, the free options available in Canva are still very useful.

Shohidur Rahman
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