Best Canvas Mockup Generators in 2023

List of all the best canvas mockup generators, softwares and strategies in 2023.

Shohidur Rahman
August 20, 2023

Canvas is the high margin product that we Dropshippers and POD business owners sell, so naturally it needs the most aesthetically pleasing canvas mockup generators.

There are mainly four methods that you can use to generate your canvas mockups.

Best Method for Generating Canvas Mockups

You can use the following method to generate canvas mockups for your store.

  1. Online based Canvas Mockup Generators
  2. Template based Canvas Mockup Generators
  3. Templates + BulkMockup for Serious Businesses who want to automate their mockup generation.
  4. AI + BulkMockup For Canvas Mockup Generation Business

Online Based Canvas Mockup Generator

These are the easiest services online for hobbyists and newbies who just want to dip their toes in the Canvas selling business.

These may not take you to the finish line but these are good starters.

There are many services available in the market but we will only discuss the absolute top three for canvas mockup generation.

Placeit Canvas Mockup Generator

placeit canvas mockup generator

Placeit is top three in any online mockup generator contest so let’s get it over with it first and then go into more niche services for canvas sellers.

Placeit has the biggest library of mockups compared with all the services in the market and that also goes for canvas mockups.

Their mockups are pretty, eye catchy and top of the line in terms of quality so pretty safe choice as an online canvas mockup generator.

Pros of Placeit as online Canvas Mockup Generator

  • Easy to use for newbies and hobbyists.
  • Biggest library in the market.

Cons of Placeit as online Canvas Mockup Generator

  • You get the same output as your competitor so not suitable for serious businesses. Every tom, dick and harry have access to what you are using.


  • $9.99/month for unlimited subscription.

Mockup Editor Canvas Mockup Generator

MOCKUP EDITOR canvas mockup generator

Mockup Editor won’t make the top three in most mockup generator lists, but when it comes to canvas mockups, they are one of, if not THE best.

The UI is kept as simple as possible for newbies and pros alike with a surprising amount of control on the scene.

The best part is, you don’t even have to pay to generate a truly unique and one of a kind canvas mockup. You will have to take the subscription only after you have generated mockups to your heart’s content and truly happy with the output and want to download the final products.

Pros of Mockup Editor as Online Canvas Mockup Generator

  • Mockup generation is free.
  • Really easy to use.
  • Service made specially for Canvas/Frame mockups

Cons of Mockup Editor as online Canvas Mockup Generator

  • Only for canvas mockup generation so if you have other products in your shop, it can’t deliver for them.


  • $5 for single download.
  • $7/month for unlimited use.
  • $69/month for unlimited use.

Canvy Canvas Mockup Editor

canvy canvas mockup generator

Canvy is the more expensive and mature cousin of Mockup Editor with more control, more options and bigger library for canvas mockups.

This is the holy grail for canvas mockup editors.

They have pre-made room scenes ready with control like Mockup Editor. 

Pros of Canvy as Online Canvas Mockup Generator

  • Many pre-made options.
  • Easy to use.
  • Many editing options, like changing the frame width and colour on the go.

Cons of Canvy as Online Canvas Mockup Generator

  • Service can’t be used for any other products.


  • Free subscription option for hobbyists and people who want to try the service first.
  • $15/month for unlimited use.
  • $149/year for unlimited use.

Template Based Canvas Mockup Generators

Templates are ready made photoshop file, that can be edited to add your artwork and generate beautiful mockups for your canvas prints.

There are many websites where you can get a canvas template for your prints.

Checkout our list of best canvas mockups.

Creative Market for Canvas Mockup Template

creative market canvas mockup template

It’s like the Placeit of template based mockups. Biggest marketplace with top notch quality template files.

This service is more on the cheaper side of things, as there is not subscription involved. Just buy the template you like and use it as many time as you want.

Pros of Creative Market as Online Canvas Mockup Generator

  • Templated designs but still more unique compared to Placeit or any other online mockup generator.
  • Highest quality with most editing options.

Cons of Creative Market as Online Canvas Mockup Generator

  • Quite expensive.
  • Harder to use compared to online based services.


  • You can buy the bundle separately which starts from $13 and ends at $70
  • There are options for monthly subscriptions which are limited by credit and direct dollar value design asset downloads.
  • For $19.95 you get 200 download credits and $25 worth of design assets to download
  • For $29.95 you get 300 download credits and $37 worth of design assets to download
  • For $49.95 you get 400 download credits and $62 worth of design assets to download

Freepik for Canvas Mockup Template

freepik canvas mockup template

Free mockup template provider with a library of handsome size. They not only provide free mockup templates, they also have premium mockups that can compete with the likes of Creative Market.

Most beginners start with Freepik before taking premium services like Creative Market.

Pros of Freepik as Online Canvas Mockup Generator

  • Many free files to work or practice on.
  • Good library size for free canvas mockups.
  • Pairs perfectly with Bulk Mockup.

Cons of Freepik as Online Canvas Mockup Generator

  • Not all the templates have good quality so you have to pick and choose.


  • Many free options.
  • €15/month for unlimited use.
  • €108/year for unlimited use.

ETSY Marketplace for Canvas Mockup Template

ETSY marketplace for canvas mockups

ETSY is a great place to get Canvas mockup templates. The quality depends on the independent seller but you can always choose for yourself or filter by rating if you’re new.

They also have video mockups, which are quite good and very useful to get the attention of your customers.

Pros of ETSY as Online Canvas Mockup Generator

  • More unique options are available.
  • Pairs perfectly with Bulk Mockup if you buy the PSD files.

Cons of ETSY as Online Canvas Mockup Generator

  • Much smaller library size.
  • Have to pick and choose as not all of them are top notch quality.


  • Individual sellers dictate price as they wish.

Templates + Bulk Mockup for Serious Businesses

Now this is the method for serious Dropshippers and POD business owners. No online mockup generators or PSD template alone can produce as many mockup templates as this combo.

You can produce thousands of mockup templates in just few minutes using Bulk Mockup in a automated process.

You can watch this video where our founder Vikash Kumar Prajapati shows the full process for frame mockups with a live view, you can do the same for Canvas mockups.

For those of you who like to read more than watching videos, keep reading. 

Choose Your Canvas Mockup Template

For this tutorial we will buy a canvas mockup template bundle from Creative Market.

You can get the mockup from here to go along with the tutorial.

Prepare The PSD Mockup Files

Depending on where you plan to use your mockup files, you may need to resize the files to get them ready.

The simple way to do that would be to take a mockup image from the marketplace you’re planning on selling your products. Take something that is selling good.

Then take that image to photoshop and press “Ctrl+R” to activate the rulers. Then take measurements like this.

And then make your mockup template the same size and use the rulers as reference like this with “Ctrl+t“.


Some cropping is inevitable but usually the output still looks good.

Prepare Folders For Bulk Mockup

If you check the Bulk Mockup interface, you can see you need three folders to make it work.

  1. First, put all the PSD templates you want to use in one single folder.
  2. Second, make an empty folder for where all the finished design files will be created.
  3. Third, keep all your designs in one single folder.

After creation and preparation of all these three folders are done, now just browse and choose them from your computer.

Lastly, click the “Run Bulk Mockup” button. 

Now just sit back and let Bulk Mockup do the magic it’s designed for. Every design file would be inserted in every PSD file and Bulk Mockup will create a corresponding subfolder for every design.

The whole process is just that easy.

AI + BulkMockup For Canvas Mockup Generation Business

With the rise of AI art, hobbyists are having the time of their life but for business owners, it’s nothing but a waste of time.

So our team has created a secret method to make the AI generated art useful and sellable.

If you check our How to create Awesome Wall Art Mockup with Midjourney guide, you’ll also be generate insane amount of canvas mockups for your POD and Dropshipping business or you can just sell them at ETSY and other marketplaces.

Check the video above for the full secret process.


Canvas items in POD and Dropshipping are in demand. While there’s a lot of competition, it’s a sign of a big opportunity.

Stay upbeat, use our advice, and you can succeed. For freelancers and agencies, AI + Bulkmockup can do wonders in no time.

Shohidur Rahman
Hey, I’m Shohidur, the content guy behind Bulk Mockup. In the past, I ran a print on demand tshirt store, where I learned the nitty gritty of the industry. Being in the industry for 7 years I understand the challenges faced by print on demand entrepreneurs of now. My main goal is to help print on demand sellers through the content I produce for Bulk Mockup.

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