Canvy Review : Is It Worth Signing Up For?

Discover if Canvy is worth it. This tool helps artists showcase their work in stunning interiors without photo editing. Explore its features and benefits in ...

Shohidur Rahman
June 4, 2024

Canvy is a service that helps Artists and Photographers show off their work in the most beautiful interior room setting without needing to fumble around photo editing softwares.

Let us discover if Canvy is worth your time and sign-up with our in-depth Canvy review.

Let’s find more about Canvy by looking at its features and reviews from the users to find out if their subscription is worth keeping in your arsenal.

As an added bonus we will also let you know about an alternative which gives Canvy a very hard competition.

What’s Canvy

Canvy stands as an innovative online platform tailored for artists and photographers to showcase their work seamlessly within the context of people’s living spaces. It operates entirely within the browser, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

With an extensive library boasting over 1200 pre-designed scenes for your artwork, Canvy takes customization to the next level. The standout feature lies in the ability to modify scenes extensively – adjust door colors, alter walls, and even manipulate furniture to achieve a remarkably realistic representation.

Moreover, Canvy empowers users to craft entirely unique scenes from the ground up. Add personal touches like preferred showpieces or select from their curated collection.

Catering specifically to the needs of artists, Canvy provides a ready-to-use Custom Art Website, streamlining the process from creating art to facilitating sales.

The platform further facilitates artists by integrating with Etsy, streamlining the selling process. Additionally, Canvy offers dedicated apps for desktop, Android, and iOS, ensuring accessibility and flexibility to work on your art from any location.

In essence, Canvy emerges as a comprehensive solution, simplifying the creation and sale of art for artists.


Here is a list of all the features that Canvy provides for artists and Photographers.

  • Unlimited artwork storage
  • 1200+ premade room scenes.
  • The Premade templates are highly editable 
  • ETSY integration for sellers
  • App for PC, android and iOS
  • Ready made custom art website (can use your own domain on paid tier)
  • Have some decent room scenes for free.
  • Changing the dimension of the Wall art is super easy and intuitive.


Canvy has a simple pricing model of monthly and yearly subscription with an option for a free subscription to test out their features.

canvy pricing

If you want to check what features you get for your custom website at each tier, you can check it here right in their website.

Customer Reviews

Canvy is a fairly new product on the path of maturing so we can’t find many reviews on trustpilot or producthunt.

But the ones we did find were mostly positive.

Checkout the screenshot we’ve taken from product hunt.

positive review about canvy

And the reviews in their Facebook community is largely positive with a score of 4.6 out of 5.

Canvy is mostly liked by people it seems but when we dig a bit deeper, power users seem to be getting disappointed.

not enough frames in Canvy

Power users and serious businesses always seems to prefer making their marketing material on Photoshop for most unique and higher quality outcomes.

power users still need photoshop

Canvy Integrations

Canvy has the most important integration option for Art and Photgraph business owners which is ETSY.

Canvy Pros

Here’s a list of Pros that might make you wanna take a subscription of their service.

  • The 1200+ premade templates they have are of great quality.
  • Even after editing the premade room templates, it keeps its quality and authentic look. 
  • Best art wall visualizer after artplacer.
  • Very cheap if you consider the wide range of features it provides.
  • ETSY integration makes the wall art selling process really simple as that’s the biggest market for wall arts.
  • The free tier doesn’t have the best quality rooms and editing options but it’s pretty great for free.
  • You can get a custom art website for free at their subdomain.
  • You can add multiple artworks in different sizes inside any of the scenes.
  • When working with digital files, we tend to forget about the size and dimension of our work shown correctly on the walls. All the rooms Canvy provides, the dimensions are accurate.

Canvy Cons 

Here’s a list of cons that might steer you away from taking a subscription. 

  • It’s a browser based art visualizing service with options for apps but still a bit slow.
  • No video scene option which is a huge need nowadays.
  • The whole process can become cumbersome for professional artists and photographers with a huge collection.
  • You need to keep the designs both in your PC and their cloud server which is an added step in an already cumbersome process.
  • It doesn’t allow you to download the templates and you’re stuck with rooms they provide, which can get monotonous.
  • Even with 1200+ scenes, the frames and interior can get quite monotonous.
  • There are only 21 types of frames and even the materials of those frames aren’t noticeable.
low amount of frame types and colors

Canvy Alternative

Canvy might be marketed as the all in one solution for Artists and Photographers but most people with huge inventory don’t want to spend hours of their time on each individual art.

Plus although they have 1200+ rooms, it’s not for each individual niche. For many niches or styles, their library is quite insufficient.

BulkMockup PhotoShop plugin can solve both these issues with ease at an even cheaper price with no limits.

You have hundreds or thousands of Photographs?

Simply install BulkMockup on your PC, spend just 2 minutes setting it up, and then kick back. BulkMockup takes each unique design you’ve got and effortlessly fits it into every PSD mockup template in your collection.

No need for manual effort – it handles placing, resizing, and neatly organizes them into folders and subfolders with a smart naming convention. You won’t have to lift a finger on your computer throughout the whole process.

What is BulkMockup

Bulkmockup is a PhotoShop plugin that can create thousands of mockups in Bulk in an automated fashion and are a great way artists and Photographers can show off their art.

No need to take any slow online service on someone else’s server.

Features of BulkMockup

Here are the main features of Bulkmockup that can put most mockup service providers to shame.

  • The number of designs and mockups is not an issue. It will do its job smoothly and automatically.
  • Don’t have to shuffle through thousands of mockup files, the naming and organizing is automated.
  • The knowledge base blog is huge with new tips and tricks every week.


For all these functions and privileges, you only have to pay a measly fee of $15/month which is just unbelievable.

BulkMockup Pros

  • As the name suggests, making thousands of mockups in Bulk is the first pro of this software.
  • It has video mockup capabilities and yes, even that you can do in Bulk with the same features available.
  • The whole process is smooth and intuitive.
  • The uniqueness of the scene depends on you. You are not locked in by anyone’s library. You can get unique mockups from ETSY or commision a custom one depending on your budget.

BulkMockup Cons

  • The only con that affects its users is the need for PSD mockup files. So you can either buy PSD files or for people with a lower budget, we offer a knowledge base for how you can make Wall Art Mockups for free with AI.

Examples Of Artists and Photographers Using BulkMockup

If nothing else, Canvy at least gives you a step by step rulebook you can follow to sell your art. With BulkMockup, let us show you stores successfully harnessing BulkMockups power to sell their art.

Minus Art and GIOIA Wall Art are two such examples among the many.

Just collect the PSD files of the room designs you need, save all your designs in a folder and after your setup of software is done, BulkMockup will do all the heavy lifting so you can make big and successful sites like this.


Canvy is an awesome and unique art visualizer for artists which they can’t get from anywhere else without paying a huge cost.

But it can be too gimmicky to be useful, when you need power and automation more than spending hours for each individual design.

Hope this article has shown you both sides of the coin and now you can choose what is more needed and useful for your business.

Shohidur Rahman
Hey, I’m Shohidur, the content guy behind Bulk Mockup. In the past, I ran a print on demand tshirt store, where I learned the nitty gritty of the industry. Being in the industry for 7 years I understand the challenges faced by print on demand entrepreneurs of now. My main goal is to help print on demand sellers through the content I produce for Bulk Mockup.

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